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  1. Jason smiling the way he did (as he almost never smiles) when his bride entered the church was hilariously creepy. Carly appearing in Sonny's dream and moving towards Jason to the altar same time was nicely done. Loved that one of my atf's Diane made an appearance. Bobbi's hair looked strangely wiggy but it probably was just a bad style I guess? I liked Willow's hair. And I don't get the fuzz about Josslyn's dress, she looked adorable. After yesterday's ending, I was sure that today's show would end with Sonny getting rescued and opening his eyes, without us viewers knowing
  2. Jax and Kate had a one night stand back in 2008, and Jax' then wife Carly walked in on them if I remember correctly. Just binge watched way too many 2008 /09 episodes a few months ago.
  3. I enjoyed Alexis' and Harm's chat a lot, hope they are bonding some more soon. And I enjoyed Joss not giving Assme the time of day. Sb needs to put that lil psycho in her place. So will Phyllis burn to a tano crisp or fall into a coma so she can't tell Yike about his true identity? Will Whocas attend his sister's wedding? And will Heather ever find out / react to that her son has been killed months ago??
  4. Recent observations (sort of): They should have put Taggert on contract instead of Shawn. I do enjoy the outdoor settings a lot. Is Heather ever going to react to her son's death? I'm ok with RH in general, but his new Q character does nothing to me so far, besides being partially funny and giving an (intentionally?) creepy vibe. Is Robert ever going to return from Donely's burial, or has he possibly angered tptb vvith the Peter sl desaster interview? Out of curiosity, is there maybe some sort of quota for black actors now? With 5 on contract and even more recurri
  5. Guess they finally picked up on your idea here. Took them only seven years.
  6. Yeah vvell, a specific key is not vvorking on my keyboard, guess vvhich one ;) sorry for that
  7. After scravvling through 2 pages of Nelle talk in the current episode discussion thread, I am thankful for the Terry topic, at least a character that has been on the air recently (this year). Besides the colossal boredom that is VViley's vvorld and the strange Nixon Fails Alot storylines, I feel like there is actually some interesting stuff going on. I am all for the current baby umbrella storyline, BLQ has become one of my favorate characters surprisingly, same as Britt.
  8. I recently watched the early 2009 gh burning down sl in 24 hours format (which also started with a mysterious flash forward) which I enjoyed a lot, so I do enjoy the current episode format. Esp. today's episode, as there was a lot going on, even if some developments were clunky at best, what with Noonoo carrying Elijah's documents in her purse, Maxie wheel chair & syringe. Just yesterday I thought that either Sasha or Gladys will end up dead, and after Sasha's cute chat with Brando about the future, it will most definitely be her, maybe within the remaining 5 hours time frame. Even he
  9. Didn't they meet in 2015 during Luke's departure sl vvhen Jake vvas found alive vvith Helena?
  10. Jax found his cojones with Carly. Finally. Took him only 15 years.
  11. I was positively surprised about Laura mentioning Amy in context to brothers Cyrus and Martin, very nice nod to GH history. So no reaction from Heather about Franco's demise? Loved Olivia checking if Dante was all in one piece. Gotta love to hate Gladys, at least sb's a constant thorn in the holy Corinthi butt. Waiting for Heinrich to make some roadrunner noises soon.
  12. I am a huge Roseanne fan, original series, and I did enjoy the reboot (season 10) a lot, then watched season on of the Conners on a regular basis, some episodes from season 2, but I stopped following the show, for no particular reason that I can remember now. Then a week ago I read somewhere that there is a season 3, and the integration of Covid, which made me kind of curious about how that would work within the show's reality. So I have watched the first five episodes of this season now, and I liked it a lot, sort of like something that I didn't know I needed before I watched it. I
  13. As long as he is not found dead in bed next to drunk Alexis.
  14. It's quite possible that this was originally supposed to be the Friday February 7th cliffhanger episode, considering the many days there was no GH due to the impeachment hearing.
  15. The way the good guys are destroying themselves from within, Cersei has already won. Sansa swearing to keep Jon's heritage a secret, and wihin moments she tells Tyrion. Daenerys wanting Jon to keep his heritage a secret. Varys, one of my favorates, him and Tyrion discussing Daenerys the way they did. Sansa and Arya pressuring Jon. Not good. We did not see Melissandre getting burned, did we? Nice moment between Sansa and the Hound. Arya and Sandor riding off together made me smile. And her and Gendry, "That's not me." True to character I guess, still hope this is not their end. I
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