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  1. Anthony can write letters to Colin, who is traveling, as his talk to.... or he can talk to Eloise for the snarky comebacks.
  2. I don't think they specifically search for blood on the sheets as some kind of purity test or whatever, but I do think that they notice that it hasn't happened. Like, they have to have special products and processes for cleaning the period sheets of the females of the house, so they probably sort and check for stains on a regular basis, based on past experience (so they see it's the first week of the month and go "right, check girl A's sheets over the next week or so" or whatever. And, with Marina being newly in the house, they would probably start looking out for it right away to get a good
  3. Yea, Nina couldn't have children anymore when she woke from her coma. Damage from... whatever.
  4. Jojo needs to back off the tight ponytail. I swear she's already loosing hair on her right side. Or maybe it's just very weird lighting/filming.
  5. I took a very different thing away from the discussion of therapy that Buck and Maddie had. She was concerned about him and wondering if there was a specific reason that he felt he needed therapy, like if there was a traumatic thing that she somehow missed. He says "you told me I was sad and lonely, and you were right" and her first reaction is why he didn't talk to her about it. Maybe she felt a little guilty. They have spent so much time and energy on her problems that she may feel like she has failed him, or that her careless words injured him somehow. The big thing I got was whe
  6. At his core, Dante is a cop. His first instinct is to help others and to prevent harm. I don't think a lot of "stop and think" would be involved in that action.
  7. There is also no foundation to the idea that William and Harry are "estranged". Either that or I have been estranged from my sister for years and didn't know it.
  8. Well, William didn't do it. I can't imagine Harry holds his brother responsible for dumb shit that the courtiers and such do, or even the crown, since he's not in charge of any of it.
  9. Well, Cam and Trina could be forgiven for not knowing the history between Carly and Franco. Joss should stomp that out. lol. She definitely should remember that shit show.
  10. it was pretty cute for what it was, so I think that is great.
  11. This part I do understand. He should be kept away from BDSM spaces and women should be warry. I don't get people thinking he should be put in jail. Even the carving of A thing, from the words of the woman involved, seems as though he believed she was into it. She WANTED him to believe she was into it. And again.... no actual cannibalism taking place.
  12. it's super strange that Fancy Pants is not as good of an actual preacher as barely visible Ben.
  13. I just do not understand the outrage over Armie Hammer. Charged with what? Having creepy ass kinky conversations? Nothing even kind of illegal has been substantiated at all. He has weird fantasies about cannibalisms, he's not actually a cambial. These conversations haven't even been proven to be REAL, much less a crime. And, yes, his ex says she believes it, but again..... its not a crime to have that kind of conversation if it's consensual. Nobody ever claimed that he was harassing or bothering them, they just got pissed off and posted "his" messages to shame him. If a guy had m
  14. I am not getting into the rights and wrongs of Marina's story, only pointing out that she is not specifically or exceptionally picking on any specific person or family. Scandal rags were quite common back then. It wasn't weird or interesting that Lady W existed, it was only different that she didn't do badly disguised blind items and just straight out named people. Everyone always knew who the people being talked about were, no matter if they did the whole "a certain Lady J" thing, Whistledown just dispensed with the cutesy bullshit.
  15. I want to point something out that I think might have gotten slightly lost in the shuffle. Lady W's newsletter is at least 4 or more pages wrong, with different stuff in it. It is not a hit piece directed at a single individual. There is lots of other stuff in there besides the bits that we hear that are specific to this story. Pen is not picking on any single person or family in her work, she's not targeting people. She writes stories and someone blocks and prints them up in an order that seems like it would be eye catching.
  16. I would usually side eye someone leaving a profession after only a couple years, but with Willow I get it. Nina tanked her job and she started working tutoring in the hospital, being exposed to the day to day medical world. And, more importantly, Willow didn't choose to be a teacher. Shiloh sent her to college to study education for his own culty ends. When she got away it was the only think she really had to work with. Now she is finally getting to pick something for herself, and I love that. Now, thinking about maybe teaching others is just how she sees things, since teaching is her ba
  17. Well, that's probably the best argument for the story's purpose so far.
  18. This. I don't like this story, I think it's stupid and eye rolling bullshit, but I can't stand people just deciding what Liz should do about it. The only person who has any right to make suggestions as to how Liz should deal with the situation in regards to the children is their legal father. Lucky, that's it. And even then SUGGESTIONS, not demands or assumptions or bullying or anything like it.
  19. Oops. Sorry, didn't see the scene, just going by the previous post about it. HOWEVER.... he's still stupid to think that Liz will just roll along. Has he met her?
  20. You know.... I wanted some UCG out of that book, but it just pisses me off. Also, Nik, much as I love you... fuck off. Who do you think you are, kidnapping Liz's children?
  21. She explicitly said that she had hoped she was wrong, that he really couldn't do it.
  22. How the fuck dare he!! JL and CM have been married for quite a while. I loved them when they were Craig and Roseanna on ATWT. I sort of want CM to maybe do a part on GH just because of how awesome it would be to see her and MW together. RH was on there at that time as well as Paul, so that would be interesting too.
  23. That was a couple years and a pandemic ago.
  24. I think I had that little girl's hair in some of my school pictures in the 90's
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