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  1. that purple dress with the cut outs? I had a shirt in that same material so all I was thinking was, "GOD, I'd hate to have iron that!" Also, I recognized the Tiny Village paper set in front of Will and I actually screamed. Scared my husband and son LOL I had Tiny Village, Tiny Town, and Tiny Circus.
  2. Ian! I know he seems happy but I will miss him. I guess this is a good decision since he didn't really have much to do otherwise. I hope Rollo is happy there. What about the poor woman who was exiled? The Mohawk woman. Brianna is just annoying. I don't know if it's the horrible storyline for her or if it's just the actress. Roger is handsome and a better actor but...Jamie and Claire 2.0 they are not! Costume question that I can't find an answer to: what do those little ring pins signify? Ian had a few on his lapel and then the woman who got exiled had a bunch all over her coat. M and J...daaaaaaang, it got spicy 🙂 Love M lying in bed with his hair down and lookin all sexy-like to J. Ha!
  3. I keep thinking of what that wet wool smells like. Rollo prob smells better! 😉
  4. As a woman approaching 50, I am super excited about this. I've played almost all the HER Interactive games, had all the books growing up, used to pretend to be Nancy Drew when I was a kid (burying stuff in the park and then creating a mystery to solve)... I will hold judgement until I actually watch a few episodes. Maybe they can pull this off!
  5. Hubby and I just started this last night so we're only 3 episodes in. We're big history buffs but don't really mind all the inaccuracies. Eh, it's television so we expect that. Interesting that writers are choosing to portray Catherine as a scheming and not so modest woman. Makes for good TV but I find I don't really have any sympathy for her the way I do when I read about her historically.
  6. Anyone see Pedro Pascal in Prospect? It's on our list.
  7. His Kanye interview reaffirmed my feelings that Kanye has some deep mental issues. I feel for him. I think he just can't get the help he needs due to his celebrity, male pride, and a host of other circumstances. I think he lied in the Letterman interview too. It felt like Kanye wasn't as prepared for questions he's never fielded before.
  8. Really want a new season. But I'm rewatching old ones and I realize how much I miss Kam. But I also like Kate...might be an unpopular opinion.
  9. Absolutely agree. My husband and I were saying it was incredible how riveting the entire series is. We have even been doing a rewatch up to the last series. Just want to see it all again. I would easily buy a dvd box set with extras and interviews...and hope they release one! Attn: TPTB!
  10. They simply didn't care. They stopped giving a shit, imo.
  11. I'm glad someone mentioned this. I have been trying to describe fatalism to my husband and how that affects worldviews/humor/daily choices. I lived in Czech Republic for a bit over 8 years and Czechs also subscribe to this fatalist perspective.
  12. I was just going to offer the same. Citizen X will break your heart.
  13. Oh I definitely had my husband fast-forward through the shooting animals parts. Those poor men having to do that 😞 I am blown away by this series. I'd love it if it were longer but I appreciate the work that went into these few episodes. What a production! The cinematography, acting, incidental music: all stellar!
  14. I loved that woman. I've only been to diff parts of Ireland 5 times but was tickled by how much I heard that kind of swearing. LOVE it.
  15. Just starting Season 9. I freakin love this show. BB is just brilliant as well as all the supporting cast.
  16. I could have watched five or six more hours of this sort of background stuff. Wonder why they didn't make this a short series? It felt incomplete.
  17. I think they just didn't give a shit anymore.
  18. all this talk of snow/ash reminds me: I loved that shot of Drogon shaking off the ashes and clearing Jon for entry. I'm guessing Drogon liked any heat left in the ground and snuggled down in there.
  19. I was thinking about this too. Did any of Varys' messages get out? We'll never know.
  20. Agreed. I was sure that Cersei would have a Plan B, some exit route. Then I realized that she was so cock-sure (hehehe) she wouldn't need an exit route. Now, Qyburn, on the other hand, should have offered more than Maegor's Holdfast.
  21. Ah, I totally misunderstood. I wonder where the black IKEA-rug guys came from? (Edd last of the Watch died, right?) I'm a bit lost. But, eh. I felt like it was to fool Grey Worm? That Jon was going to go Beyond the Wall with the wildlings when Tormund decided it was OK for them to go back there. I completely misinterpreted that! And I agree. Not much is "broken" of the wheel that runs Westeros. Just that how they choose the king/queen is different. Shrug.
  22. What about Grey Worm musing with Missandei about protecting Naath? Is that why the Unsullied are sailing there?
  23. Did I misunderstand? I thought there really isn't a Night Watch. That was just a way to get Grey Worm off the warpath for Jon's head. So if there's no Night Watch, breaking an oath to the Night Watch wouldn't matter anymore...so Sam is off the hook on that one, according to what I understood happening. As for being a Maester and having a wife and children, perhaps they've changed the rules about that? Another spoke of the wheel "broken?"
  24. And Brienne's new sigil on her armor. LOVED the colors but don't get why Bran was in dark blue, Tyrion in black, Brienne had yellow (?) bands...would have liked to have seen more of a uniformity. But perhaps that speaks to the immediacy of getting the realm back on track after upheaval? Sansa's coronation dress, I could talk about for days!!!
  25. and after Sansa turned to Bran to say the North will be independent, she didn't say, "aye." She didn't technically give her vote.
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