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  1. that purple dress with the cut outs? I had a shirt in that same material so all I was thinking was, "GOD, I'd hate to have iron that!" Also, I recognized the Tiny Village paper set in front of Will and I actually screamed. Scared my husband and son LOL I had Tiny Village, Tiny Town, and Tiny Circus.
  2. Ian! I know he seems happy but I will miss him. I guess this is a good decision since he didn't really have much to do otherwise. I hope Rollo is happy there. What about the poor woman who was exiled? The Mohawk woman. Brianna is just annoying. I don't know if it's the horrible storyline for her or if it's just the actress. Roger is handsome and a better actor but...Jamie and Claire 2.0 they are not! Costume question that I can't find an answer to: what do those little ring pins signify? Ian had a few on his lapel and then the woman who got exiled had a bunch all over her coat. M and J...daaaaaaang, it got spicy 🙂 Love M lying in bed with his hair down and lookin all sexy-like to J. Ha!
  3. I keep thinking of what that wet wool smells like. Rollo prob smells better! 😉
  4. As a woman approaching 50, I am super excited about this. I've played almost all the HER Interactive games, had all the books growing up, used to pretend to be Nancy Drew when I was a kid (burying stuff in the park and then creating a mystery to solve)... I will hold judgement until I actually watch a few episodes. Maybe they can pull this off!
  5. Hubby and I just started this last night so we're only 3 episodes in. We're big history buffs but don't really mind all the inaccuracies. Eh, it's television so we expect that. Interesting that writers are choosing to portray Catherine as a scheming and not so modest woman. Makes for good TV but I find I don't really have any sympathy for her the way I do when I read about her historically.
  6. Anyone see Pedro Pascal in Prospect? It's on our list.
  7. His Kanye interview reaffirmed my feelings that Kanye has some deep mental issues. I feel for him. I think he just can't get the help he needs due to his celebrity, male pride, and a host of other circumstances. I think he lied in the Letterman interview too. It felt like Kanye wasn't as prepared for questions he's never fielded before.
  8. Really want a new season. But I'm rewatching old ones and I realize how much I miss Kam. But I also like Kate...might be an unpopular opinion.
  9. Absolutely agree. My husband and I were saying it was incredible how riveting the entire series is. We have even been doing a rewatch up to the last series. Just want to see it all again. I would easily buy a dvd box set with extras and interviews...and hope they release one! Attn: TPTB!
  10. They simply didn't care. They stopped giving a shit, imo.
  11. I'm glad someone mentioned this. I have been trying to describe fatalism to my husband and how that affects worldviews/humor/daily choices. I lived in Czech Republic for a bit over 8 years and Czechs also subscribe to this fatalist perspective.
  12. I was just going to offer the same. Citizen X will break your heart.
  13. Oh I definitely had my husband fast-forward through the shooting animals parts. Those poor men having to do that 😞 I am blown away by this series. I'd love it if it were longer but I appreciate the work that went into these few episodes. What a production! The cinematography, acting, incidental music: all stellar!
  14. I loved that woman. I've only been to diff parts of Ireland 5 times but was tickled by how much I heard that kind of swearing. LOVE it.
  15. Just starting Season 9. I freakin love this show. BB is just brilliant as well as all the supporting cast.
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