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  1. I'm thinking Drew (who I really like) but I'd be happy with either one. I have a soft spot for Daniel and his amazing hair.
  2. I *loved* the blush Lazaro. Absolutely beautiful.
  3. I felt like crying when they asked Stephanie if she still loved the dress and she softly said no. That mother was an absolute C-U-Next Tuesday, and I don't use that word lightly. What a horrible, horrible person.
  4. I have an irrational dislike for The Kid. He seems extremely arrogant, and I can't get over how he looks like the surviving Boston Marathon bomber.
  5. I think the poster is talking about Nicole's dad, not Kalani's dad. Same beard though.
  6. ... What happened to Ben? A past contestant named Ben lost both of his parents shortly afterward in a murder-suicide but I haven't seen anything about the Ben currently on the show.
  7. Poor Laura. Jana is so pretty and Laura sitting beside her looks so, so plain and homely.
  8. No, same episode aired again. They didn't film more than one.
  9. I really hope this becomes a series. I love Thorgy and Juju, and this combines two of my favourite things: drag queens and weddings. However, I *hated* the red dress they gave the bride to wear for her rehearsal dinner. It looked awful on her.
  10. Why was Garrett wearing a onesie that said "Little Brother." I get hand me downs but dude.
  11. We didn't lose him; he was up on the balcony. His name is Reid; Tal went home today. They look pretty similar though!
  12. Hey Dimitri, salmon aren't plants! Don't be one of those uppity vegetarians and make the rest of us look bad, especially when you then order fish.
  13. I've seen some ugly, ugly dresses on this show but Tracy's was legit awful. I thought she was wearing a towel for a second. And girl, take some oil blotting papers to your face!
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