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  1. Color me unimpressed with that salad. Half the container is dressing.
  2. So the RV has Janelle, Savannah, and at least two dogs. I'm sure the inside smells delightful. Not.
  3. I'm sorry but she really looks like crap here. I guess she only gets dolled up for Kody.
  4. You can't even get a studio condo that cheap around here, mortgage payments are probably less than renting so I can see them living on one income.
  5. It's like she's doing her best Zoolander. Blue Steel.
  6. Ice cream is the perfect summer treat!
  7. I guessed that too when the guy in the video was having problems opening/closing the flimsy door. If anyone wanted to break in, they wouldn't have a problem. IMO.
  8. Does Savannah even have any friends? I remember the excuse Janelle made in Vegas was that it was "too hot out" for Savannah to leave the house. Why was that not a problem for the other kids? Janelle is growing Savannah like a hothouse mushroom. It reminds me of the Mama in Like Water for Chocolate - the youngest daughter stays unmarried to take care of her mother until she dies. I'm afraid that Janelle isn't going to let Savannah live her life.
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