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  1. David O. Russell (who I know is pretty ugh) actually loves soap opera actors - https://www.vulture.com/2015/12/david-o-russell-loves-soap-actors.html. There's also a pretty great catfight scene between Natalie and Erica on All My Children in that article. Soaps today may not be as good as they once were, but there have been some really good storylines with top notch acting in the past. I think a big part of the reason they haven't been give the respect they deserve is because the audience is largely female. A lot of entertainment largely enjoyed by women is often derided as "chick lit," "
  2. I might rewatch the granddaughter episode to count how many times she said betwixt. She said between at first then quickly corrected herself to say betwixt and I was like, "She knows that between is an actual word, right?" So both her mother and grandfather filed false police reports against her? She reminds me of the line from Justified: You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. You run into assholes all day, you're the asshole. One of my favorite Judge Judy moves is when she emotionlessly hands Byrd a tissue to give to a crying litigant. (Although occasiona
  3. I did tear up a little when Sami and Allie said their tearful good-byes. Mothers and daughters making up after a fight always gets me right in the feels, probably because I was such a shit to my mom during my teenage years (standard teen girl shit, not soap opera level shit). I've never really been a Sami fan - though I do love Lumi and I love seeing characters (and actors) with such a shared history interact with one another - but during this visit I've firmly become #TeamSami. At least for now. Everyone teamed up against her for no good reason and were so reflexively "Sami's wrong about
  4. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people refer to Africa like it's a country and not a whole-ass continent. It's not just on Days, and it happens in real life, but it's been annoying me on the show the last few days. "I'm going to Africa." Cool. Where exactly in those 12 million square miles are you going? Is Lani aware of how many women in prison are mothers? Or does she only give a shit about Kristin and to hell with all those other moms?
  5. I tried to watch this show, but once the three assistants showed up in the first episode and I saw that all of them looked the same - medium length to long hair, side part, beachy waves, all black outfits, young white women - I was immediately turned off. It was like a creepy home organization cult/sorority. After reading the comments, it sounds like I just would have gotten progressively angrier while watching, so I'm glad I didn't watch past the first five minutes.
  6. I googled it because I also love this show and have watched each episode more than once and it's already been renewed for season 2! But because of covid, obviously, they don't know when they can start filming season 2. Whenever I rewatch the episodes, I pick up on little things I missed watching it the first time. Like in this past episode, Roy mouthing the words to Let It Go, probably because of his cutie patootie niece. I also recently learned that the actress who plays Rebecca played the "Shame! Shame!" nun on Game of Thrones.
  7. One of my favorite things about Judge Judy is the audience reactions and there were some great ones today. The best reactions were when the plaintiff said her ex-husband racked up over $4,000 worth of tolls (that guy was a real piece of work) and when that awful defendant said the plaintiff's husband was gay (did the plaintiff even speak at all during the hearing?). I think I even gasped when I heard $4,000.
  8. Does anyone remember the HGTV show "Bang for your Buck" that was on I think around the early 2010's? They would feature three different homes that recently had the same renovation (possibly on the same or similar budgets, I don't remember). The host and a guest designer would go into the renovated room in each house and evaluate the work that was done and then at the end of the episode they would wrap up by going over how much money each house would get if it were to go the market and how that compared to what they spent on the renovation. People on that show would rarely make more money than
  9. Generally I prefer villains because I think they're more entertaining and they tend to move the story forward (and not just in soaps). But I have to say, on Friday's episode when Will and Sonny said goodbye to Chad and then Gabi, I really enjoyed those scenes, especially when Sonny offered to help Gabi and her family. It was a really nice change of pace to see decent people be nice to each other, particularly when contrasted with Sami's caterwauling at the custody hearing. Decent people being nice to each other doesn't exactly make compelling television, but I do wish there was more kindness i
  10. Ghost stories are my favorite, so I loved this episode. When Leti said the house had 13 bedrooms, I was like, "No, girl! Get out!" Watching her get tossed around the back of the paddy wagon was even more upsetting knowing that's how Freddie Gray died. When Tic came outside in that tank top all sweaty...hello arms! I let out a little laugh when the racist guy was decapitated by the elevator. In the 1970's, my parents lived in a totally white neighborhood on the far southwest side of Chicago (West Beverly for those of you from Chicago). While they lived there, the first Bla
  11. I hadn't heard of Anna or sundown towns until this ProPublica article from a couple months ago - https://features.propublica.org/illinois-sundown-towns/legend-of-anna/. And as someone from Chicago, which is one of the most segregated cities in America, it's ridiculous when people from the north talk about racism like it's just a southern thing. I heard a good summary years ago about how racism in the north differs from racism in the south (speaking in monolithic terms of course): In the south, they don't care how close you get as long as you don't get too big. In the north, they don't ca
  12. Both the defendants were total dicks, though, so I didn't mind seeing her make fun of them. The one on the right in particular was uncomfortably aggressive.
  13. Ciara's very short and very low cut dress is reminding me of Go Fug Yourself's nickname for Blake Lively - Boobs Legsly.
  14. Appearance-wise, the new Claire reminds me a lot of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks.
  15. They loved it, @buttersister. And they ended up getting a laundry room because the 2nd floor came in under budget. They didn't get a garage, though. I looked it up on Wikipedia once and overall about 2/3 love it and 1/3 list it.
  16. Ugh, the couple on the episode that's airing right now is one of my least favorite couples on this show - Justin and Breanne. The couple with the laundry all over the place and she's pregnant. They're both just so obnoxious. She wants a house with five bedrooms, three baths, and an office for Justin, but the house can't be too big. Like David said, "If you want five bedrooms, they're going to be in a 3,000 square foot house, not a 1,500 square foot house." Justin needs two bedrooms, a home office, a laundry room, and a garage added to their current house, and when they need to cut the laundry
  17. I don't know who was more annoying today - Allie or Sonny. I'm gonna say Sonny. I was really put off by how he told Sami that she let down her grandchild because they told Ari she'd be getting a baby brother and now she's not. They're the dumbasses who told Ari she was getting a brother before the adoption papers were signed! That's on both of you for jumping the gun. And my goodness, everyone acting like Sami is the worst person ever for...checks notes...having a conversation with Rafe. Back in my day, Sami was doing legitimately awful things like raping Austin, lying about who Will's f
  18. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get the big deal about Sami talking to Rafe about not adopting Alli's baby. And why the hell is it something to even flashback to, like it's some shady secret? She didn't threaten him. She didn't blackmail him into doing it. She just said that if she ever meant anything to him, he won't adopt Alli's baby. Ultimately it was Rafe's decision to say no. I started watching this show when teenage Sami was changing paternity test results...the first time, so I don't know, this doesn't seem that bad. I wouldn't even say it's bad at all.
  19. I wonder if Sunhe's softened attitude towards Jason has to do with the pregnancy. Like he's definitely not going away now. Angelica and Jason both saying something like, "I didn't know if I wanted kids," then use some form of birth control! Never thought I would have something positive to say about this show, but it is refreshing to hear a woman say, "I don't want kids," and props to Sarah for being upfront. And the conversation between her and Miguel about it was maybe the most mature conversation on this show ever. But they definitely should not get married if they're not on the same pa
  20. It reminds me of the Pygmoelian episode of the Simpsons: Moe: Plastic surgery, huh? Maybe they could dynamite Mount Crapmore here and carve me a new kisser. Carl: I don't know. Plastic surgery might make you look good on the outside... but you still might feel bad on the inside. Moe: But I'd look good on the outside, right? Carl: Yeah, but you'd feel bad on the inside. Moe: Plastic surgery it is! I think Brittani probably needs therapy way more than plastic surgery. But that's true of most people.
  21. And this is why white people being like, "I don't see race," is so dangerous. You don't see race...good for you I guess. But those people at that party did and that may have gotten Alonzo killed. And I don't want to come down hard on the friends because they are young and I can't even imagine the hurt and the guilt they still feel, but when you go to a party with friends, no one gets left behind! Especially not if that person is BIPOC or female or LGBTQ+.
  22. Thank you, @boes! I thought maybe she was a random Brady or Horton.
  23. So I watch Days on and off and I just started watching again when Kayla and Justin were supposed to get married and I know most of the characters, but who is Gwen and where did she come from? From what I've seen of her, it seems like she could be either really annoying or really hilarious. I haven't figured out which one yet. Claire's and Ciara's bachelorette party outfits were A LOT (especially Ciara's). Perfect for going to a club, but not for sitting around Julie's Place (or whatever it's called).
  24. I'm not a mental health expert at all, but I wonder if Sarah's overreaction with her mom not answering texts or the phone (at night, when she was sleeping) is a form of OCD. Dawn, oh my goodness, how annoying and selfish she is! It seriously shouldn't be that hard to understand why your daughter and son-in-law want time alone with their new baby. Now that I think about it, she must be losing it if she can't see them during this pandemic. Unless they're quarantining together. Normally I would think it would be weird for a mother and daughter to get bikini waxes together, but on this
  25. There have been at least two bouncy house cases on Judge Judy, which is hilarious. It's even more hilarious to hear Judge J, or anyone really, angrily say "bouncy house."
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