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  1. we really need a Quartermaine teenager to fill out the teens now that Dev is dead. I would lean toward Lila Rae, but that leaves things unbalanced. I would really and truly love to see a teen son of AJ, which would probably mess with Michael's head.
  2. Nothing like "your just representing about half of the world's population (or at least a third) to American network tv viewers, no pressure".
  3. That's very sweet, and I agree with him. I have enjoyed every pairing that Liz has been involved in, at least for a while. Except whatever the hell they were trying with the creepy Ewan guy.
  4. Well, if Cyrus should nab a Corinthos/Morgan or a Cassidine...... I mean there is that one obnoxious kid that ticks both boxes. ETA: Jesus, right after I hit submit I realized that there are several. But I meant Spencer, for the record.
  5. Show Eloise is a teenager. In the book she's much older, so I can see a more mature and more lonely Eloise going in that direction. She didn't plan to fall in love with Philip, she was just sad and lonely and had her tether cut when Pen and Colin got together. It was a surprise to her that she came to care for Philip so much. I can see it if they set up her personality growing and changing, and maybe slip in some subtle hints about the correspondence. I was trying to figure out if Jack was the name of Francesca's first husband, but I remember now that she's still too young, unl
  6. I know exactly what you are talking about. 🙂 I was a huge Ryan/Gillian fan, and I was upset and angry enough at the way that happened with Gillian's heart and Laura and all of it that I was distracted from being annoyed at that, but I do remember that habit.
  7. Nathan and Nurie look very happy. And, you know, not hamming it up in the sanctuary like a bunch of heathen assholes.
  8. We are having a real issue here in Fort Wayne with people making appointments for the vaccine at the Coliseum where they are doing huge numbers and just... not showing up. it's awful and wasteful of doses that can't be refrozen and go to waste. I know they have a wait list for extras that they need to find people to take, but apparently it's still leaving doses having to be thrown away. My vaccine appointment for the fist dose is a month away, and I would get on the wait list, but I don't have reliable transportation and I don't wanna complicate the process for others.
  9. There was a break in the middle, before Napoleon broke out and the lead up to Waterloo. I think that this takes place in that window.
  10. I didn't like the evolution of the Ryan character on AMC, but I didn't fully blame that on CM so I'm open to him playing someone else on GH.... as long as Rebecca B isn't involved in any way whatsoever. I would prefer BM come back as Drew, but I don't see that happening, so I just want Drew back, period. If it has to be CM....... fine I guess.
  11. Story I want to see for this stupid baby plot. BL overhears Maxie planning to send her baby off and gets a lightbulb moment. She intercepts whatever hand off is in play and returns having "delivered" her baby with Valentine. Maxie eventually figures out that her daughter didn't get to where she was supposed to and wigs out, but can't do anything publicly without tipping her hand that the baby survived. Meanwhile both BL and Valentine grow attached. Maxie, with some help, figures out what happened and confronts Brooke, who refuses to acknowledge anything at all. Peter is still out, so
  12. And she probably won't be involved a whole lot. I'm glad they aren't sacrificing the happily ever after of the story to keep Simon on and create marital drama for him and Daph at this point.
  13. Y'all know I like Friz, so I'm going to say this once. Bringing back Franco was a terrible idea and no matter how hard they tried there was always a disconnect in the character that made no sense. Now, I did like certain things that they did with the situation, including giving a little more reason for why Franco fixated on Jason (Andy) and I ADORE the Friz family unit, but overall I get why it wasn't really working for a good majority of the audience. I will basically ship Becky with a brick wall, so I will get over the loss, but I bet there are a lot of people breathing sighs of relie
  14. She did stab him as well though, didn't she? It's fuzzy. But, the point is that Alexis does indeed have a history of violent behavior, and "temporary insanity" is all well and good for the first offense, but then we get Kiefer the speed bump in there and ... Yeah, no way anyone would make a deal with her at this point. Frankly the only way this crime could scream "pattern of behavior" more is if it was Kristina that Franco had hurt. That would be a deep waste of time to pursue.
  15. It's actually not a terrible idea to have a licensed nurse around with that community sized family. Maybe Abbie is involved with Medicorps or whatever as well.
  16. They do look very happy. Like, I get that there are obvious problems with such a young marriage, but they look much happier than some other couple's I have seen on their wedding day.
  17. I hate myself for liking them. Though I'm super bummed that they don't seem to be going for the super obvious Dante/Brit hate to love thing, setting it up for her to be Rocco's stepmom and back in "her baby"'s life when Lulu wakes from her coma. (I think they would be pretty and it would be disgustingly soapy, but I don't really think it would work anyway) I understood that Kevin broke down Dante's programing by Dr. Kirk, not the initial brainwashing. I had sort of assumed that Dante had been deprogrammed to be reprogrammed (like wiping a hard drive to reuse it), so that's
  18. Boy oh boy the condensed the hell out of things toward the end.
  19. Agreed. Hillary seems genuinely interested in the kids as people and not props, that's gotta be very nice for the poor Duggar boys who all blend together in their parent's eyes.
  20. Well, considering they are working in media and charity.... nobody.
  21. Yes, Megan said that she and Harry did not have a say in how Archie would be styled at birth.
  22. I literally looked over at my roommate and said "it was probably Philip, lets be real" I'm not actually surprised by anything that is being said in this interview. Nobody thought that there was super nice things behind all of this.
  23. One of my husband and roommate's coworkers in security overnight used to go into the offices and steal food out of fridges and desk drawers. And he didn't even get fired, just reassigned so he doesn't leave the guard house anymore and always works days with other guys. It's so annoying that he got away with it because their boss said "there is no proof that it's him". Ass.
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