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  1. I do not care about Sandy Zimmerman. I was hoping she would fall for her entire run. I'd be more impressed by her being the "first mom up the wall" if her children were toddlers.
  2. No, she's an overhyped food blogger.
  3. Thank god. As soon as Jeremy and then Andrew left I wanted it to be Christopher so I'm glad he won. Bu really as long as it wasn't Thea I'm happy.
  4. TLC isn't even translating correctly. At the end when they transcribed Roberta as saying "missing me?", she actually used a word that has no meaning in English. It roughly means a yearning for a happiness that has passed, or perhaps never even existed. So technically I guess it could be about him missing her, but not really. /Portuguese translation
  5. When I think Brazilian bombshell I think women like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio. Definitely not Roberta and her back rolls and braces.
  6. I continue to hate Mijune. Stop trying to make her happen!
  7. Your episodes are an hour? They're two hours for me, but half an hour is a recap.
  8. Roberta is... not a Brazilian bombshell.
  9. Or she just got breast implants and gained a bunch of weight.
  10. Ordinarily I'd be incensed by how Mike treated Natalie but I hate her so much I'm enjoying watching her be tormented. I am fully aware of how horrible of a person that makes me.
  11. Jamie has quite the resting bitch face. She looks sour all the time. I'm pretty sure Kim is a lost Kardashian/Jenner.
  12. Oh good, I already can't stand Mary Lou and Cody. Good to know I can still hate people within seconds, even during a pandemic.
  13. My least favourite character. Actually, the only character I really dislike and wish he wasn't part of the show.
  14. I nearly didn't recognize Hazel; she's definitely put on some weight. Dean's fiancee also looked pretty ... unattractive in those photos; neither brother is marrying a pretty woman. Still hate Natalie. I doubt that will change this season.
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