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  1. OK I am really questioning whether she considers the twilight sedation to be general anesthesia. I don't since there is no intubation and only an iv. Any colonoscopies I have had used mild sedation and they adjusted the dose so that I nodded off during part of the procedure but when the bf had it he was awake and watched the entire thing even though sedated. So I think that Whit's experience was more like that of the bf than mine. BTW I am of normal weight but also avoid general anesthesia and novocaine if possible. I had two pins put in a broken wrist without general anesthesia. I had a
  2. This has been around at least since the Victorian era. Regency House Party had a similar scene with the "Countess" acting as serving platter. Just checked around on the internet and apparently eating Sushi off a naked body dates back to the early 1600's.
  3. Yeah, when I was a kid I visited some people outside of Washington, D.C. who had a summer place near ours to attend (as a spectator) the Washington International Horse Show. The first night required formal dress. I was about 16 years old. I returned to my room to learn that their live-in maid had unpacked and pressed my clothes in preparation for the evening's festivities. As an adult I have been on ships in accommodations where a butler is assigned to my suite and although an unpacking service has been offered, I have never availed myself of it. Now, pre-dinner hors d'oevres is a whole d
  4. Watching the Covid season on the free Peacock network just now. I really don't understand the Captain Lee fangirling. I see him as someone who is suddenly famous and sits up at night writing down his aphorisms that have to be bleeped. Note to "Captain Stud" we don't all think references to sharp things being hammered in to one's body as being particularly clever or interesting. The Captain is paid well, I think it is unseemly that he pays such close attention to the size of the tip. Maybe it is to show solidarity with the crew but still... Wasn't it the first primary guest this season, th
  5. Bugs me as well. GW Bush did the same. I read somewhere that it is easier to pronounce the two long u sounds and once embedded it becomes a habit. My former husband earned a Ph.D. on people's reaction to the threat of nuclear war. His advisor pronounced it the same way as Bob Woodward and he certainly had a lot of opportunity to say the word which was like nails on a chalkboard. Fortunately, the hubs pronounced it as it is spelled. I wonder if NBC threatened Mika with her own show on Peacock to inspire her to improve her performance on Morning Joe. Has there been any more mention of it? I
  6. Ketzel, I usually agree with you 100% however, I would submit that An American Family a show about the Loud family might have been the first unscripted reality show. I don't remember much about it but it followed an upper middle class family from Santa Barbara during which the parents got divorced and the eldest son came out. It was aired in the early '70s.
  7. Absolutely. It is always easier to tell someone what to do than to work on one's self. Mamadrama thanks for the beautiful pictures. When I saw that she was in Bar Harbor earlier a few weeks ago I shared your horror of her and the crew invading our favorite places. Are we going to be treated to scenes of her eating lobster? Dipping her toe in the ocean? Shrieking at the view from Cadillac Mountain? I think that another reason for Glenn and Babs to not move downstairs is that it would be less likely that their monster of a daughter will barge in on them at any time and start ordering t
  8. That's true but I think some may be questioning the fairytale right about now. Perhaps if Pilgrim Media had waited, oh, I don't know, a year or two, after the Chase drama the whirlwind "romance" with the man from France might have seemed more believable.
  9. What is funny is that the man from her past was Chase because he (like the man in France) wasn't into her but the script writers are trying to lead us to believe that the man from her past was Avi. Why else would they set it up to have another of Avi's past girlfriends attend the totally fake "big girl retreat". This is ridiculous. It will be interesting to find out what her minions think of this stupid plot.
  10. I really wish someone had been there to remind Twit that last season (the weekend of the lake house get-away) she fell on the ground when walking off the patio. Buddy was the only one there but I am sure that Hunter or her parents must have seen the episode and known about it.
  11. Well, there was asking Todd to sleep in the same bed in NYC and cuddle with her and the video that she and Tal did while in her closet, naked, and under the influence of something. (Not on the show but somewhere on social media.) Was the iceberg that she french-kissed male?)
  12. Even if she had studied a different language in high school I would think that she would have been more adept at learning french. It is a change in mindset. And as someone else pointed out she has been to Paris, how could she not have learned a few words on her own? (Croissant doesn't count.) It is fairly remarkable that Babs could recall some of what she learned even longer ago. Hold on a moment, Todd has even spoken a few french phrases. I think Twit is truly a dolt and has managed to slide by in life. Colleena, not that I thought I was unique in that mismatching of languages but y
  13. Do we know if Twit studied any foreign language in high school? If it wasn't a requirement it is a terrible commentary on the american education system. When I was in high school we had short courses in Spanish, German, French and Russian to give us a taste of each language so we could choose which one to study more intensively. I chose French but I never became proficient. I had that unsettling experience of trying to speak French in Paris and receiving the answer back in English. So maybe that's why Twit was reluctant to try her newly acquired skill. A few years ago I decided to try to
  14. lightninggirl, I wanted to thank you for your detailed answer to my question a few days ago. I thought I had posted a reply, but then, Ida came along and took out the power for two days. I really appreciate all the time you took to post your well reasoned answer. It is so great to have so many professionals around here.
  15. I really appreciate your expertise on his native tongue when you hear his accent. Although I am curious about what you are seeing that supports his origins. Is it something about the clothing, body type, or what you can see about the part of his head that hasn't been obscured?
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