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  1. Didn't they end up buying a $900,000 house? Kody should have given up and when it was time to move out brought them to a motel...that's a rental, no? And he should stop "freaking out MY kids".
  2. There are so many simple answers to this "problem" That's 60 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
  3. So all these years the Browns have been claiming that the Warren Jeffs version of polygamy is an anomaly...not representative of real polygamists. Then he (and shockingly his WIVES) trot out Kyle Henderson, who viciously beat his wife, while making their children watch. And this asshole (Kyle, in this instance) says when asked about plural marriage, "Is there any other kind?". My sister watched the interview his wife gave and it was horrible, the treatment she received. Apparently, there was a trial and Kody came in as a character witness for Kyle. Honest to God, no one deserves to be treated like that. I'm sickened to my core.
  4. luvmylabs


    You are probably correct.
  5. luvmylabs


    I just read that this couple will not be appearing in any episodes because of Tony's bank job. Kody, "I mean when you're on a reality TV show, and you're trying to work at a bank it becomes extremely awkward. They try to distance themselves so they can have their own private lives.". Then the author of the article claims that Tony's job sounds " very high level and prestigious". Somehow I doubt that.
  6. Carolina's wedding, especially her gown and dance with hubby, was a recreation of Beauty and the Beast. Get she saw the video of movie.
  7. I agree. Kids have nothing to lose and lots to gain by hounding you and hounding you for something. The trick is to stand firm even when totally exhausted until they get the idea that your no means no!
  8. I hope this is the right place to post this. If you are interested in odd lifestyles like polygamy or the Amish, check out Gloriavale on Prime. It's about a strange group ( some might say cult) in New Zealand. There are just 3 episodes but her interesting!
  9. My sister and I were thinking of driving to Flagstaff to see if there's been any action at the Coyote Pass property.
  10. luvmylabs

    S01.E04: Rose390

    Well, I like this show even though hubby doesn't...creepy enough to keep me coming back. I guess the 4 girls are a little much with their bickering, but I can see it happening. But Grandma! Just buy those kids anything so she doesn't have to interact with them. Are there really things like that out there? I'm way behind the times when it comes to technology.
  11. I actually thought this was a cute episode. But I thought Jessa resembled a cone-head with that cap in the chocolate making sequence. Si and Lauren are a little too much for me.
  12. Let me clarify my point. Though I would not choose to share pictures of a deceased child on the internet, I cannot fault those who might do so. But I wonder if Joy and Austin even realized they had a CHOICE to do this or not do it. I think they have been conditioned to think their lives are open books and they have no need for privacy, which I think we all are entitled to if we want it.
  13. I understand it is now fairly common for couples who have lost a child to have some photographs taken, whether by a loved one or a professional. I don't really have a problem with it as it was very common in Victorian times to take photos of dead children or loved ones. You can google some of the pictures. BUT, I do have a problem with posting them for the world to see. I can only imagine because this grief stricken young couple has lived most of their lives in the spotlight (Joy especially), that it never occurred to them to do anything else. That strikes me as very sad. Also, since we are on the topic, there are several organizations that make burial clothing for children who did not survive birth, or died soon afterward. You can donate your wedding gown and they make the tiny outfits from these donated gowns. They are quite beautiful. The seamstresses volunteer their time. I just sent my wedding gown to Sew Sweet Angel Gowns in Phoenix. They are on the web. There are other groups as well, though some are not accepting gowns right now. I cannot think of a better use for my old gown. A friend whose child lived only a few hours was comforted by the baby dress given to her.
  14. I hate those things on the baby's head. They look like an old dish rag tied in a bow...Olive green? At least make it pink or white! My daughter used to put those big bows and huge flowers on my granddaughters when they were infants. I told her they looked like cabbages on the girl's heads. Obviously she disagreed but at least they were pretty. Old fashioned lady here.
  15. Yeah, no social media in my day. I prefer privacy. Once something is out there it's out there forever.
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