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  1. I love the Kraft singles commercial with the guy singing, "It's time for grilled cheese. It's time for grille cheese" as he cooks his sandwich.
  2. OMG! I was watching a program called Log Cabin Living andthe woman who was searching for a cabin in Vermont sounded exactly like Michelle. Her name was Shelley. The woman has a doppelganger!
  3. Hubby and I are yelling at the TV, "Some of these guys should be fired!!" Fingers crossed.
  4. These things would make me happy. Get rid of LaCroix's father and his wife. Bring back his in laws and Clinton Skye. Sarah can stay (for a while). Just my opinion.
  5. Bravo Jill. Ok she is not wearing a bikini, but compared to what she wore under her parent's roof, this is progress. Nothing wrong with modest swim wear especially if you are packing a few extra pounds! She looks genuinely happy.
  6. Any word on whether Anna and kids visited him? I would think TMZ or some other media would be parked nearby. Or is the view of the house not accessible from the road?
  7. We set up a revocable living trust for our kids. It was pretty easy. We updated our wills. A recent death in the family made me realize that a trust was the way to go. FYI
  8. I give kudos to Jill for walking away from her family ( to some extent). It can't have been easy. I don't agree with Derrick about so many things but he was right to see that they were just players in JBs game. When you consider how she was raised I think she has made enormous progress. Imagine being told you can't return to your old family home without permission ( and probably without your husband). Now Derrick is studying for a real job and her kids will go to public school. That is progress for someone raised in a cult.
  9. What the hell is wrong with Robyn's neck? Even my husband remarked on it.
  10. I think, though it was poorly written, that the vows meant that without Christ I would naturally focus on my own needs first but with Christ I will become your humble servant. At least that is my take on it.
  11. Herriot wrote that Seigfried always proclaimed quite loudly that he never understood why people kept dogs as pets, yet he had 5 himself. And later on Herriot was often accompanied on rounds by a dog of his own. Some of the descriptions of the household dogs were so charming and funny. I cannot like this version very much. I preferred the older series, which followed the books more closely and did a much better job with the character of Seigfried.
  12. And while I'm here I also hate the "gush" commercials. Enough already! My hubby winces every time they come on.
  13. I hate the Progessive commercial with the kids opening Christmas gifts. I HATE it. I HATE it!
  14. I miss old Mandy too...she was my favorite Baxter. Our tv station didn't carry the first episode, which annoyed me so much. Almost didn't recognize Ryan without the face hair.
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