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  1. Yeah, she botched Smth but just before that she named L.L. Coo J as well. What is WRONG with this woman? Is she that isolated that she has never heard those singer's names used in conversation? What is WRONG with MSNBC to keep renewing her multi million dollar contract? We may have been wrong. The caption said "Patty Smith" but evidently there are two singers with similar names. Patty Smythe who was married to John McEnroe and Patti Smith who is also a singer/songwriter.
  2. Face palm that I forgot about Stephanie and especially Katie Tur who has an interesting heritage in the news business. Her parents were among the first if not THE first traffic helicopter reporters in LA. I think her father went on to become Zoey Tur.
  3. Well, both Twit and Pilgrim Media have posted photos of her with one of their producers in the past which has lead to the inevitable speculation about her "new man" amongst the minions. (I noticed the moobs as well, I'm glad someone else mentioned it.)
  4. I couldn't agree more. In fact, I switch channels when either one is on the air. Rachel sometimes draws interesting parallels but has grown too self-congratulatory and the paper rustling when they go to break drives me crazy - reminds me of a certain recently departed blowhard from the far right. I do enjoy Ari Melber though and immediately change channels when his show is over because Joy has always annoyed me. On a shallow note it was due to her ridiculously bad wigs that she wore on the weekend show. When she first started her evening show I felt that she was having a gab fest with he
  5. Elise did the entire hour on Way Too Early. I was struck at how poorly she read the teleprompter and how many people's names she mispronounced. I guess that her forte is extemporaneous commenting which she does quite well. As far as her green shirt, I have recently noticed a return to leg of mutton sleeves on female commentators so, she's not alone in the 1970-1980 style revisit. (I think I saw the sleeves worn by people commenting on the Olympics - and there were at least two.)
  6. And stop with the racoon eyeliner. That hasn't been done for decades - makes your eyes seem smaller.
  7. Seeing how shamelessly she fishes for compliments I'm beginning to think that she was hoping that he would say something along the lines of, "Whitney you are are so beautiful and fascinating I desire you so much that I will find a way to send you into throes of ecstasy."
  8. I guess I never realized how negative and unpleasant she can be. Oh sure, she feels the need to shut down the sports talk, and she loves to be a crabby school marm but she doesn't seem to get much joy out of life.
  9. I looked again at the photos she posted. Once again she is hanging all over the guy and he is acting very passive. It reminds me of how Chase interacted with her. I wonder if he became aware of her when she was in Paris with Ryan and Chase for the NoBSActive/engagement episode did some research on sm and is running the same playbook as Chase. e.g. pretending to be interested for the $$. I know she says that she met him through her online French course. I have been on Duolingo for a while and usually people post their pictures as part of their account identifier. One doesn't necess
  10. My pet peeve - her photoshop skills. The photo in the restaurant. When I first saw the water glass I thought that in France there was a new shape being used. Then I looked at the photo on the wall, definitely not square.
  11. The dress is nice, the white clunky sneakers are just...NO. When in Europe it's always easy to spot the foreigner (especially in Paris) because they are wearing sneakers. The new "bf" has the same casual body posture that Chase used to have. Hand in pocket, armed draped while thirsty for affection Twitney is obviously playing up their "lurve" for the camera.
  12. NO, never. Almost immediately (as soon as the control room talked in her ear) she started covering it up. She gave brief biographies of the rest of the crew leaving Wally until last - probably while the producers were feverishly typing something out for her to read.
  13. Does anyone think that giving Mika a show on Peacock is a way of easing her off Morning Joe? I can't imagine that she would or could do both. Since Kasie just got a huge pay raise to go to CNN's new streaming service maybe Mika wouldn't see it as a demotion regardless of whether she got a pay raise herself. I hadn't realized Joe had been off for so long since I don't watch every day. Perhaps it is contract renewal time, he is protesting, or, he and Mika are having issues with each other.
  14. OK, second day in a row with Joe absent, regardless of what excuse they give I wonder if there is trouble in paradise? She is really addled today. Two different pronunciations of Dr. Gupta's name and just now, regardless of all the hype that the oldest person to go on the Bezos rocket is a woman who goes by the name of Wally, Meeka said that four men would go up in space this morning. AAARGH. Correcting her numerous gaffs is a full time job in the control room.
  15. Yes, Wesley is a good name, too bad they didn't use it for their first born. Maybe Spurgie will be like David Bowie or Mia Farrow's sons and change it later in life. (Zowie ->Joey, Satchel -> Ronan)
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