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  1. If they were smart (heh) they would have Cam attend some other good school in the upstate NY area and do a lot of online classes and have "on campus" time here and there. That way they can have him around when they want to and have a handy and reasonable excuse to not have him when they don't. Some place where he could drive to, or take a train or whatever to, for the day.
  2. I think that was Wesleyan that she got kicked out of. The one where she was banging her teacher.
  3. From what I understood, there ARE queen bottom bunks, but they are limited in style and expensive, so instead of getting something she didn't really like, she decided to just build a loft bunk to put over the existing queen. Which, more power to her. I do think it's beyond stupid to keep Ben's office stuff in the kids' room.
  4. I think Sonny paid someone to ensure that Kristina got into Yale, so she believed that she didn't get in on the work she had put into it. She's like the opposite of the College Scandal kids in that she had no idea and was pissed enough to leave the school when she found out.
  5. If plywood can hold up a queen bed under over 300 pounds of adult body and at least 60 pounds of memory foam mattress, and a box spring for 5 or more years, I'm pretty sure it can stand up to a few tiny children.
  6. Yeah, Geisha are not prostitutes. That is a whole nother thing.
  7. It means that Michelle's phone is unlocked, that's all.
  8. That's a lot of cops for a rampant and unapologetic criminal. ETA: if the Dante thing happens
  9. I laughed when I clicked the Justin Timberlake link because I was expecting something torrid or something with the "admits" in the link.
  10. That sounds like more of a cable/short season thing that he could do between filming of This Is Us.
  11. 1. Spurgeon already has the "isn't this fun" delivery for youtube, which is deeply sad. 2. Get those children OFF of that cart! 3. JFC, why are you letting Spurgeon hang on that rail like that? 4. That mattress was nasty 5. Don't put that baby up there! 6. Nip that climbing over the side of the bed in the bud right now girl, you do NOT want to have to do the "we went to the ER today" video in a month.
  12. I believe that Ned's adoption of Leo would be faster than Willow and Wiley because they are filing existing paperwork, because he was set to adopt him when he was a baby and Julian blocked it.
  13. I have SO many thoughts about that video. The one actual nice one is that Jessa could actually do this DIY building stuff as a youtube channel and do fairly well (with someone else holding a camera and no kids). The others are... not as kind.
  14. I think she really meant "with everyone thinking they need to share their opinion".
  15. I think the fact that there is a debate is probably the point. There have been so many conversations about what consent is, how it applies, and how to interpret it over the last however many years, and yet it's still a question sometimes. You can love someone and still get this wrong, and it's important to know that not all issues of consent are "good guy, bad guy" situations. It's messy, and muddles, and will probably be a conversation that needs to be had for a good long time to come.
  16. I think going to church for the people in these stories was just... what you did. I don't think that the really .... interesting stories of the bible were really discussed in church, and that people probably weren't really paying attention anyway.
  17. Yes! Though you can see why Daphne thinks that the sex is physically harming him with the dramatic flailing.
  18. also there was poor ventilation and shit tons of candles burning and people crammed into small spaces, so things warmed up pretty fast.
  19. Yes, Avery was wandering at night when she was at the cabin with Ava (Lock the door mom!) and found the necklace at the place where Carly and Nelle fought. Carly found out about it and FREAKED.
  20. I'm a grown woman, I would have been screeching and tossing a tantrum. Giddy is braver than me. I don't really know what to say to that parenting decision. At least he was harnessed.
  21. Probably. Though I would like to point out that every example presented here for the "mom's husband" thing is very negative and/or distant. And that's perfectly OK. I think the language just puts a step (heh) of separation in the relationship. And I can't imagine that Kelly Bates was super close to her mom's most recent husband. I think I shall forever more refer to my mother's second husband that way, because I think that extra separation in the terminology sounds nice.
  22. even the "done" one on the site doesn't look that good.
  23. I have never met a person who calls a step-parent their parent's spouse. It sounds linguistically weird to me. Then again, my mother refers to her step mother as "mama" (most people would probably say mom there, we country people) and my grandparents got married when I was almost 3 years old.
  24. Isn't pregnancy technically 10 months (or, 9 1/2)? Anyway, if Jackie said "nope, the timing is wrong" and I was Finn, I would assume she had a period after they slept together. I have seen this Chase thing coming since.... since he showed up really (though I did not see sleeping with your future stepmom the night before the wedding) so this is all kinda boring for me at this point.
  25. IDEA: Florence is found and Carly is implicated. Bobbie fucks off on "vacation" to a non extradition country, but Carly can't just up and leave like that, not permanently. So, the cops are putting pressure on Jason to rat, which he won't, but they can compel him to testify against Carly..... so he marries her to keep that from happening. Then Sonny wanders in and they decide to hide his return and keep him in a safe house for a while to keep that MOC intact. Sonny has amnesia, so they lie to him and keep him in the dark about his real past because he's a loose cannon. He remem
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