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  1. They ruined sleepy hollow and I was pleased when they finally cancelled that nonsense. They took a show that people loved and turned it into the Ichy and Katrina show. Nobody signed up for that. I hope Nichole goes on to win all the awards.
  2. We all knew they screwing Nicole over. I wish her the best.
  3. This episode should've been titled Lowkey Bullshit.
  4. So many horrible people. I was disliking Carol and thinking she was just like the others and BAM Joe says she killed her husband. So much insanity.
  5. I think TLC must cover the hospital costs that aren't covered by the patients that have insurance. No way Who could afford those hospital costs. He would be broke.
  6. The show needs to pay the participants better. I read they pay $1500 for appearing on the sow and 2500 moving fee if they move to Houston. They only receive the funds after the episodes have aired. TLC is making money hand over fist of these people. They should give them a housing allowance and a monthly income and therapy the entire time they are on the show.
  7. I don't know what Bob and Abishola see in each other. Abishola is not exactly a joy to be around. IThey need to give these 2 a reason to be together other than thats what the script says.
  8. I don't care if I ever see Matt or his kids again. They have a few episodes left and there wasting time on Matt and his forever pregnant wife and kids.
  9. I'm sure they have already forgot that he is 10 in the 2nd grade. Also these people have no idea how children behave.
  10. Pletka is a Republican to her core. When they were talking about nepotism with the Bidens she brought up the Clintons. Tramp got his kids and in laws running the country into the ground and she brings up Chelsea.
  11. I haven't seen many movies or shows when the lead was a light skinned black women and thought she was obviously the best for the role. Most are interchangeable. The lead in Dion is a mediocre actress. I see Zoe Kravitz is going be Catwoman. Anybody impressed by Zoe Kravitz acting skills, her biggest marketable skill is looking liker her mama. There is an avalanche of biracial British actresses pretending to be Americans. Most of them aren't that good.
  12. I will not be subscribing to BET plus. The subscription is more than the new Disney subscription and Netflix. I can't see this service lasting long.
  13. I just want to say I love this ridiculous show. All these people are so horrible. I love it.
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