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  1. I think if Josh had been raised in a normal environment, there is a chance, however slight, that he might not have acted on his pedophilic urges. When he was first arrested, I read an article that I posted here that discussed pedophiles who don't act on those urges because they know it's wrong. Any chance Smuggar had to be like that kind of pedophile was ruined by his parents and his upbringing. It's kind of all a moot point now because he is what he is -- a pedophile who will end up serving hard prison time for CSA. And seven kids who will always be known as the children of the pedophil
  2. I think Jill would. Jessa and Joy would not.
  3. I remember Boxcar Children in kindergarten. Even if Jill just lets the boys choose books based on the cover, it's still major progress for a Duggar! Duggars in a library when they're not being paid for it! Duggar grandkids who are already learning about the joys of reading and libraries! **swoons**
  4. He's four next month. It's still very good for his age and far beyond what I'd expect of a Duggar grandkid. I give Jill bonus points for having the kids wear masks. I was at the library yesterday (my power was out for a few hours) and last Friday (usual weekly trip), and I saw NO kids wearing masks. They are not old enough to be vaccinated. My county is still a hotspot. So is Arkansas.
  5. And because Jill is jumping up and down next to him, pointing at his jug head, and stage-whispering, "Pick him! Pick him!"
  6. Way too easy to judge. And hindsight is 20/20.
  7. It's hard AF to leave what you know even if you have an education, support, and a way out. Smuggar had none of them. He also had religious teaching that said birth control was a sin. It's way too easy for us as outsiders to say he should have done this or that.
  8. Their employment of the word "college" doesn't fit any other common usage. It's disingenuous to pretend they mean anything other than an institute of higher learning. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/college
  9. Both. I think some of it is innate. Some of it falls back on his rotten, shit-for-brains parents and their stupid religion. I agree he wouldn't have had seven kids if he had a real choice. (Before anyone says it, it's hard AF to leave what you know even if you have an education, support, and a way out. Smuggar had none of them.) Smuggar was visibly disappointed when Ofsmuggar announced M3, and he's basically looked checked out each announcement since then.
  10. There's a possibility we haven't considered. What did the Rodriguiis' pastor look like at the time Timmy was conceived? *ducks*
  11. I'm in that handbasket right next to you. I hope the kid doesn't look like either of its parents (or grandparents for that matter).
  12. His hair looks orangey to me, especially in that last photo @GeeGolly posted.
  13. That is a possibility. Sun-In for the win! I bet Jilly has some stashed from 1988.
  14. Did she stuff a balloon under her dress? I'm inclined to think Timmy's hair is natural, but that fact does not take away from the related fact that he is one odd-looking person, like most of the Rodriguii.
  15. There's a lot to read here. 1. Why would you join an "overpriced Bible study" when there are free Bible studies everywhere? 2. Three hours a week is an "extremely inexpensive Bible college"? Sounds like...an overpriced Bible study and ripoff to me. 3. Who wrote this for her? I can't imagine her accurately using the word "chronologically," let alone being able to spell it. 4. Drinking from a fire hose does not sound like fun. 5. How much did Laura get paid for this crap?
  16. No, they're not -- at least not as far as the over-15s are concerned. https://publicsafety.ohio.gov/static/HSY7742.pdf
  17. That seat belt isn't going to do his ARM much good in a crash. These people, I swear. Also, Kiefer Tim's hair is yellow.
  18. They still appear to actually enjoy their children, and they do more than sit around and wait for something to happen. That's a definite bonus.
  19. How long until Tori and Randy Travis are pregnant again? I say eight months. Interesting that she appears to have on professionally done makeup for a post-birth photo.
  20. And who would that be? Some random person plucked from the voter rolls? Jim Bob and Smuggar don't have any "normal, 'worldly' non-parents" friends.
  21. David is certainly less homely than his brother Nathan. David has the same nose as Anna.
  22. Holy crap. I googled "Hannah Reber David Keller." She looks like she's going for the Kardashians look. As in two Kardashians' worth of makeup at a time. So much for modesty.
  23. The fundies need to come up with a better variety of names, too. It feels like the 2000s when every family of multiples seemed to have an Alexis and a Joel, plus maybe another name or two in common. Not that we should expect fundies to have any sense of originality.
  24. It is. I remember because any Esther immediately becomes Esther the Molester for me.
  25. Derick is thin like his mother. His protein intake likely has little to do with it.
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