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  1. There is no way anybody can say with certainty something about another person, good or bad or Smuggar. There is also no certainty that there are other crimes committed by Duggars. Unseemly or unethical does not equal illegal.
  2. No criminal ever plans on getting caught, any more than a kid caught nabbing cookies from the pantry ever plans on getting caught. None of us can say with certainty what Smuggar will or won't do or what any sentence will be.
  3. It's not just the rural or even small town Midwest. Or even the Midwest and the Bible Belt. Topic: I wonder what name M7 will get. My current guess is something very biblical. Maybe Moriah.
  4. Why would one be surprised that atheists have integrity and morals? That "news" article, from the Sun, has about as much credibility as Smuggar himself. You might as well read the National Enquirer.
  5. I have a one-pot sun-dried tomatoes with frozen broccoli and pasta recipe that is cooked in a skillet. But for broccoli on its own, I roast it in the oven. Why am I not surprised that Alyssa keeps up with her snark coverage. Hey, Alyssa, how long until you and Lurch just have to try for that son? And if you get one, a brother for him? Not like your parents, my ass.
  6. Her sister-in-law Rebekah really needs to pull Nurie aside and explain how eyebrows are supposed to look. Maybe Rebekah can mention conditioner for the fried-looking hair, too. I feel sorry for Nurie and the other Rod kids. I don't think they ever had a chance.
  7. Good point, and thanks for the correction. I was thinking of the clique bitches from the animal rescue I volunteer with. They could teach Jilly R some mean-girl lessons. 🙄
  8. I question the maturity of any adult woman who writes or says "yummy" when they're not speaking to a small child. I know several IRL and they all act like junior high mean girls. I call them clique bitches. Which term also fits Jill very well. Poor Nurie. I think her eyebrows are ruined for life.
  9. I got a pair of glasses last December. A lot of the frames in the shop were like hers. I think they're cute on her, as well as age-appropriate. Outside in north Texas in July? Okey dokey. I hope their deodorants are working.
  10. I think so, too. Jana is old enough to remember the grinding parental-inflicted poverty before the TLC money, plus she ran the household and raised many of her siblings while her fuckwad parents worked on more kids. I would not be surprised if part of her was actually afraid to get married lest she be in poverty with a zillion kids again. SW has nice eyes and he's not a balding slug like the Duggar boys. The shirt doesn't surprise me. I'm not going to be marrying him so who cares what he wears, as long as he's not forcing his icky beliefs on me.
  11. She's 31, and I think it's pretty clear that a lot of people do care.
  12. But Bill was Head Boy, became a Curse-Breaker for Gringotts, and had long hair and an earring. Duggars say "nope!" Topic: Jim Bob looks happy holding Fern. I do think he loves his children and grandchildren. Not so sure Mullet does.
  13. If in fact JD and SW are in a serious relationship, I wish they'd just GET ON WITH IT so we can snark the dress, wedding, food, decorations, and everything else.
  14. I had a great-aunt Fernetta (seriously), probably born in the 1910s. She was married to one of my great-grandfather's younger twin brothers. Please don't ever let any Duggar name a kid Fleur. I can see them rhyming it with sewer. It's probably a moot point anyway -- if they had any inkling that Fleur is the name of a Harry Potter character, they'd nix it faster than you can say "veela."
  15. Maybe Ben and Jessa are secret Charlotte's Web fans. In the book, Henry Fussy is Fern's friend. If the Seewalds ever have a Wilbur or Templeton, we'll know for sure.
  16. There are a lot of people who can't handle blood or pain. It doesn't mean any of them is useless. Topic: Does Fern Fern Fern (to everything there is a season) have Jessa's lips, or is it just my imagination?
  17. FFS, if they wanted a plant name, why not LILY? Fern just reminds me of the kid in Charlotte's Web. Which was published in 1952.
  18. I can't imagine any county or municipality hiring Kiefer Tim to do plowing. They want actual companies with, you know, insurance and bonding and stuff. And good equipment that won't break down when it's needed. I wonder if the Rodriguii run on Duggar time.
  19. People never does, but that's beside the point -- it did in fact have an article. I didn't look for it, either. It was on Yahoo's home page.
  20. Johannah Faith. People had an article up an hour after the video/announcement was posted.
  21. I think the LinkedIn is very old. Look at the photo. I'm pretty sure it was written and posted around the time the Smuggars were married, which was also around the time the series started. That would have been around the time being a "reality" star became Smuggar's full-time job.
  22. It doesn't read like a thirteen-year-old wrote it, to me anyway. It reads more like something from a young adult (or a very immature person like...Hilary Spivey or your average Duggar-humper). When I was thirteen, I had crushes on musicians. Not somebody who isn't cute and has zero accomplishments besides "my parents had too many kids and I'm one of them." It's kind of sad, if in fact a young teenager did write the ode to Jason.
  23. Whoever wrote this needs to get a freaking life.
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