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  1. They may not want to give him much attention after the fatal car crash he was involved in and got probation for: https://globalnews.ca/news/5819227/chris-soules-2-years-probation-for-fatal-hit-and-run-crash/ I barely recognized Jordan this week; he looked like Jojo's other contestant Chase when on Zoom. Did he gain a bunch of weight in his face?
  2. Ed viscerally continues to disgust me. No one needed to hear his thoughts on being the same height while horizontal, or that his inches are where it matters. *shudder*
  3. Yep, it's "cat-OH-licah" (basically, it's hard to write out)
  4. Dahlia was kicked off this episode, not Brita 🙂 .
  5. I want this show to come back now. I could use a good dose of drag queens and dance mom drama.
  6. Banshee is my least favourite; she's trying way too hard to be weird and it's just coming off as dumb.
  7. Dear god the female winner this week was obnoxious.
  8. The Cuban couple in Las Vegas: two kitchen islands is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. It looks like a grocery story, just like Jonathan said.
  9. Wow I (probably irrationally) hate The Banshee. She's just annoying.
  10. I'm excited to see Jessie! I've been watching ANW for years.
  11. Dear lord that female boxer was awful. I know The Rock didn't choose her personally but man, that's just embarrassing how bad she was.
  12. I still hate Mijune. The show would be so much better without her perpetual bitch face.
  13. What has Brooke done to her face? Sad to see her go the Botox over-plasticky route.
  14. Loooove this show but I did not like Corinne at all. She sounded perpetually as if her nose was plugged, and she kept tipping her head back, squinting her eyes shut and looking down her nose for some reason. It just looked completely put on during the dress shopping scene to make herself look more awkward, since she didn't do it during the wedding. I wasn't a big fan of Alexis on Drag Race but I'm enjoying her on this show. Thorgy and Juju are still my favourite though.
  15. It was apparently filmed in the fall of 2019. Everything in the local papers (Vancouverite here) says they gave her the house outright. Michael and the brothers grew up together in the same neighbourhood and his sister is still friends with them.
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