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  1. There have been at least two bouncy house cases on Judge Judy, which is hilarious. It's even more hilarious to hear Judge J, or anyone really, angrily say "bouncy house."
  2. I was so angry at Sunhe and Angelica last night (I'm really embarrassingly invested in this show) that I totally forgot to comment about the lactation consultant. That woman seemed like the nicest, most patient woman in all of New York. She was so kind and understanding with Cher and even tolerated Dawn. The producers were clearly trying to get her to talk shit about the matching outfits, but she just said it was a sweet way to bond. And honestly, while I think the matching outfits are silly, Dawn and Cher - and Kathy and Christina as well - are so tame compared to all the other mothers and da
  3. Normally I feel bad for Angelica, but she was a real piece of work tonight. I can't believe she had the nerve to tell Sunhe's fiance (totally blanking on his name) that he should leave his underage children so he can move to Vegas so that Sunhe doesn't have to leave Angelica, who's 32! Why the fuck do they think their relationship is so much more important than his relationship with his kids? And to be like "We told you we were close..." I would say I'm close to my mom because I talk to her on the phone everyday. Being close with your mom is entirely different than having a co-dependent relati
  4. I think Mary likes the drama and conflict between Brittani and Frank, otherwise she would tell Brittani to knock it off. Every time I hear the story of Frank's "cheating," I'm like: Also, Christianity isn't exactly ok with masturbation, yet both Mary and Brittani, "Christian women," have vibrators, which they apparently have no problem talking about or showing each other. So if they consider pornography so awful, why is masturbation not equally awful?
  5. To answer your question @Rai, I find season 2 much more unwatchable than season 9. Beverly was treated terribly by Heather and Sarah, but Grayson defended her multiple times. (It's a shame that Grayson came back in a later season and had a shitty attitude; I really liked her after her first season.) Heather was eliminated pretty early in the season, which just left Sarah to hate on Beverly by herself. In season 2, everyone was against Marcel, culminating in an actual assault. Even Elia, his one friend, turned on him. Plus, at least Sarah didn't win her season. It was awful seeing Ilan win.
  6. I think Mary intentionally undermines Brittani. Not only with that announcement, but when she told Brittani that the guy she likes blocked her number in the middle of her party. That shit could've waited. I'm amending my ranking of the mother-daughter relationships to put Laurie and Sarah at #4 most fucked up. Laurie is using her illness to manipulate Sarah and Miguel into getting married, which is really selfish. Any marriage that starts because the couple was browbeaten into it doesn't have a happy ending. Though I suspect Laurie only cares about the wedding and not the marriage. P
  7. Wow, was really not expecting Kevin to be eliminated, especially since all the speculation has been that he would win. I said last week that I would have kept Gregory over Stephanie, but I was glad to see her doing so well this week. I loved all the vegetables she used for her dishes. I would love to try the cabbage dish. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the judges criticize a dish for not having heart/soul/whatever other woo woo. All I care about is how it tastes. I'm not looking to eat heart; I'm looking to eat a delicious meal.
  8. I don't think she ever thought he would actually get divorced and that because of that Angelica would eventually break up with him and come running back to her. Not that Angelica really left (which, girl, GET OUT OF YOUR MOTHER'S HOME!), but things have been strained. I don't like or trust Jason, but Angelica doesn't seem very independent and between Sunhe and Jason, he's the much better option. I did laugh when they had a talking head with Sunhe talking so much shit about Jason and the camera pulled back and he was sitting right next to her. These producers are savage. For fun, here's ho
  9. I think this is a little unfair. She's only 18. Yes, she had a giggle, but she wasn't giggling at inappropriate times. And she said like, but not any more than most people. When they showed her speaking to the Philadelphia city council at the start of the episode, she spoke very well and I don't think she giggled or said like once. Just because she giggles and says like when off the clock doesn't mean she can't speak professionally when she's on the clock. I don't know anything about the Sunrise Movement except their name has always reminded me of a cult. The communal living doesn't make
  10. Regarding first class, the first time I flew first class was a couple of years ago (no executives in my family). It was only $100 more than economy class so I decided to treat myself. I was sort of meh on it. The service was better, but I didn't need the extra leg room or any of the other perks. Then last summer I was booking a flight on one of the planes that has the first class seats that can fully recline, like the ones in this episode, so of course I had to try it. OMG IT WAS AMAZING! It was only a two hour flight, but being able to sit, or more accurately, lay, in a comfortable position f
  11. I so wanted Viviana to tell Sunhe to fuck off and that she didn't owe Sunhe any answers. Of all the fucked up mother-daughter relationships on this show, I feel like her relationship with Angelica is the most abusive.
  12. I'm not normally someone who thinks "producer shenanigans!!!" but this definitely seemed like producer shenanigans. Like the servers are fine the whole time except when it gets to Malarky? Seems suspect. But of the people left, I think he was the right person to go. He's kind of annoying, but he's harmless and relatively positive, so I don't mind him too much. I really like the final five. No matter who ultimately wins I'll be happy, but Melissa and Gregory are my favorites.
  13. Brittany and her mom the whole episode ominously saying, "What Frank did at his bachelor party," I was expecting that he had sex with a prostitute and accidentally killed her. Or something like that. Then it ended up being, he got drunk, got a lap dance, went home, watched porn, and jerked off. Like, that's it? I might be annoyed by that, but I definitely wouldn't let that stop me from getting married and then hold it over his head for months and years on end. Like, lady, get over it. YMMV, but I definitely don't consider that cheating. I hope we get to see siblings again this season. The
  14. Binged the whole season today and loved it. Even though the love triangle is a cliche (Mindy Kaling loves her rom-coms), what I like with this show is that there isn't one clear bad guy and one clear good guy. Both Ben and Paxton have good and bad qualities and reasons their relationships with Davi could work well and could be a wreck. Maybe they'll do family therapy next season. They could use it. Someone in another post in this thread mentioned that the dynamic between Davi and Ben is like Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano and I remember Danny being pretty mean to Mi
  15. Yeah because she totally would have admitted she lost 🙄🙄🙄 That part was the weakest point in the episode I thought. Earlier in the episode he said it was his law firm, so I was confused when he was demoted.
  16. ITA. Maybe she went through speech therapy and it didn't work, which I say that as someone who still has a lisp despite years of speech therapy as a kid. Maybe she doesn't care that other people have a problem with her voice. Either way, maybe we can stop policing women's voices. I turned on an episode today but turned it off after a few minutes because they were touring a home built in the 70's and the kitchen had a pass through to the dining room and of course they were like, "Isn't it sO cRaZy that this was the style at the time?" It really annoyed me, probably because I HATE open floo
  17. When the judges were lecturing the contestants about how a million dollars is a big deal and investors will move on if you don't seem like you're really working for it, my first thought was, "Yeah, Jeff Bezos doesn't just have a million dollars to throw around!" They've clearly spent a lot of money on this show, but I don't think it has that much payoff. But I'll still watch it since there are no new episodes of Project Runway or Next in Fashion.
  18. I know Malarkey isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I cracked up when he said of Lee Ann's dish, "More is not better and that's *me* saying that." At least he's self-aware.
  19. Man, it was shitty mother day on Judge Judy this afternoon. What kind of mom falsely reports that her son stole a van? Especially when you consider how many unarmed black men in this country have been shot by police. She really put his life in danger doing that. That mom who cut her daughter, man, what a piece of shit. Her abusive side really came out during the interview. I was like, "Yep, there it is." The daughter was annoying, but I really felt bad for her.
  20. Overall I enjoyed this show, but I do wish they'd get rid of the team aspect next season. Why not just eliminate two people each episode - like they did after splitting the teams up - and let them compete individually? That way each contestant succeeds or fails on their own merits. I loved Angelo (definitely my favorite contestant) but he would have been eliminated a lot sooner had he not had a partner who could do all the sewing. I did like that they provided fabrics and notions and could get them anything that was not already in the fabric room. These designers definitely seem more tale
  21. Nothing wrong with it at all; I love 90's fashion. I was just surprised by how it actually looked like it was from the mid-90's, as opposed to clothing now that just seems inspired by the mid-90's, like the Wild Fable line at Target. But if she said it was literally from the mid-90's, which I missed, that would explain that.
  22. I've been enjoying this series, but the end of this episode really turned me off. Why TF did the guest judge dramatically walk off? Your job here is to judge, so judge. I'm going to put the rest in spoilers since it happened at the beginning of the next episode. (And if it belongs in the thread for the next episode, please let me know.) On a lighter note, Alexa's outfit and hairstyle on runway day were straight out of the mid-90's. Like I'm pretty certain I saw a very similar outfit in a 1994 YM (and I'm not even joking about that).
  23. I really loved the gray suit with the wrap top/jacket and gaucho pants and was bummed it didn't win. Tan was right about the styling, though. I did not care for the stylist guest judge. I felt like he was playing up the bitchy comments and quips for the camera. Loved Phillip Lim, though. So far all the designer guest judges have been great. I felt bad for Julian and Hayley because they were at such a disadvantage over the other teams because they didn't already know each other and they have such different aesthetics.
  24. That guy was a jackass. I was glad he was eliminated, but felt bad that his partner, who seemed very nice and hard-working, was eliminated too.
  25. I agree with you @HappyBerry. Ryan was a very shitty boyfriend, but he isn't necessarily a very shitty person. Childish, thoughtless, and someone who desperately needs to grow up, yes, but not malicious. So often as women we're told, explicitly and implicitly, that there's nothing more important than finding a boyfriend and eventually a husband. And fat women in particular are constantly given the message, "Just take who you can get. You can't do better." So I was glad to see the season end with Annie realizing that yes, in fact, she can do better.
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