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  1. Ugh. Disneyland and or DisneyWorld with four toddlers let alone just me and another adult would be, for me: Inner. Portal. Of. Hell. Tons of money for four kids who will never remember it. Hot, crowded....again ugh. At least it is really clean! (I am not a Disney fan....can ya tell? LOL!)
  2. 10 years? Try three to five. Chantel, please please PLEASE just admit you made a mistake and divorce and move on. Bolding mine. I would be ashamed to say to my new French fiance (he isn't but let's pretend he is) "Look, we treat our in law's like shit and are rude and passive aggressive, so get with it! That is our culture, baby!" "Mi amore, babeee....." Ugh. No, good culture is being respectful BOTH ways. Heck I did not call my future in laws by their first names until we were engaged, (Mr/Mrs In Law until then) and even then I asked permission!!! (They said yes btw)
  3. No we won't hate on you because: You did NOT gut a perfectly nice kitchen for that holier than thou granite! Plus the countertops were thirty years old, not three years old! People can have granite, people can have formica. People should have what they want and what they can afford. When we re-do our countertops (it is a few years out!) we want maple butcher block. It is the snotty attitudes that some HH'ers have that is eyeball rolling/inducing.
  4. Okay.....(deep breath) I just now saw the portion where Pedro is bringing the flat screen out of the bedroom, ready to ship. He needed help handling it!! I didn't realize it was that huge!! Then....(breathe deep again.......) he is sitting right there, next to her and says, "My mother....she give me life....so yes.....I give to her." The look on Chantel's face! I yelled at the screen (my breathing exercises did come in handy!) "CHANTEL!!! He has just told you everything you need to know!! You will always come second to mama!!!" And again with the damn culture......well Pedro...it is an A
  5. This cracked me up! I wanted to make one invitation for my sister with the wording: "Dress Code is business casual. Please do not show up looking like you just left a drum circle/Grateful Dead Concert. Brush your hair as well. Thank you!" But I didn't. Hey she can show up in a burlap sack and it reflects on her, not me. I AGREE SO MUCH! You are going to a Jewish wedding in a temple? Cover your arms and maybe wear a dress that goes below your lower darby? Maybe? Geez.....am I the cranky old lady now? LOL! But even when I was 25 - 35 I covered up. You are in a place o
  6. You should come to my wedding!! 11am ceremony, short civil service, no readings, no sand/unity stuff, lunch afterwards then we are done by 3 at the latest. No slideshow of how awesome and in love we are, either. Of course some people might be annoyed as it is a dry wedding but oh well. No dance either. I did that the first time and I am good with that decision!!! We actually told people: Hey you can still make plans for Saturday night - we are done by 3 or so!! We are heading out to a bed and breakfast three hours away...so thank you for coming!! Got a soccer game at 5 for your ki
  7. And when Samantha told the pregnant girl to screw off and left the bridal shower when she took the the name Shayla. Sam is not maternal, does not like kids but you have just f#cked with her friend's baby name...We are outta here!!! I agree! If I were heading into an IEP that I arranged, planned for and was leading, I would call my then stay at home fiance to see if he could go and help. Not that his schedule is less important, he had more flexibility. (Hey it came in handy when I needed to replace the engine in my car!)
  8. Wow! Thank you! I do not remember her at all. I see from the link she bought her dress from the American Cancer Society. I thought - "This can't be her, she must have a kind heart to shop this way, to buy a used dress." Judging from all the comments here.....guess I was eighty shades of wrong! Hmmm......it is a rainy Sunday and I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I watch it in youtube for $1.99?? I don't have a DVR to catch it on a rerun someday..... Edited to add this gem from another wedding board with a review of the episode: Seriously? She was complaining about not
  9. I agree!! I would LOVE a gift card for a breakfast place to treat ourselves or, because we are practical, a Cub Foods (grocery store) gift card. Hey - we gotta eat!! But just showing up and wishing us well is enough. Per the tell all book from Randy - I wish there was a tell all book from ALL the consultants!!! No real names of clients, of course, and the consultants would have to use fake names too. That wold be a hoot!!
  10. Bolding mine: I should tell people that is my theme!! Getting married!! The whole theme thing sounds exhausting!!! You have to match every damn detail!! Let's say you love elephants....fine. You want elephants as your theme. (Hey weirder things has been shown on this show) I can promise that by the time you get married you will NEVER want to look at another elephant again. We are not doing unity candle, sand ceremony.....we are getting married for goodness sake!! Isn't that unity enough? Also - can someone please link, paste a photo....SOMETHING of BLAN bride? I have no idea
  11. I, too, was elusive on sleep and turned the tv on but alas, I fell asleep before her horrid ending. I would love to tell you her score of 61 was a record low but sadly I have seen a mid-50's score on this wedding. Her dress was beyond ugly, wasn't it? There was another bride, Dayanna, whose family spent $150,000 and she too came in last. Guess you should have banked a little for that honeymoon and NOT had dancers, a photo booth, and a ten tier cake!!!
  12. My man and I are not registering as we have a house, a fully furnished house at that. We don't need towels, dishes or anything. I want to tell people to not bring anything but to address gifts in any way is rude. You know there are women out there who want to outshine their daughters!!! Go Randy, go!!!
  13. I think he chose her because sadly, some women set the bar VERY low for the men they will allow into just not their lives but the lives of their children. I did not introduce my soon to be hubby to my kids until we had been dating a year. A year. And I knew soon to be hubby since we were little kids (preschool to be exact) so it wasn't like some guy I met on Match. So to meet someone online, from another country, then move him in with you and your kids? Yuck. Take your lumps, Lumpy Frumpy and Downright Shlumpy Danielle.
  14. Bolding mine: It also makes me wonder if they bride and/or groom is always going to be this passive aggressive. "Late for Thanksgiving? SIT IN THE SNOW!" I am about to send out my wedding invites. I have contact information for each guest, each response card is numbered so I can keep track of who responds (numbered in case people forget to write their name on postcard response, hey it has happened!) and even though ours is a buffet, I WILL be calling those who don't respond. "Hi! Just curious - can you make it? No? Okay - no worries, I love you, take care and see you soon!" No
  15. "Chantel has gone crazy.......but we are happy to cash her checks!" A prenup only addresses what will happen if the marriage dissolves and/or when one person passes. It rarely addresses what will happen during the marriage with money. It can never address any future or current children, custody, or child support issues.
  16. I am willing to bet they instructed the DJ to do that as they did not want to be the bad guys. Any DJ at any event, especially at a wedding does nothing w/out the bride and groom's permission.
  17. Ouch - I remember that one. That move might be in competition for the bride who had here guests pick up garbage off the beach. Garbage. Tanisha is in the same league because she shamed some of her guests and they did not plan for all the guests. Like it or not, you invited 150 (I am guessing here) people, you have enough space and food for 150 people. Period. It does not matter if you hold the wedding of all weddings and everyone dances their asses off........you will be remembered as putting Gramma out on the deck, in the heat, with no food.
  18. I am eating my half sized Wendy's mozzerella salad right now! It is very filling and a bit under 500 calories. There are ALWAYS options, it is just easier to down a double cheeseburger or three burritos and call it a day!!
  19. My son, now 19, still calls it paper toilet, too. Hey it is a paper towel, so why not paper toilet? He was in speech as a child and we were told to never correct him, so it stuck. I was waiting for Al Pacino to show up! It reminded me of a Miami Vice episode from 1986. Emphasis on 1986. No, pretty sure she is straight up bitchy! LOL!
  20. I saw that in one of the groups. The comments were all pro rather than against, lol. This made me laugh out loud. Same with the douchebags who say "All I have is fast food" well okay BUT Wendy's has awesome salads, McD's has a grilled chicken salad, I am sure BK has a salad or salads as well. Truth is, a Big Mac, A Wendy's Double w/Cheese and a Frosty taste a heck of a lot better than the healthier options!!!
  21. this really pissed me off too, I had triplets and no help. My ex husband worked long hours/overtime on weekends to support us. My house was messy, I didn't sleep much, but my job was house and kids and I did it alone. Also had another baby after that, and I didn't complain like her. And the quads, I absolutely hate their storyline, I ff through each part. The mom should stop with the makeup and spend more time cleaning her house. Okay where do I begin? Brooke...Shut. The. Hell. Up. I laughed at her (nice person, aren't I?) when she kept trying to carry/transport bott
  22. Was that the guy with the backwards baseball cap? He seemed mature and straightforward although I did not see the entire conversation. Jorge.....what can I say? I bet he never kissed a girl before Anfissa as he was so awkward. He needed a good female friend to coach him through dating but I have a hunch he would have had his own "rules"of what a woman really wants. Jorge? Here is what we DON'T want: a man who lies about, oh....pretty much everything.
  23. I agree - there was not ONE nice African American, Hispanic, Caucasion or fill in the blank guy in Atlanta? The Jewel of the South? You had to ship your vacation sleep buddy into town? This is why couples need to sit down and talk about expectations with children, money, geography, EVERYTHING before you marry.
  24. Bolding mine: This is why I can stomach Danielle and Mo (which I can't,. really) more than the shitshow called Pedro and Mi Amore Chantel. She brought this whole thing on her self and still can not get why everyone is not on board. Both families are still rude and horrid mind you, but her "Hmmm...why don't I deserve a bachelorette party?" "I want a second DR wedding!"......arrrg.
  25. See, this is why she does not strike me as Developmentally Delayed in a clinical sense. (I am the sped teacher who has given IQ tests.) Is she lower? Yes. But a DD adult would not, could not travel internationally alone. No way, no how. Certainly not alone and not to a country where English is spoken but not as a first language. bethster2000: Mah HAH Mit - CRACKED ME UP!!!
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