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  1. A lot of the discussion in Food Network Star--Food Network In The Media could go here, as well as discussion about the fate of Food Network.
  2. HyeChaps

    My Three Sons

    Hello. I just found this forum and read all seven pages this morning. I watched M3S in real time back in the day. In high school, I wrote my own episode, “Chip Gets Drafted”, for my classmates to perform in theatre class. This was probably 1972, before internet fanfiction.
  3. HyeChaps


    I have it on very good authority that Katy's due date is April 14. Don’t know how long she will keep working.
  4. HyeChaps


    I have it on very good authority that Monday MTP Daily will most likely be hosted by Steve Kornacki.
  5. My favorite Mannix is the one where he goes blind.
  6. HyeChaps

    The Kitchen

    I’m getting tired with hearing about Katie’s Grandpaw
  7. HyeChaps

    Buddy vs. Duff

    They were both on the Rachael Ray program Monday morning to publicize this and they were all palsy walsy.
  8. Ho hum with visiting restaurants.
  9. IMO, that Family Food program stunk. What a waste of Clinton Kelly.
  10. HyeChaps

    Worst Cooks In America

    IMO, these two just weren’t very good, hence the micromanaging by the mentors and the many criticisms by the judges. Brett would have been great!
  11. HyeChaps

    Worst Cooks In America

    Hey! They didn’t do a Cook for Your Loved Ones episode!
  12. HyeChaps

    Hardball With Chris Matthews

    Chris has written a book entitled “Hardball”. Anyone else in that time slot would have to have a different title.
  13. HyeChaps


    I just posted on Chris’ forum that I have it on very good authority that Chris was on a trip to New Zealand.
  14. HyeChaps

    Hardball With Chris Matthews

    I have it on very good authority that Chris was on a trip to New Zealand.
  15. HyeChaps

    S06.E08: He Said, She Said

    Of course Holt would be right in suspecting that the Disco Killer escaped.
  16. HyeChaps


    Thought for sure that when Lainey and CB were yelling at each other, face to face, there would be an awkward lusty moment. Just me?
  17. HyeChaps

    Kids Baking Championship

    I am surprised that Meadow was the only one who dyed coconut green for lettuce.
  18. HyeChaps

    Worst Cooks In America

    I agree. Brett wuz robbed. He would have been awesome in the finale.
  19. HyeChaps

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I do not ever want to hear about Today hosts’ sleeping practices with their partners. Ewww
  20. HyeChaps

    Kids Baking Championship

    Big polka dots on one side, small polka dots on the other side. Done.
  21. HyeChaps

    S16.E09: Music City USA

    I’m surprised they didn’t get a bigger star
  22. HyeChaps

    Food Network Star Alums

    So I woke up early this morning, Food Network was on the tv. There was an infomercial on for an electric cooker starting Justin Warner! And I had just yesterday seen an episode of Guy’s Ranch Kitchen where Justin was one of the guests. P.S. The clueless “host” of the infomercial was Adam Gertler.
  23. HyeChaps

    S06.E14: Major League'd

    Where was Schwartz's mother? She's one of Bev's friends.
  24. HyeChaps

    Worst Cooks In America

    Tyler always seemed to have a soft spot for Antoinette.