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  1. I hope they do and it's someone kind of hot, and actually British--not an American faking it. Ewan MacGregor? He can handle the swordplay...assuming lightsaber training is transferable.
  2. My weekend pattern is to watch an episode with breakfast, do some chore like clean the litter boxes, watch another episode, run an errand, watch another episode, rinse, lather, repeat. It helps me get through housework that would otherwise be overwhelming by breaking it into segments and providing a reward. Weeknights I might watch 2 or 3 episodes while doing stuff online. I will marathon shows I've already seen and new ones. The new ones are almost always short run British shows although, as I think I said above, I will also save up the last few episodes before a series finale in order to
  3. There will, one day, be lemon-soaked paper napkins. </Doug Adams> "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow", while having few actual practical uses in my everyday life, has nonetheless entered my vocabulary. Often in combination with "flux capacitor" and phlebotinum. Why mix metaphors when you can mix metaphors and media.
  4. When they were doing the Revisited specials last year, I found some of the selected episodes watchable only because of my great fondness/nostalgia for Doctors 4-8. TV technology has evolved, the style of acting has changed, story pacing has changed, genre expectations have changed, and so on. My patience just wasn't strong enough to sit through some of it. And yet I do love them all...I think they're better on Big Finish and in my head, though.
  5. It's summer, there's nothing on, so I'll be binge-ing on things I've saved up or gathered for the drought. I also do this for long holidays when TIIC assume no one will watch TV. This weekend, I'll be marathoning DaVinci's Demons. Depending on how that goes (the female:male ratio of nudity is infuriating. Also, the plot is craziness), I'll either switch to The Borgias to search for that one tiny bit of scenery Jeremy Irons left unchewed and to enjoy my new sweetie, Cardinal Sforza, and new second runner up sweetie, Machiavelli, or I'll try Thick of It. I think I also have the second half of Ma
  6. Hey, @Wax Lion! I loved Wonderfalls. Truly a show gone before its time. It did annoy me no end that they acted like Canada didn't exist, but it was such fun to see places I know well and a genuine WNYer like Bill Sadler on my screen every week. Sorry, that was totally off-topic...
  7. The moron is not much younger than I am and I know aspirin is a painkiller, even though I use ibuprofen. Bayer is fighting its own marketing--they're the ones who have eclipsed their own product's original purpose with blanketing the ad-scape with "aspirin regimen" for heart attack. There's another product doing the same sort of thing...but I've spaced on it. Basically--the manufacturer is the one who introduced a variation and is now all "oh, look we also do this totally rad thing that we used to talk about all the time" like it's new. Does anyone know what I'm talking abuot ('cuz I apparentl
  8. Thanks, @harrie! I picked up a can of that, some orange extract (couldn't find orange oil), and concentrated orange plus cleaner. The last two are basically orange oil and alcohol. Once the rain stops and evening comes, I guess I'll find out if the orange plus works. That's the one I decided to try first. Tomorrow I can spray the house perimeter with horrible toxins...I cannot tolerate insect life in my house.
  9. Is it my imagination, or does the second entry in FTW always win now?
  10. Hans!!! Ich liebe dich*, Hansie. The rest of you: minds out of the gutter.
  11. Does anyone know of an effective, pet-safe ant killer to use indoors? Neither PetCo nor PetSmart has anything I can find, so I turn to the collective wisdom of my fellow posters. This year the ants are coming in around the cats' favorite napping window. In the past, they've come in by the kitchen sink or backdoor where I could spray and put traps away from curious felines but not this time. I've sprayed white vinegar on the sill because it's the only thing I have on hand other than the usual not-pet-safe spray.
  12. The confusion probably stems from the TWOP thread names and will clear up as memories of our long ago home fade. This thread on TWOP was Things I Actually Learned and what is Only on TV here was TV Lessons I've Learned.
  13. Noooo! That idiot on the plane who doesn't know aspirin is for aches and pains is back! Why isn't he on the no-fly-list for utter stupidity?
  14. It's true. He should've directed people to one of the many sites where you can find your rep and senators. Or, you know, Google. 8-)
  15. If you're Schumer's constituent, he is the guy to email. But as a resident of another state, I would need to email my Senators (Blumenthal and Murphy) and representative (DeLauro) to really have an effect.
  16. 666: Possession was good! Last night was one of the baffling outcomes. If the middle comic was saying such hilarious things that she outscored Maria Bamford, it would've been nice if they'd left her comments in. With what was shown, it didn't feel ike she deserved the spot more than Bamford. The guy was a shoe-in.
  17. Just saw my favorite Geico commercial, the Oldest Trick in the Book. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUpbS92WrLQ Madest thou look!
  18. I love those 2 together so very, very much. Another great Emmy moment was when they decided to give the award to Steve Carell because someone wasn't there...I'll see if I can find it. It was Gervais. How could I forget? Starting around the 3:30 mark And the next year, Gervais took it away from Carell in the audience.
  19. Unless Harold Finch shows up and shows them what a real computer genius looks like, I think I'm done. Maybe I'll give it another week. The characters just aren't holding my interest--I don't care if they eventually gel as a team or not since none of them matter to me as an individual. As others have said, the boss and the TI wife are more intersting to watch and the wife at least has a story that hasn't been told before on TV. Even the babysitting lawyer interested me more than the core trio.
  20. Hah, Armchair Critic! I was going to say Rona Barrett was the Perez Hilton of the '80s.
  21. The marionette horrors are in heavy rotation during the Daily Show, Colbert Report,@midnight block on Comedy Central making me long for the usual all-alcohol-all-the-time ads. Since I DVR the shows I've managed to avoid the worst, just glimpsing the puppet dad in a wifebeater. It makes me ashamed to have Direct TV.
  22. Jimmy Tatro had the best line: 5-7-5 Haiku in progress.
  23. Beena means that Sirius Cybernetics Corporation exists! Life. Don't talk to me about life.
  24. I love The Net! That and Jumpin' Jack Flash showed women using tech competently and helped me explain to family members this newfangled internet (not innerwebz because the web didn't exist yet). Also, Jeremy Northam! Jonathan Pryce! And finally, go UNIONS!
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