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  1. Of course, "bullying" to people like the Duggars means "they didn't kiss my ass and it hurt my feelings." I'd bet money Michelle was on the giving end of any bullying.
  2. She's giving his sister Carlin some competition in the "overly exaggerated and dramatic" category.
  3. It is ugly. Why bother if your nails look like that? Topic: Does BB Bates have a job or is he a slacker like his brother Lawson?
  4. I think checkered suits and close fit are popular among conservative men right now (see: a certain congressmen from Florida who's under federal investigation). It certainly isn't doing Big Butt Bates any favors. (Can that be his new snark nickname, please?) Wasn't Zach engaged and almost married (not just courting) once, before Whitney? This couple should remember that and not count it until Gil says "I now pronounce you man and wife."
  5. Every time I see a new notification on this thread, I wonder if Claire is pregnant. I hope to dog someone has pulled Claire and Justin aside and educated them about birth control.
  6. He's just really thin, like his mother.
  7. If this weren't a fundie snark forum, I'd probably say early 1980s. But since it's fundies, 2000s? Is that Bateseseses?
  8. Because Paul's hairline isn't a triangle? I agree that Kendra will look young until she's past menopause. Full cheeks and good skin will do that for you. I bet she and her mother have eaten a green vegetable once or twice, too.
  9. Same here. In fact, when I got a new pair of glasses last December, most of the selections were pretty similar to Claire's.
  10. Jessa has big lips, and honestly, Jill, Jinger, and Joy all went through painfully awkward phases that extended well into adulthood. I never would have guessed that any of the three would turn out to look like they do now, especially Jinger.
  11. I'll believe it when it comes from reputable media sources, not the Sun or a website whose headline says, "Anna takes their six children to visit his father."
  12. IIRC, Jinger was assaulted in the laundry room. Joy was assaulted while sitting on Smuggar's lap in the presence of other children.
  13. They have been quiet since last year, long before Smuggar was arrested.
  14. Considering tater tot casserole and ice cream cake and the other Duggar food nasties, they're lucky they're not circles.
  15. She was a weird character. I felt bad for her, which of course was the whole point. I liked Mark and Elizabeth together until the beginning of season eight. Her postpartum stress combined with Rachel moving in was too much. But Mark and Elizabeth were a great couple before that. I liked seeing Mark happy. Maybe they should have "moved away" or Mark moved to a different hospital between seasons 7 and 8, and spared us the Rachel the Hell Child storylines.
  16. ER was awful about that trope. Jodi O'Brien. Loretta, the sex worker-turned-secretary. Mark's relationship with his dad. Mark himself (I hated the way they killed him off; I still wish they'd just had him switch to a more family-friendly practice or even move to a different city). Greg Pratt. So many examples.
  17. That's why Amy's sash was a different color. It was originally white.
  18. It was Jinger's wedding gift to her. Crates of leftover cheap spray tan. Amy decided to use it all at once.
  19. Nah, it existed all along. I think it was just overshadowed because veils tend to look better with hair up, IMO. (Just call me M'Lynn.) Anna got married before Kate Middleton did, and she wore her hair semi-down. Down and crunchy.
  20. Sounds like my brother and sister-in-law's wedding. I went to get a Coke and was told it was $1. I said, it's a Coke -- not understanding they were charging me for a lukewarm can of pop. I've never been to a wedding where I was charged for an NA drink. They also ran out of (lukewarm, nasty) food even before the relatives had been fed. My lying SIL "forgot" to invite the out-of-state sister (me), and when called on it, wrote, "I sent you an invitation but it came back." Uh huh, and I'm the queen of England, you lying liar who lies.
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