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  1. Oh good, I already can't stand Mary Lou and Cody. Good to know I can still hate people within seconds, even during a pandemic.
  2. My least favourite character. Actually, the only character I really dislike and wish he wasn't part of the show.
  3. I nearly didn't recognize Hazel; she's definitely put on some weight. Dean's fiancee also looked pretty ... unattractive in those photos; neither brother is marrying a pretty woman. Still hate Natalie. I doubt that will change this season.
  4. Considering how much I hated Roland, I'm not at all upset we didn't see him after the wedding.
  5. Not a fan of the winner of either season but especially season 2. I didn't like a single thing she did all season.
  6. Still want to slap Yolanda up her stupid gullible head.
  7. I enjoy when the Towers of Powers fall. I can't stand their bro-tastic douchiness.
  8. I am obsessed with that Lazaro. It's absolutely amazing.
  9. I irrationally dislike Sandy Zimmerman (the first mom up the Warped Wall). No one ever announced who the first dad was up the Warped Wall and I don't particularly care about the first mom.
  10. Badly is a completely normal word; means the same as "poorly".
  11. I really don't like the detachable skirts that have been featured a lot lately; if they went all the way around maybe but the ones that go from the hips backwards just look like some sort of bizarre showgirl costume.
  12. Why am I crying over Kenny and Armando's proposal? Because I am.
  13. Is Jason the last one? It looks like they're playing Ben again today.
  14. Perhaps irrational but I hate that they call Will Country Strong. My familiarity with _____ Strong is Boston Strong and Vegas Strong, both coming up in the wake of acts of extreme violence. So calling him Country Strong drives me crazy.
  15. I wanted Josh to win, just for Vinny the Frenchie. I rewound multiple times to see the pup.
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