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  1. This is exactly why I hate how Audrey refers to Jeremy as “farmer”. He is not and never has been a farmer!!! All he did was help with pumpkins once a year. That kid is far from a farmer !! Stop calling him that! They all live in a fantasy land. They want to live on a “farm” or be called “farmers” without doing any actual work
  2. Could not agree more with your last paragraph. Kate is my favorite but her last season was awful. And i cannot stand Malia and Capt Sandy—i can’t believe they are bringing them back for another season, it makes me not want to watch at all! Agree that Daisy is the best chief stew since Kate, i would like to see her come back. Sandy needs to go already!!!!
  3. I actually really liked this season! I loved everyone on board except Alli. I hated the first season, could not stand Georgia and that other drama queen stew. I much prefer these shows when they actually cast crew that know what they’re doing. I hate when they hire inexperienced crew just for the drama. It was great that Natasha admitted she was wrong in the end. Of course i could’ve done without all the make out scenes with Dani and JL and i loved Sydney being totally insane! She’s crazy and I’m here for it
  4. You guys are right. It is disrespectful to purposely mispronounce someone’s given name. My apologies, i was having a rough day.
  5. I like this show a lot, not as much as spring and holiday baking championship, but I’ll take when those shows are not on. I don’t mind Jason, i think he comes across as very knowledgeable. I like Carla, but not this season in this show, i agree that her theatrics are ruining it. Although I’ll say i do like her better than Marcela Valladollid. Gesine is of course very knowledgeable and i enjoyed her baking show, however some of her comments on here are just too much, it’s like calm down already. I like the regional dessert idea but agree some are just stupid, boring or strange. I thought jello
  6. Gosh, so much to comment in this episode. This Dr should be ashamed of himself, offering these discounts or free plastic surgery or whatever they get. Jade is gonna look exactly the same or worse after this. And to not even meet the dr until the day of the surgery? Omg, she is crazy. And she said her, Sean and Kloie flew to Miami together, could u imagine being on that plane? Ooof. Also why bring Kloie?? U want her to see you in extreme pain? Why is she bringing the whole family? I’m sure the mom offered so she could get her hands on Jades painkillers
  7. I’m sorry but are we supposed to pronounce his name “devoouuwwn”? Um, no. I would refuse and just say the way Brianna does. Surgical nurse??? Um, no way i believe that. Surgical Tech, maybe and that’s a strong maybe. I’m pretty sure she’s like a CNA right now.
  8. I really enjoyed this show because I’m really into furniture design and building. I know the show is called “designer” but i thought that it was interesting that Arielle was the only designer who really only designed pieces and then contracted others to actually build the components, whereas almost all the other contestants designed AND built their pieces.
  9. I absolutely love these shows and I’m so glad it’s back just because i really love watching these incredibly talented people. However, can Erica please go home next? I just can’t with her.
  10. Is there not a these for the latest episode? I want to talk about what a b**ch Myrkas mother is.
  11. Inga

    S09E12: Light the Way

    I just saw on an Instagram called Javis lips (just to give credit) that they call Cheyenne’s sister the “Walmart Amber Rose”. i am dead
  12. Inga

    S09E12: Light the Way

    I’m sorry but all 3 of Mackenzies kids are going to to be f**ked up. Broncs definitely has something wrong with him. He looks like he’s on drugs. And were those fillings on all those teeth????? He’s 4!!! Do your job as a parent and make sure that kid brushes his teeth twice a day! That is child abuse. Since the dad is all “he’s a kid, he’ll grow out of it” is that why he doesn’t care about he kids teeth? Cause he’ll grow out of them??? Mackenzie wasn’t joking about not being able to give him any attention—right down to his teeth. I’m sorry but she should be embarrassed by those.
  13. I eat 3 eggs on my 2 days off a week so i don’t think 5 eggs is that crazy, especially for a muscle meathead like that guy. If i were Daisy, i would have told Natasha to bring the eggs up herself if she thought they were over easy. And even the scrambled eggs looked disgusting, way too soft, barely cooked, i wouldn’t have eaten those. And why didn’t daisy just straight up say, “the guests said the portions were too big” or tell Natasha to ask them herself if she didn’t think so. I want to like Natasha but she is terrible
  14. Holy crap, what a great episode because of Leah!!! Something must’ve happened because we haven’t seen or heard Leah be like this before and it is so awesome. I bawled my eyes out when Kristina gave her that gift. Kristina has to walk a fine line too because you don’t want to be like, look at me, I’m so much better than your birth mom, but i think Kristina knows how important it is to make sure Leah knows that she is special and loved. And that phone call with Shawn! Omg so good! I was surprised that he did not take her side at all and she was pissed!! I wish we could see Amber as she watches
  15. Wow! Leah telling it like it is !!! She knows exactly what is up! She straight up said, when i go there, she just sleeps all day!!! Amber is so delusional. She just kept repeating, I’m a good mom, over and over again? Like is she trying to convince herself? When she says stuff like that, why isn’t anyone saying , if you’re such a good mom, why don’t you have custody of either of your kids??? All these people around her just appeasing her, like Gary and that therapist, aren’t doing her any favors. Why can’t anyone really call her out on anything? Like ask her what has she actually done fo
  16. Lolo is the absolute worst! I’ve hated her ever since she was on that Challenge special and told everyone that she should win because her charity was more important than their charities. Poor Nam! I bet he would be having any problems with any other partner. I hope she doesn’t get in the final.
  17. I’m sorry but Christina looks like she gained 30 pounds since last season. and Catelynn with the “it’s my time” stuff, omg! I don’t understand they want more kids???
  18. I’m pretty sure I saw Micah storming the Capital the other day
  19. Sorry Gobi, i don’t know why this keeps quoting u!
  20. Um, no she ordered scallops. The waiter repeated her. And when the dish was brought out, we saw it, and the waiter said here are your scallops ! p.s. i know ur joking, i was just completely baffled by her ordering scallops, dammit!
  21. Ok, I’m confused. Natalie does know that SCALLOPS are living creatures right???? How could she say that stuff to him when she ordered SCALLOPS!!! And why didn’t he say that to her??? I’m thinking because he thinks scallops are a vegetable??? What a hypocrite!!!
  22. I missed the update about the previous girls? When was that on??
  23. Put the Jim Beam in the eggnog. Duh.
  24. How do i like this 1000 times?
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