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  1. I had the same thought about April. She still looks pretty rough and older for her age, but i think she actually seemed sober? Poor Nick, doesn’t stand a chance. Rewatching those Catelynn and Tyler 16 and pregnant scenes are just heartbreaking. They were soooooo young! And just trying to do the right thing, it’s really sad watching those scenes. On a petty note— i can’t stand the blue paint that is all over Catelynn and Tyler’s house .
  2. Oh that’s why i hate him. He was so awful on that show i can’t believe he still gets television work.
  3. Cannot stand Zac Young. He needs to go away and never be on another show. This show is my least favorite or the holiday baking championships because of the judges. I’m rooting for Ashley, she definitely seems like the underdog and i like her. I also can’t stand when they give the contestants crappy ingredients like black garlic while everyone else has decent ingredients, it’s so unfair.
  4. Leah throwing down the hammer!! And she calls her “Amber”…damn. I’m so glad Leah brought up the videos about Christina and the fact that nobody says anything to Amber about them. Leah is pretty amazing, i really hope she does something with her future
  5. Definitely when Christina gave her that necklace and cried “your like my own daughter”, that combined with the fact that Leah doesn’t want to come over and lie in bed with her all day
  6. Exactly!!! between the 2 of them they have spent at least 20 k on tattoos, cars, a pool, horses and animals, rehab vacations!! why not just do the gender selection! Now they will just have another girl to ignore and be annoyed with and compare to Carly. I thought the same thing. Those 2 are just so sad and pathetic, can’t admit that their son is a druggie loser. I thought the same thing. Those 2 are just so sad and pathetic, can’t admit that their son is a druggie loser.
  7. Amber—this is why Leah doesn’t want to be near you!! The sh*t u say about Christina!! Wake up! looks like Catelynn got some new tattoos—money well spent. They really should’ve spent the $20,000 on the gender selection if they wanted a boy so badly.
  8. 100% agree with everything in this post. Ramona is just a disgusting person and needs to go the way of Kelly Dodd. I was so embarrassed by Ramona in this episode. She is the most rude and ignorant person and should be completely ashamed of herself but of course she wouldn’t even know why. Someone needs to sit her down, tape her mouth shut and explain why the BLM movement exists. She is the definition of “all lives matter”. She just doesn’t get it and never will and never wants to for that matter. Eboni is not ruining this show. It’s because she is on the show and is black and these ignorant wo
  9. I could not stand Mykayla on Survivor! And i had suffer through her twice, so when i saw her in here i was so annoyed. Although it did seem like she’s matured a lot, I’m glad she’s gone. i don’t dislike Michele, other than her voice and the way she talks (i can say that, I’m from NJ too) but I’m interested to see how she does with Devin. I love Aneesa, but I see once again she has done nothing to get herself in shape to be taken to the end. History will repeat itself this season. i can’t stand Amanda, so she is perfect for Fessy. When Ed was coming in, i thought it might be Wes…
  10. Inga

    S10.E27: Cut Out

    Omg this scene was so cringe!! I don’t think that lady even spoke English. And she was looking at Leah, like, why are you talking to me??
  11. Agreed, i thought Stevens apartment was pretty cool. I guess he’s an artist? If so, he’s pretty talented
  12. If you google Forever 21 retro billowy surplice dress, you’ll see it. $27.90.
  13. It was kind of retro looking, blue and orange, graphic pattern. Long wrap dress. I actually really like it, but doesn’t fit me well ☹️
  14. Holy crap, is this getting off to bad start! Loved seeing Sandy squirm but that whole situation really did suck. I felt bad for all of them. That chef had absolutely no idea what he was doing. That provision order! Omg! Did u see all the fruit he ordered? I mean trays and trays of fruit, berries and there was an entire tray of fresh figs! They go bad in like 1 day! Ugh, i just felt bad for him because clearly he couldn’t handle it and just wanted out in any way, he took the knee pain and just ran with it. You could tell he was fighting back tears the minute he saw that provision order. He kne
  15. This is Sandy’s way of covering her ass when she isn’t asked back next season. I think her and Malia were already contracted to do this season. But Sandy knows with all the hate, this is her last season. So, now she’s gonna say she was planning on retiring —-and that’s why she’s not doing the next season. And yes, Malias ultimate goal is to become a captain, but she’ll do this show for the money and fame.
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