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  1. I caught the tail of Ruby!! What did Jessica do to her? Didn't Ruby wear super high heels then bitch about having to.....you know....walk? You have to believe that she was a piece of work to the production staff - they really caught every bitchy thing she said, not that she did not give them plenty of ammunition. Yes Danille had a nicely executed wedding but I am not into a precision drill team wedding. I am for promptness but.....c'mon!
  2. South Africa!!! Some brides go to Cabo - great but if you live in Phoenix that is not much a trip!! (I sound like Danielle) But Keisha was my favorite so far. Yes her wedding lacked a certain flow, like why have everyone show up at 7:30 then NOT have the ceremony until noon? The one bride would not stop yammering about wanting a Mimosa. Really? You gotta drink at 7:30AM? Yikes. I bet she is a real doozy to live with! "No, you load the dishwasher THIS WAY! Not THAT way......" Danielle had no emotion, I "hate watch" this show and she is the worst. And this show has had some r
  3. Okay - you made me laugh out loud. Next up on Kate Plus Eight: The kids slip something into Kate's organic apple juice to upset her stomach, not to kill her just send her to the hospital for a few days!! Come enjoy the calm house! Queue to Kate in the hospital bossing the nurses around.
  4. Biggest Bitch Ever Award on this show: Danielle from Florida. Princess theme (shocker there) and everything HAD! TO! BE! PERFECT! She friggin' corrected her fiance on camera that they had been dating eight months when he proposed, not six. Like who the hell cares? One bride Keisha is a total sweetie who had a 7:30am wedding and got married in an aqua dress. Danielle would NOT shut her yapper about that. Then Keisha ate breakfast with a white dress w/ her guests, then the ceremony. Different yes, but hey it is HER day. Danielle was not having it!!! Keisha also spent "only" $12,500 so
  5. No kidding to the whole post! "I want to stand out!" Like were you concerned you were NOT going to be noticed on this day?? I saw a dress this morning (an athlete who had an young daughter hugging her) and OMG - it was slit down to there. Total boobage on display. Go to Vegas and look like a showgirl from the Tropicana!! I am not all that religious either (civil ceremony for us in an arboretum) but have a little respect for the sacred ceremony!!! Amen (sorry) for having respect for the ceremony. Entering a Jewish temple? Cover your arms. HEck some churches still have women and men si
  6. And files her alimony checks in alphabetical order!
  7. I liked the Chicago girl too but she needed to leave her yappy mom at home. I would have told my mom - "You know where you can get your own bathroom when you visit? Motel 6!" Then she took the extra room and made a bedroom? What about a den? An office? A ROOM YOU WANT AS IT IS YOUR HOME?"
  8. I went to David's Bridal here in Richfield MN and even the sale/budget section there were none less than $500. Still a good deal but I am the penny pinching queen!! LOL!
  9. I just watched the HH where they were in Bloomington MN - my hometown!!! (Go Jaguars!) It was lawyer Kyle and social worker Abby and their one year old son Miles. (Miles got mentioned.....a lot.) Budget was $260,000. I can NOT believe for that budget the realtor could only show the houses they saw. Bloomington is a big city (for MN) and there had to be more on the market. We could tell that the first two were on the east side of town and the last one (with the pool) was on the west side, I recognized Dwan Golf course. The wife was REALLY hung up on having three bedrooms on the same level
  10. I am even later to the party but I agree 100% that the ending was.....yuck. So it goes like this: "Well kids I totally had a thing for Robin. Thing is, Robin didn't want kids. So your mother came along. I knocked her up, twice, then decided to marry her. But then I got lucky....SHE DIED! Now I can bone Robin all the time! I get my kids AND Robin!!" I could not stand this ending and I had friends tell me, in a loving way, that I needed to move on!!! LOL!
  11. We have a few here in the cities, Bride to Be Consignment and Off the Rack. Von Maur has beautiful dresses around prom time of you are looking for more low key. Try Ebay or Craig;s List. I am not sure how handy you are with a sewing machine but I have seen dresses at Goodwill and Unique that you could use as a base, add straps cut the hideous 70's bottom fringe off.
  12. Yep - Can you imagine a five foot two inch bride who weighs 200 pounds trying on a sleeveless mermaid dress? She probably looks a squeezed sausage but if the consultant says, "You know, this other style will look so much prettier on you" that bride might get offended and go home and be all over social media complaining. Where I bought my dress there are clear signs saying Dress Try-On's are for brides only. This is a consignment store and they need to keep them as clean as possible for resell. Plus the thought of four girls coming in to try on dresses, taking up four dres
  13. First wedding dress in 1994 - a place in St. Paul MN, paid about $350. Divorced in 2011 after 17 years, two awesome kids. Nice guy, we just grew very apart. Second wedding dress: $380 at Bride to Be Consignment in Bloomington MN. Bought a beautiful champagne ball gown (no bling, it was $20) for this ceremony but wanted ivory and a true wedding dress. So I got another one. We are both 52 - I wish we had married each other back in the late 80's!!! (We knew each other as kids.) No kidding - "You want to be half naked on your wedding day? Okaaaaaay." PT dresses look like My Bi
  14. I would not do a vow renewal but that is me. If a couple eloped due to budget, had a courthouse thing but wanted more.....then go ahead!! But I already attended your lavish affair ten/twenty five years ago.....sorry. You are SO ON POINT about NOT hijacking a wedding because yours was a budget affair or your mother ran the show and insisted on glitz when you wanted small. When I go to glitzy all out affair these days I wonder who really wanted it.....bride or groom or a set of parents.
  15. I am getting remarried in October and the whole budget is $2500!!! The first time, in 1994, it was under $2000 and that was a dance with drinking!!! I hate those belts. They add nothing to the dress. Ever. This. Made me laugh out loud!!!! Thank you!
  16. I love Andy. I love Hailey and Andy together - never want to see Dylan again. Do not like Rainer the weatherman. Hate Claire - too helicopterish and seems to not appreciate all the non material gifts and joys her dad and husband have bequeathed to her. LOVE CAM! LOVE FIZBO! LOVE MISSOURI! Gloria......ish. Sophia Vergara has two speeds - screaming and poorly mugging at the camera. Phew....I feel better now.
  17. No you are not. I used to do homebound education services and one home had about 7000 DVD movies!! I was like.....really? Who has the time to watch them? (Full disclosure: I own, like five movies. Seriously!) In MN a homeschooling mom/dad does NOT receive payment. If a child is disables there could be SSI payments.
  18. I agree so much. Not all kids are ready to fly at 18, some are. My 19 almost 20 yr old lives at home - fine with me. He does work and attend college. My just turned 18 yr old is launching to college and he is cocked and ready to go. Helicopter parents....ugh. I have a friend who got overinvolved in her daughter's spat with her friend (her and the other mom were friends) and it was ugh........LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT. The girls were 19!!!! Back to Phil/Claire - I really hope they do not go the baby route. Ugh. Claire is (and this is NOT picking on Julie Bowen) the most uninteresting
  19. I agree - Dracula bride spent $160,000 (I think) and it was not as nice. Lisa did deserve the win. That wedding was very nice. I did not care for the mannequins or the bubble guy either, she really did not need them. The reception site had gorgeous views and beautiful tables, that was enough. You are right, there does seem to be a rash of cocktail hour issue with limited seating. Do they not count the people up beforehand? It is not as though an extra six people showed and there are not enough chairs, there are A LOT of people standing!! This has happened to me as well - twe
  20. I just watched where Lisa got married and dropped $150,000. Yes you are reading that correctly. She won but she deserved to win as the other brides did not measure up in areas like not having enough places to sit, having seats for family only at the ceremony, (really?) and one other bride had a very odd looking dress. Plus the winning bride gave much thanks and praise to her groom as he paid for the whole thing. My one pick on Lisa - she wanted a dress code, black tie affair, fine. SO here comes her son walking her down the aisle and his hair is in eyes it was so long!!! Comb it, c
  21. So I bet when they close Kleinfelds and the daughter of a sheik shows up and buys three dresses that total $150,000 - do they arm wrestle to see who gets THAT appointment?
  22. I agree 100% - some of these brides that passed DD a looong time ago need straps!!! It doesn't even matter if you are gonna dance, just walking and not falling out on your wedding day is kind of a big deal. (Full disclosure - my dress is strapless but I am adding sleeves. I am a bit busty - nothing like we have seen here!! - and I need the corset back to help hold everything up. And it is NOT a sweetheart neckline and it is a bit higher bodice than the norm, No no spilling!!) I would say to a bride - look, just try on many styles!! Just because everyone else is on strapless doesn't
  23. Yes - do your own thing with your own friends, fine. Just don't be disrespectful towards your spouse/SO while you are out, ala Paolo. Strippers: Do people even do this anymore? Good for you for laying down the law on the strippers. I think nowadays guys will go out or play a round of golf followed by dinner. I dunno....I am girl and I don't get invited to these things!!!
  24. This show does a great job of making the Americans look crappy. Or better yet: the Americans do a great job of doing it themselves. Loren and Alexi? Leave the damn bachelorette party alone, be friends with whoever and stop forcing them on your husband. My fiance has a friend who I find a bit abrasive, fine. They go out sporadically and I don't join them. No biggie. I hope Alla and Matt are happy!! His weird friend Patrick needs to find a new guy to have a crush on now.
  25. I am 52 and I can still remember counting down to my 16th birthday to get that license!! My kids, who are almost 20 and just turned 18, were as follows: first son was in no hurry, second son was ready on his birthday!!! But there are a lot of kids who don't want to drive these days!! New to this forum and I want to say I am kind of relieved to hear the non Jazz love going on. This times a thousand. I am special ed teacher (Jazz is not SPED but there are similiar themes) and let her be her STOP GIVING IN! Regarding #1: I felt bad when the mom did something with the
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