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  1. A takeover is where they try to sell someone else's inventory for them.
  2. I have a bad feeling about those poor puppies. And agree that they should have adopted an adult dog. Hopefully I'm wrong...but Maddie doesn't seem like a warm and kind Dog Person.
  3. I'm going to renew Disney + just to watch it again!
  4. I went on a date last month to see Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. I'm an MCU fan. However the guy I went with not only bogarted most of the popcorn (including the unpopped kernels) but he was an ice chewer which is so bad for your teeth it's like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. We only had one more date after that. Good movie though.
  5. Never mind the sugar - the oily fat is bad enough. Even if I don't ask for extra butter, I end up with greasy hands.
  6. And what's even worse, they're not selling the snake oil per se - they are all about signing people up to their downline. People taken in not by health claims but the untold promise of making tons of money. I have no doubt that both Maddie and Janelle are making money - it's the initial signups where they make the most. Reading the "AntiMLM" sub at Reddit is an eye opener.
  7. She's supposedly doing a "spooktacular slimdown" and yet the first thing she mentioned is snacks and eating half of a very large high calorie movie popcorn even before the movie starts. I feel bad for Savannah as it appears from recent photos that she is also getting to be VERY overweight. Part of it is probably genetic but I'm sure it's mostly environmental. At her age especially, being overweight is tough. I know from agonizing personal experience. ETA - Janelle's gums look as unhealthy as usual.
  8. I doubt she'll even bother with decor. She'll just live out of boxes for the next 6 months or so.
  9. I concur. I know quite a few people who have lived way beyond their means by charging up their cards, HELOCs and so on. And not only that...if they really had disposable income, why was Christine begging for $$$ to pay for Ysabel's surgery? Why has Kody been arrears on his property tax payments in the past? Janelle not paying her garbage bill in Vegas? That's all just off the top of my head. I think they spend as fast as they get (and then some) and have never built up a nest egg. Kody's in his mid 50s...Meri and Janelle are solidly in their 50s and Christine is close to 50. Their
  10. I was curious about the sale info which is supposed to be public record, so I went to the Coconino County public records site and typed in Christine's name and pulled up the property. Nothing has been filed about the sale. Nothing. So where exactly is this public record or are the tabs just taking WOCB at her word?
  11. Any move won't be part of the show for at least a year.
  12. It sounds like the duplex (2 units) is worth a million. Article says it looks like she's renting.
  13. It's mid-october - I'm betting we know within a month what their plan is. I agree with everyone who thinks they're going to move in together. I'm just wondering what Janelle is going to do with the RV in the winter - leave it on CP or put it in storage or find a rental with a big ol driveway?
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