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  1. Enty is so FOS, it's not even funny. He must have run out of Q-quality lies to post about Meghan Markle when he wrote that Smuggar blind. Topic: Wasn't Hannah W allegedly rumored to be in a possible courtship with Jeremiah Duggar? Or is that another W?
  2. When I lived in South Carolina, the local paper had engagement announcements on the day of the wedding, followed a week later by the wedding announcement. They usually covered the couple's birthplace, education, jobs or careers if any, and allllll their family info. The wedding announcement would list all of the above, names of anybody who was in the wedding, the officiant, the smallest details about what everybody wore, reception details, honeymoon info*, and where the couple intended to live afterward. (*Always Hilton Head for those who fancied themselves well-off, Myrtle Beach for the
  3. If there is, good for the Duggar boys. They can get some attention, some decent food, and time away from the TTH chaos. Maybe it'll dawn on them that the way to all those things is to not have 1000 kids and sit around waiting for Daddy to shell out their allowance.
  4. As long as we don't get David or any other fundie reenacting the "this is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun" scene.
  5. I wanted to say it was a reach around but decided to be a nicer Heathen. 😆
  6. My first thought was that Nathan has quite the beak. Second thought was that his beard can't hide how homely he is.
  7. Claire's not a teenager. Most of my first cousins had their first kids in their twenties.
  8. Better to look younger than your age than to look years older like your brother who is actually not much older than you are.
  9. The Bateseses are no more than fundie Kartrashians. I wish they'd crawl back into their hole and leave the civilized world alone. My guess is Josie is attention whoring about her baby's health. "Exceedingly rare blood condition, unlike anything the doctors had seen before," uh huh.
  10. Her sugar daddy boss! /s I found Sam about as annoying and forced as Abby.
  11. That source is about as reputable as Jim Bob and Mullet themselves.
  12. I've been fostering cats and kittens for seven years. There is no reason a vet can't do a full spay even at two pounds, and none of my kittens spayed at eight weeks old have had any issues. Cats can get pregnant at four months old -- waiting until five or six months to spay means a high chance of bonus kittens, not to mention the stress and discomfort of going through a heat cycle. It's immoral to do that when there is an alternative, IMO. Topic: I wonder if Jill realizes how much she missed out on during her chaotic sister-mom childhood. Does she realize she could have been an actual ki
  13. If vets in Arkansas are anything like they are here, they may still be backed up because of the pandemic. I'm in cat rescue, and it's still a struggle to get a sneuter appointment. With my last foster kittens, I had to wait two months for their appointment; they were four months by the time they had their surgeries. (Some vets still won't spay or neuter dogs until six months or older, cats until four months or older. I don't get it. That's how you get bonus puppies and kittens.) Topic: Good for the Dillards for doing what's right for Fenna. It sounds like they may actually take pro
  14. Hell, if Nurie hadn't snared ANNA DUGGAR'S BROTHER, I doubt she would have been allowed to leave, either.
  15. Yes, they named the miscarriage Jubilee.
  16. It wasn't so much his lack of a significant other. It was more the hurt look on his face when Kem left. I wish that Carter, who had so much hurt throughout his life, had gotten a break. It's true that the opening of his foundation should have been a happy ending were it not named after his stillborn son. Call that a bittersweet ending.
  17. I hated the series ending because Carter didn't get a happy ending. Of all the characters, I think he most deserved to be happy and have a normal life.
  18. There couldn't have been that much paperwork or office chores to do for that tiny business, especially considering how much time Smuggar and Ofsmuggar spent traveling to New York (gender reveal for TV), filming, and other family nonsense. Ofsmuggar went to the car lot to be with Smuggar and not be alone at home. Topic: I don't blame Abbie for wearing a light shirt under that dress. The dress looks like thin material, and it might be clingy. And I'm certainly no fundie, so it's not a modesty issue as much as personal discomfort with showing my body. Also topic: So when is John due?
  19. He did have chemistry with Debbie the ICRC worker in Africa. "Everybody likes the DIxie Chicks." That pairing would have made sense, and she even looked like his past type.
  20. Not all Amish people have the same beliefs, any more than all (other) Christians or Jews or Muslims do. We shouldn't describe any religious group as if they're all the same.
  21. Ewww. Then he'd be stepfather to his own grandchildren. His children (the batch with Ofsmuggar) would be half-siblings to their nieces and nephews, Smuggar's kids. It would be like the Habsburgs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_II_of_Spain
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