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  1. Absolutely. It is always easier to tell someone what to do than to work on one's self. Mamadrama thanks for the beautiful pictures. When I saw that she was in Bar Harbor earlier a few weeks ago I shared your horror of her and the crew invading our favorite places. Are we going to be treated to scenes of her eating lobster? Dipping her toe in the ocean? Shrieking at the view from Cadillac Mountain? I think that another reason for Glenn and Babs to not move downstairs is that it would be less likely that their monster of a daughter will barge in on them at any time and start ordering t
  2. That's true but I think some may be questioning the fairytale right about now. Perhaps if Pilgrim Media had waited, oh, I don't know, a year or two, after the Chase drama the whirlwind "romance" with the man from France might have seemed more believable.
  3. What is funny is that the man from her past was Chase because he (like the man in France) wasn't into her but the script writers are trying to lead us to believe that the man from her past was Avi. Why else would they set it up to have another of Avi's past girlfriends attend the totally fake "big girl retreat". This is ridiculous. It will be interesting to find out what her minions think of this stupid plot.
  4. I really wish someone had been there to remind Twit that last season (the weekend of the lake house get-away) she fell on the ground when walking off the patio. Buddy was the only one there but I am sure that Hunter or her parents must have seen the episode and known about it.
  5. Well, there was asking Todd to sleep in the same bed in NYC and cuddle with her and the video that she and Tal did while in her closet, naked, and under the influence of something. (Not on the show but somewhere on social media.) Was the iceberg that she french-kissed male?)
  6. Even if she had studied a different language in high school I would think that she would have been more adept at learning french. It is a change in mindset. And as someone else pointed out she has been to Paris, how could she not have learned a few words on her own? (Croissant doesn't count.) It is fairly remarkable that Babs could recall some of what she learned even longer ago. Hold on a moment, Todd has even spoken a few french phrases. I think Twit is truly a dolt and has managed to slide by in life. Colleena, not that I thought I was unique in that mismatching of languages but y
  7. Do we know if Twit studied any foreign language in high school? If it wasn't a requirement it is a terrible commentary on the american education system. When I was in high school we had short courses in Spanish, German, French and Russian to give us a taste of each language so we could choose which one to study more intensively. I chose French but I never became proficient. I had that unsettling experience of trying to speak French in Paris and receiving the answer back in English. So maybe that's why Twit was reluctant to try her newly acquired skill. A few years ago I decided to try to
  8. lightninggirl, I wanted to thank you for your detailed answer to my question a few days ago. I thought I had posted a reply, but then, Ida came along and took out the power for two days. I really appreciate all the time you took to post your well reasoned answer. It is so great to have so many professionals around here.
  9. I really appreciate your expertise on his native tongue when you hear his accent. Although I am curious about what you are seeing that supports his origins. Is it something about the clothing, body type, or what you can see about the part of his head that hasn't been obscured?
  10. But what's with Mika cry tweeting to Elise to get vaccinated WHEN SHE SAID THAT SHE AND HER HUSBAND HAD BEEN VACCINATED and that the course of their illness was less severe as a result.
  11. Apologies for dipping a toe down a rabbit hole while at the same time trying to stay on topic. And it involves Ivermectin (the drug used to deworm animals) and that magical elixir which I now consider to be a health drink - coffee and how they are related. Miraculously, I still have a friend who has exactly opposite political views from me and therefore gets her news about Covid-19 from friends who scour social media for alternate treatments and are also anti -vaccine. Last week she forwarded an article from a small newspaper that claimed a conspiracy to not administer Ivermectin du
  12. You left out the part about using religion as a reason (excuse) to not have much physical contact before marriage. It would explain the photo at the restaurant with his arms crossed while she clung on.
  13. Regarding the wrapped hamburgers and hotdogs. It's BS to think that someone as lazy and lackadaisical as Buddy would go to the effort to cook them and wrap them. I think it is all producer hijinks. They might have even set it up for Buddy to be late to the BBQ and made a back-up plan by arranging for the "main course" in case the guests became impatient. There had to be something to put on video after all the expense they incur for this stellar bit of fantasy.
  14. sagittarius sue, are you from Minneapolis? I have been listening to one of your radio stations for years - back to Ian Punnett days. I have been looking for a site similar to this one for discussing that station and the personalities. Over to SmallTalk?
  15. On a big news day who is absent? I know it is a Friday and all but one would think that it would be a day to be in front of the cameras. For cryin' out loud, Brian Williams can get on the air for commentary in a few minutes notice when news breaks.
  16. I think he is angry with her continuously trying to create situations to trap him into a romantic relationship. and the only way he has some control is to be passive aggressive. Easier to agree to do something and then either forget, or be half-assed about it. He wins, she loses. I agree that when he has brought girlfriends to meet Whitney she has tried to ruin the relationship - all the way back to Heather. I think that she has had designs on him from the very beginning. Who can forget the time she and Buddy took the cat to the park in the stroller? She mentioned way back then somethin
  17. Perhaps Princess Erin is positioning herself and famiy to move in with G&K at some point and, by extension, inherit the house. She could be the caregiver to her aging parents and Chad could do maintenance. Not tomorrow, but as the Paine children grow and they no longer can fit in their little cottage.
  18. Couldn't agree more that a good host provides the food and makes their guest feel comfortable. But, look who we are talking about. Out of a need for actually getting something to eat I would probably take some food to one of her "dinner parties". Heather never got the main course and had to leave. Twit was so busy making fun of her Mother's hosting that she learned absolutely nothing. She is one sad, disturbed individual.
  19. Oakville I wonder if you are in a time zone other than EST? I suspect they edited her flub of Horses since she corrected it from what she initially said which definitely was "Houses". I know sometimes I watch the third hour to rewatch something I observed during the first only to find that it has been edited out.
  20. No Joe. And right of the jump she's talking about yesterday's show and the CDC message about Ivermectin..."you are not a HOUSE, you are not a cow". She did correct herself and I will feel guilty for pointing this out if she is diagnosed with early onset dementia. However, I think it is relationship based. During the break-up of my marriage I was more than addled.
  21. Monday's show started off as being rather benign. Meeks had a colorful top and they seemed to be in a good space. When vaccination and Covid became the topic. Meeks became agitated, made big white eyes and interrupted Joe who then audibly sighed and looked very annoyed. Katty Kay did a good job hostng Way Too Early and providing commentary on Morning Joe. I wonder if she would take the job if it were offered.
  22. Very late to the party. I had DVR'ed Season 4 and just got around to bingeing it this afternoon while awaiting Hurricane Henri. Jackie Earl Haley (as he was billed at the time) was a tragic character in Breaking Away. I still love this movie. Dennis Quaid was one of the stars. I wonder if Kate Winslet patterned her Mare character after Cassie. Both are real looking women, who doggedly solve murders, they are well respected, and wear flannel shirts. Speaking of Cassie and John. I had to dig a little to confirm that it was indeed Alastair MacKenzie who played the role of
  23. So you can punish him by humiliating him in front of his friends?
  24. As with all things Twitney I am confused. Her photoshopped and filtered headshots make her look so far different from reality. Her photos of her upper torso belie the spillage I've seen in candid photos as well as on the show. For the longest time I thought she had a small cup size and that was when she was at her heaviest. I think she may be photo editing the images above the waist that she posts.
  25. Just to clarify, the site I was mentioning has 37 languages from which to choose including Hindi, Arabic, Hawaiian. Esperanto, Navajo, Klingon and High Valyrian AND one can select what base language to use. So, if the tutor is learning Gaelic Scottish for example he could indicate that he is an English speaking person. Don't laugh, some people do this. One of the positive as well as negative things about the site is that it has gamified language learning. There are points, leagues, and rewards. If someone wants to maintain their status they could very well use their native language to ea
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