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  1. I remember that episode too and how Jonathan was opposed to it. Or at least I think it was the same episode. I doubt they had a second couple not want an open floor plan. I hate open floor plans because it always looks like people are just living in a big kitchen. And I HATE when they give the home buyers a big-ass kitchen and dining space and a teeny tiny living area. Controversial opinion (maybe?): living rooms should be bigger than kitchens/dining rooms.
  2. Nice to see Sebastian *finally* getting some love. He is by far the most talented person in this competition. It's unfortunate that the only women remaining in the competition are Tessa and Hester. They're both not nearly as talented as they think. I can't believe either of them are in the top five.
  3. It was weird to me that they only had a bottom two, not a bottom three. It seems like they either didn't want to put Tessa in the bottom because of what she revealed on the runway (more on that in a minute) or they didn't want to put Hester in the bottom because gay rights are such a big issue in the fashion industry. The guest judge asking Tessa what was behind her design felt exploitative and like producer manipulation. Not that Tessa should be ashamed of being a sexual assault survivor, but she shouldn't be put on the spot to reveal it on national television.
  4. I liked Sonia when she was on the show but did not care for her today. Like dude, you're not in the competition and you're there to help your designer, so it doesn't really matter what you did for the outfit. Wasn't surprised Lela was out. She's been middle of the pack/cannon fodder this whole time. It's too bad she outlasted some more talented designers.
  5. As much as I can't stand Hester, I love how much her success in this competition gets to Tessa. I don't think Tessa is nearly as talented as she thinks she is (her winning the first competition certainly didn't help that) and once again she needed Sebastian's help in a group challenge.
  6. If you have access to the season, check out how nice everyone actually was to Wendy until the design for the future episode. Kara Saun is seen giving Wendy a glad-you're-safe hug in the swimsuit episode. The only person denigrating Wendy until episode 7 or 8 was Wendy herself. I agree with you @backgroundnoise. I recorded season one when Bravo re-aired it before the new season premiered and none of the contestants were mean to her initially. I could see the argument that the judges were mean to her because of how she looked, but Kara Saun helped her with that by showing her how to
  7. I will never get behind those normcore, 90's Seinfeld giant white sneakers. Bad, fashion! Bad! Garo's outfit reminded me of Sweet Dee's back brace. Bishme absolutely deserved to win. His jacket was killer. I didn't mind Kovid at first, but it was beyond time for him to go. I'm glad they've stopped giving him chance after chance.
  8. I think, and I could be wrong, that the reason they didn't want Satan back on earth is because the witches and the mortals would all be enslaved to him and the demons who came up from Hell. But, if that's the reason, it would be weird if they continue worshiping him going forward.
  9. They need to give a raise to whoever added "Not today Satan," to the script.
  10. I HATED Renee's look. I have no idea why the judges loved it so much. When her model came out carrying that empty plastic jug, I was like, "It looks like she just has trash all over her." If TIm were still on this show, this would be one of the wins where he would say, "Are the judges smoking crack?" I felt like Kovid should have been out over Afa. He's been in the bottom twice already, how many more chances does he get?
  11. I haven't watched a whole episode of 90210 in years, but a couple years ago I caught the season two episode where Brenda gets held up at the Peach Pit. In the scene where she's kneeling on the floor sobbing and Dylan and Brandon come back in from taking out the trash, I remember thinking, "Wow, Shannen looks gorgeous, even when she's sobbing on the ground." I also thought she had the best wardrobe of all the girls in the high school years. I also agree with you about season 4. It was sad to see how deflated she was after Dylan broke up with her. Her hair didn't look as good (though that m
  12. I do not care for Hester or Tessa individually, but their odd couple, minimalist/maximalist friendship is kind of endearing. I'm glad Kovid redeemed himself this week. His personality could be a lot with some people, but he manages to not be grating. I felt for Nadine last week but was turned off by her behavior this week (like what happened with Frankie from episode one to episode two). Only a weak designer blames their model for their shitty design. And she threw her under the bus right away without any prompting. Loved Brandon for calling her out on being rude. I wasn't super fami
  13. The only storyline I remember from the first season is Michael and Billy fight because Billy took out student loans for college because he wanted extra money and didn't actually need they loans and Michael is upset because he actually really needed his loans. Booooooring. Thank God Amanda and Sydney eventually arrive.
  14. Tessa and Hester suuuuuuck. So Hester puts back her teammate's (can't remember her name) fabric so she can get all of her tulle, decides she doesn't want to use all of the tulle, takes that same teammate's fabric, leaving her with even less fabric, cuts it up, then decides to go back to using the tulle. I would have been super pissed too. And then Tessa inserting herself into that team's drama and trying to mediate and get the teammate to give up some of her fabric. I probably would have told her to go fuck herself. Though I did like that she gave Sebastian proper credit for helping with
  15. Rewatching season one 15(?) years after I first watched it is weird because I was a college student back then and now I'm in my mid-30's, two years younger than Wendy was when she was on the show. Wendy was constantly saying Project Runway was her last chance and it's like, "Girl, you're 39, not 89." I think concepts of age have changed over time and being 40 isn't the same as it was 20, 30, 40 years ago (or maybe I just feel that way because I'm getting older), but I definitely don't feel like I couldn't change careers or become super successful just because I haven't accomplished that before
  16. Yes. I cannot remember where I read that, but whoever gave up that piece of information also talked about how Tori wore terrible brown leggings in between finale scenes. No idea why I specifically remember that part 🙂 Maybe it was on TWOP?
  17. Honestly, I would totally watch this.
  18. This reminded me of something I saw on Instagram today (sorry it embedded so large):
  19. When David played the toilet-flushing sound and people hooted, this is the first thing I thought of. I forgot what a massive POS (rather than just the regular POS he was the other 9 seasons) David was in the last season.
  20. Totally agree with your whole post @Mrs. Hanson. I missed the first five minutes of the episode and thought they had covered all of your questions because I had the same questions, but apparently not. I've had friends (without kids) who have moved across the country because they've visited a place on vacation and they loved it. But the whole reason the loved it was because they were on vacation. Once they moved in and started their jobs, they were just as unhappy as they were in their old city because they fell back into the same habits as before. Point being, if she doesn't change her h
  21. That video was hilarious, VCRTracking! I remember making a joke about that episode because they show a close up of the meat thermometer when the cook put it in the drawer, which I called Chekhov's meat thermometer. As much as I love Murder, She Wrote - and got all 264 episodes on DVD for Christmas because I was salty about Hallmark Movies and Mysteries only showing Christmas movies for two months - the show really had an odd tone, which was especially on display in the wedding episode. In other episodes it's less obvious, but it's like these characters just lost a daughter/son/mother/fath
  22. There was one episode in the Miami season where Dale won the QF and got to go to dinner with a well-known chef (can't remember who) while everyone else had to cook in food trucks for a bunch of drunk people. I had so many feelings after watching this episode and then the forums were down! I was sad that Michelle was eliminated. Once they started showing her more I really started to like her. It seems like this season there have been a lot of people who win an elimination challenge one episode and are then eliminated the next episode - Michelle, Nini, and the woman who was eliminated the
  23. I wondered about that too. I could understand her not wanting Marie to help with the husband's stuff since Marie is a stranger, but I would think she wouldn't mind the kids helping. I started thinking about what if my mom had to clear out my dad's stuff by herself (they're both healthy - knock on wood - but it's still something I think about once in a while) and it made me angry at the kids. But like you said, maybe she didn't want them to and I'm being unfair to them. A friend of a friend's dad passed away and she, and some friends who helped, had to clean out his house because he
  24. Since Chicago is currently an arctic hellscape, I binged all of season 1 today. It kind of reminded me of Dirty John, in that obviously the psychotic criminal is the worst one, but every other character is so damn unlikable you're not really rooting for anyone. Having said that, I'm still sad that Beck died in the end. So many women in real life are hurt or killed by their partners - and so many men in real life are abusive stalkers - that I would never be happy to see the abusive asshole survive over the girlfriend/wife.
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