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  1. She looks 70. Also she keeps tagging City Creek center. That's in Utah. Could she have moved to Utah on the stealth?
  2. The LLR documentary has hit #1 on Amazon Prime!
  3. How old is Truely? She already has boobs. They don't look like they're having fun to me.
  4. Is Rebecca even involved with LLR anymore?
  5. Based on what I watched in the doc, Meri got in too late to get all those sweet bonus checks. I think what she makes is based on her own personal sales. Meri got into LLR around Sept/Oct 2016. The bonus plan changed in 2017 - before the bonus payments were based on how much inventory your downline purchased from LLR (the way Mary Kay still runs today) to what the downline actually sold. When that change was implemented the bonus check amounts plummeted. I remember one of the mentors said that her bonus check went from $6k one month to $800 the next. Meri is always having to sign n
  6. I don't think it's the people who are in it that the doc was made for - but the 98% of the public who aren't aware of all the shit going down within this toxic company. To those of us who have been following this story over the years nothing really new was brought up (I have to say that I still have 1.5 episodes left to watch - I switched to Ted Lasso when the new episode dropped) but this is going to be new information to most people who tune in. Just like the Fyre Festival documentaries - I had really not heard of it except on the periphery of my concious until I watched the Netflix do
  7. LLR doc has officially dropped on Amazon Prime!
  8. Oh I'm sure that LLR made plenty of money from Meri and the other customers signed up under them. That's what they are - customers. I doubt there are all that many still shilling LLN.
  9. I see what she's doing with her hand behind her neck - pulling the skin tight to hide the loose skin. Not gonna lie, I do this too.
  10. Picture from 19th August. It's all about camera angles and who knows, Janelle might be learning from Meri about FaceTune. Photo from less than a month ago.
  11. I see on Reddit that Christine's house is back on the market.
  12. It's not the panini, it's everything. She said she's on no diet plan - that I believe since she's posted about hot dogs, s'mores, and candy corn in the past month. What we have not seen as yet are full body before and after shots. The face shot really tells nothing. Weight loss is calories in - calories out basically. Janelle is lying. Either she's lying about being on no diet plan or she's lying about her personal weight loss.
  13. This past Fathers Day she posted about her birth father. If memory serves I think he passed away. ETA link: What Bullshit. At least show a full body before and after shot. She's been doing plexus since November, she says? If she's losing weight (which I don't think is that much, otherwise she'd be crowing about it) on her hot dog, takeout Chinese food, s'mores, and heavy breakfast diet, then it should show in photos.
  14. Hot dogs and s'mores? Of course I'm sure the plexus just washed it all away.
  15. Can't really tell much from a face shot. Did anyone else notice that she turned off comments?
  16. Yeah, I'd eat veggies grown with sewage water...nope. That would be good exercise for her, hauling water from the pond to her plants.
  17. How's she going to water a garden with no water line to the property? In the same vein I'll be hosting a group about nuclear fission and how to pee standing up.
  18. I remember reading on Reddit that there was a time limit - 120 days I think?- how long Janelle could live in the RV on Coyote Pass. At any rate does she really intend on living in a thin walled vehicle during the winter?
  19. If the house sells at asking price, she only grosses about $150k right? Out of that she has to pay the Realtor, other costs, I think there's capital gains since she's only owned it for a few years etc. Plus she needs to find a new place to live and if she buys again a lot of the remaining will go towards a down payment, I imagine. Don't get me wrong, $150k is a lot of money but it's not enough to live on for very long IMO. Especially if she stays in Flagstaff. I really don't think she's moving to Utah away from the TLC Cash cow, but I could be wrong of course. I think it's a stro
  20. Is Christine still doing LLR? I'm not on FB but it seems that she's been very busy doing other stuff. Plus if she's moving she's going to have to keep everything packed until she finds a new place to live.
  21. This doesn't look like Lulano. No LLR hashtags for one thing. Is she still involved?
  22. Is Maddie in fact still taking nursing courses?
  23. Still, more room than the Lehi house where they were all cram-jammed in that little space.
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