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  1. Me from ME

    Small Talk: About Big People

    Dot,, I'm so happy your surgery went well. I haven't been able to log in for a few days so I couldn't send you best wishes for the approaching procedure, but now that it is done I am happy for you that it is over. (My parents said that the most amazing thing was being able to see colors again. Let us know how your recovery is going.) (I probably won't be posting much for the next little while. I am taking a repositioning cruise to Europe and will be touring around a bit on a bicycle.)
  2. Me from ME

    S06.E13: Game Night

    I wonder why our girl isn't glammed up in that Insty picture where she and Heather may be teasing the next season. Could it be, oh, I don't know that extreme photo editing might be in force when she posts those photos with full makeup? Are any of her followers proclaiming how beautiful she is? She looks enormous again. I watched it on my phone while also watching MSNBC yesterday. TLC must know the episode is a stinker because it is available at their site without need for having cable or dish. Some thoughts to the other excellent points that have already been made while I wait for Dot to do a more thorough and insightful synopsis. Twit again pointed out how damaged Babs was as a result of her stroke, but for my money, she was the best at Charades. It looked like she had played before. Disgusting Buddy made the tongue between the fingers that connotes cun******us. I think that someone did it in an earlier season but I can't remember who it was though. Whitney keep that tongue in YOUR mouth. Her choreography for the girls was the same old "try'n to show how sexaaay" she believes herself to be. Heather looked ticked that she had been manipulated by Twit to date Buddy. And why couldn't Twit "have him?" Perhaps because he didn't consider her to be a suitable partner? Looking back through the season it is obvious that Twit did everything possible to bring them together, from inviting him to live in her house, to wanting him to help her while naked in the bath, walking her cat in the stroller with Buddy, the pizza box contract... Here is something that is bothering me and I hope someone can clarify it. Where did I get the idea that she met him when he delivered pizzas to her? Where they both in high school then? I do think that she has know Heather since high school and maybe before that. How can she say that she has known Buddy longer?
  3. Admittedly I have not seen the episode, but from this still picture it looks like he is resisting having his arms pulled round her waist in an embrace.
  4. Me from ME

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    Uh Oh that seems like something I might have suggested. And now, thanks to Ketzel, Dot, and Clarewalks it is all beginning to sound familiar. However, I can't wrap my head around thinking of Buddy as being witty or resilient enough for standup - especially as a career.
  5. Me from ME

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    Dot, as the official follower of the Instagram, did we know of Buddy's career aspiration? I can't imagine we wouldn't have had a bit of fun discussing whether he had the requisite skills to succeed in that particular endeavor. Have we ever seen him being intentionally funny? (When we can understand him.)
  6. Me from ME

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    I appreciate that he has an education and I always hope that he will use it when interacting with that group of immature nitwhits but he does look like an alien. I think it is the wide open eyes in the pale face. I know he can't help how he looks but tonight I feel snarky especially since he acts like a poodle so much of the time.
  7. Me from ME

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    Agreed, he is very good looking. He looks clean and genuinely pleasant. As far as bald men, I think the ones who are in shape (not hulked up) are attractive Ed Harris comes to mind. What is not attractive to me are the ones who try to compensate by growing pony tails or facial hair. Tal looks creepy and seems a little wooden.
  8. Me from ME

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    What is odd about it? Advertisers want to know when to stop wasting their money on a show that doesn't have enough viewers to make it a good investment. We snarkers want to know how her shenanigans on any particular week effect viewership. And, some of us probably correlate the shrieking, male mauling, and embarrassing behavior on any given week with the ratings.
  9. I never knew there was a thing called co washing. I started skipping the shampoo every once in a while when my hair started getting too dry in the winter
  10. Isn't ignoring self care a sign of depression? I wonder if something new is going on with her. I may be wrong since she isn't too depressed to share that bit of information.
  11. I stand corrected. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  12. Me from ME

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    Just saw the rappelling. You can (badly) descend by trying to hold your body weight and that is what most of them were trying. The fit ones with less body weight didn't have as bad a time as someone trying to hold her massive body with her arm strength. If this hadn't been set up to show her in the worst possible light they all would have had a lesson on controlling their descent. Only one hand is needed and to slow yourself you put the hand holding the rope on the side of your hip. The pressure of the rope is on the belay device not the hands which only slide along the rope to get more slack. Seeing them do something foolish offended me.
  13. There is a big difference between teaching english and english as a second language. Does anyone remember that sad sack from 90Day Fiance - Happily Ever After? (David?) was a failed politician who lost 100 lb went to somewhere in Asia met and married a girl who worked in a d*ck s*ck bar. I think the only way he or Twit was qualified was that they could speak English and were desperate to work in a very low paying job. I am beginning to think it is the equivalent to working in a sweatshop to provide for the native population's upper class.