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  1. Damn you. EVERY time I see this thread title, I think "boinking." And every time, it prompts a hard cackle. It's all your fault. 😆 Topic: It must be so weird for Katey Duggar, living in BF Arkansas (or close to BF) and married to Jedidiah. I wonder how long they actually knew each other, as in spoke to each other, before they were married. "Sweet friends," whom they saw across the mob at fundie events but never spent time with, don't count.
  2. "Wimmen's work" to clean the kids. Or he's given up on having any control at all in his household.
  3. He wasn't seen on the roof -- that's my point. I rewatched that episode last night; the camera panned the roof, and Chuck wasn't on it. The writers left the impression that he'd been on the chopper, which crashed and Susan had all the sad, then *POOF* hero Chuck arrived on the elevator, bagging an unknown patient who also wasn't on the roof. His spleen rupture, saved by St. Abby, happened after he'd been downstairs for awhile. I always saw Susan with a nice doctor, maybe one who worked in an office rather than with long ER shifts, to create relationship tension. Not with Chuck the
  4. I wouldn't call sixteen comments (as of 4:07) being hammered. Either way, some of them are inappropriate and incorrect. No, she won't be related to the pedophile. And someone who doesn't know her can't say "you know this isn't what you want." Topic: Nurie and Nathan will look homely AF next to these two in the wedding photos.
  5. Then what took Chuck so long to get down to the ER with his patient? I don't even know who the patient was since nobody on the chopper survived. Maybe he just grabbed a random person from one of the upper hospital floors so he'd look like a hero. It's a moot point -- just a lack of common sense or continuity that was typical of the series' second half. It drove me nuts that the writers wrote like we were all dingbats and wouldn't notice.
  6. Luka and Chuny did have a fling. I think it was confirmed when St. Abby the nurse manager questioned him about it. ETA: I should have read further to see that other people confirmed the Luka/Chuny fling. The second half of the series was seriously over the top for disasters. The Romano/helicopter thing was just stupid. I'm still wondering -- since flight nurse Chuck wasn't on the doomed helicopter, and he wasn't on the elevator, where was he during the crash and the immediate aftermath? Hanging off the roof by his fingertips?
  7. Abby's first few episodes were good. So were season 6 and season 7. Then everything went to shit along with Abby's personality.
  8. Plexus would probably cost more, once you factor in the gastroenterology appointment I would likely need after ingesting Plexus. Topic: Somebody should tell Jill she can self-publish her righteous tome on Amazon. It couldn't possibly be worse than some of the absolute crap I've seen self-published for Kindle.
  9. It's only SOSHALIZM if the money goes to other people, especially all those sinners. I wish Madeline Maxwell a speedy and full recovery, and her parents some peaceful thoughts. Nobody deserves what they are going through, although I do wish they'd give the credit to science instead of their sky fairy (as if).
  10. I doubt anybody here would think it tolerable to make fun of an overweight woman. So why is it acceptable to mock the obviously overweight David Rodrigues?
  11. Fundie and cult are the same thing with different names.
  12. There are still people living in iron lungs today, in 2021. Every year or two, I see an article about iron lung repair or the very few people who still rely on them. Mainstream article, not in some obscure journal. https://www.timesnownews.com/the-buzz/article/this-man-has-been-using-iron-lung-machine-for-nearly-70-years/756458 Interesting article from 2017 that touches on the work needed to actually keep the iron lungs running. https://gizmodo.com/the-last-of-the-iron-lungs-1819079169
  13. Leavening? Is Derick bread?* I have never seen The Princess Bride. *Yes, I know there is more than one definition.
  14. That's nothing new for Janelle. She's always looked a little stoned to me. (I watched their show's first season.)
  15. I suspect Ben wouldn't be so bad if Jessa wasn't storing his balls in her dresser drawer, under the mound of dirty diapers. I do think Ben loves his kids.
  16. Atheism isn't about lack of example or poor example in religious instruction. It's pretty offensive to think that atheists are atheists because we didn't have a better example. I had many examples, good, bad, and ugly. I've been an atheist since before I knew the term. Topic: Did Jessa have that kid yet?
  17. I'm in the US. I went to a mass vaccination site (I didn't want to wait until it was available closer to home), so no sticker or samples. I did get a few freebie masks that I stashed in my car console in case an ear elastic breaks. Topic: It really is a big deal for the Dillards to get vaccinated. I feel like they no longer qualify as Dullards.
  18. Family disloyalty. Seriously? "Future boss, I chose to protect my wife and sons against her child porn-possessing, sister-molesting brother and their pedophile-enabling parents. Please don't hold it against me."
  19. Shopping. Vacations. Redecorating their home. New cars. Just my guess. I trust evangelicals like I would trust my cat with my ice cream.
  20. I wonder if any Bateseses or other fundie "search and rescue" poseurs are down in Surfside, skinning and grinning. There is attention to be whored for, ya know.
  21. I don't think anybody is equipped to handle nine kids, but even if she were, it's NOT Jill's responsibility to raise anybody except Israel and Sam. Jill's already done her time as a sister slave. So have Jana and the other J'slaves.
  22. He's still their dad, and they will most likely miss him. My dad is an emotionally and physically abusive narcissistic drunk, and I still missed him.
  23. In all fairness, I've been known to reread childhood favorites even now. I recently ordered two Jim Kjelgaard books I remembered reading as a kid, that I couldn't get through the library system now. They were good. (Stormy and Lion Hound, in case anybody wonders.) Leaving off the fact that the shows are 1. Heavily scripted; 2. Heavily edited; 3. Total bullshit as far as "reality" TV is concerned.
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