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  1. They'll absolutely have more kids! 1. Attention. 2. They'll have to try for a boy. 3. Then the boy, if they get one, will need a brother. 4. More attention. The Bateseses are as gross as the Duggars.
  2. Thanks for the info, but my question was more about Gabby. I have no idea who that is or her husband, or PAC. I do know about Lady A and the controversy about the name. I do not have a high opinion of them. Topic: I think the Duggars are still ahead in the Great Grandchildren Race. For now.
  3. Mullet better hope Kendra never has twins. If not for her two sets, Mullet would rank behind Kelly Bates.
  4. Kiefer Tim looks like he's been out riding a horse. The dorky shirt doesn't help.
  5. It's been done in a lot of countries, including Japan. You do what you have to do (pun not intended).
  6. By the same token, I doubt Ivy minds that she got ice cream instead of IC&C for her birthday. She's a little kid. Does she even know it's her birthday? I ordered something (a budget book) from Amazon the other day. The next day I ordered some skincare (Paula's Choice). They came today, in the same box. I can't figure out Amazon.
  7. Coming soon, to a Walmart in NWA...
  8. You guess wrong. Sunday mass (they were hardcore Catholic) and school, that's it. How do I know this? They built the house next door to my grandmother's and lived next to her for thirty years. The husband of the family was an ass. Topic: Any guesses for S4's name?
  9. The people who owned my grandmother's house before she did (1960s) had four kids and two adults in two bedrooms in less than 700 square feet. The four kids had two sets of bunk beds in one bedroom, which I can tell you from experience would now be considered small for one person. My point is, square footage isn't the issue as much as cleanliness and organization.
  10. Mullet has been portrayed on the show as the Great Holy Mother since day one. It's total bull since it was obvious from the start that her daughters were raising the other kids, but that hasn't stopped the show(s) from acting like Mullet was a saint.
  11. Or he did it because his parents taught him to debase himself for a paycheck. It's scripted. It's edited. It does not reflect reality -- does anybody here really think Mullet was a wonderful mother to the J'slaves, the way the show pretended she was?
  12. @Nysha Please consider deleting that flasher. Things like that can cause seizures in susceptible people. I couldn't avoid seeing it.
  13. I think Jessa would run out of time before she got close to 19. She was older than Mullet was when Mullet had Smuggar, plus Mullet had two sets of twins. IIRC, a couple of the Bateseses said they didn't want a lot of kids, but at least three of them are well on their way to having just that.
  14. Spurgeon is five and a half. Assuming Jessa delivers S4 soon, that's four kids in less than six years. She may not be on Kendra's pace, but that's still a lot of kids in a short amount of time.
  15. "But I dump them on their sisters at six months old so I could get to work on another one! Screw this child-REARING crap!" I do add "our latest, precious addition...Josie" in my head when I recite the jingle.
  16. Is that Jessa in the back row next to Jana? If so, three and counting.
  17. I'm not sure why you quoted me. Just because something was on the show, does not mean it's an accurate reflection of the characters. Those "reality TV" shows are heavily scripted and edited, and have about as much in common with reality as the Kardashians do with "natural" beauty.
  18. I only remember the Duggarlings from that stupid jingle that Michelle recited during the opening credits. Josh Jana John David Jill Jessa Jinger Joseph Josiah Joy-Anna Jedidiah Jeremiah Jason James Justin Jackson Johanna Jennifer Jordyn Josie. I may or may not have spent half an hour recently making a Word document to keep track of the grandkids. I was bored, what can I say.
  19. The shows are so heavily scripted and edited, I don't believe them for a second. Jim Bob's willingness to debase himself for money is the bigger issue.
  20. Was she trying to give Jan Crouch a run for her money?
  21. Sometimes it's a matter of just getting used to the fans enough that it lessens the terror. My late, beloved tiger was afraid of the fan in one particular room, and while it got better over time, she would have a relapse of sorts if the fan was turned on after being off for awhile.
  22. Anna's still one kid ahead. She's pregnant with her seventh, Priscilla only has five. The real question is whether the Wallers can continue their boy-girl-boy-girl trend.
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