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  1. Hi Walton fans, hope you can help me. I watched the show in the 90's (not sure what channel.) This is so random but I remember a scene where Grandma was cutting Grandpa's hair and he was talking about how he kept it long like his father, and it was a tradition in his family for men to wear their hair long? Is this even a scene? Anyway that's how I remember it, would love to know what episode it was. Thanks.
  2. That's good to know, once about six months ago (pre-Covid) I had buyer's remorse and tried to cancel an order within (no exaggeration) a half hour. I couldn't cancel it in the app so I called and CS told me it was actually too late. So maybe they've changed their position on situations like that?
  3. Yes, I thought it was funny too. Even if I was going to give somebody chocolates for the holidays it probably wouldn't be this brand, and even if it was couldn't I just get a pretty good deal at my local Walgreens? I saw Shawn presenting them and she was heavy on the nostalgia angle (something like: "I grew up in the Midwest so I have special memories of these!") Um, I've lived in different parts of the country not remotely near the Midwest and they are pretty ubiquitous.
  4. I watched for a while, there was a new angle for family video chats during the Covid crisis and emphasis on "everyone is doing it." Well actually a lot of us are using our phones, but okay.
  5. Wow, that's fairly expensive. Old Navy (by comparison) has colorful collections of 10 for $25
  6. Yes, Urban Decay still has some legacy names from their original theme, including ABC Gum, X and Roach. They went in a completely different definition with their Naked eyes shadow palette which was hugely successful and spawned a million copycat palettes. (I used to work at Sephora.) I really think their 24/7 eyeliner pencils are spectacular but somewhat overpriced. If/when they have TSV offers on these I think it's worth it if you like the shades they offer.
  7. Interesting article, thank you for posting that!
  8. Seems like they can't give these Skechers away. I got them in Light Blue last summer, they were cute and comfortable but reviews are mixed.
  9. This show is very tolerant and inclusive, their characters include gay, disabled, many different ethnic groups and people in interracial relationships to name a few. I think they can make room (no pun intended) for a female who may be carrying a few extra pounds.
  10. I've noticed since JLH was on the show they frequently camouflage her hips and stomach as if she's pregnant, and she wears loose clothing in that area. I'm thinking maybe she has some post-natal baby weight but it still seems unlikely to me that they would hide it on this show. Maybe it's her choice because she feels self-conscious? Also, why doesn't Chim's brother speak with an accent since he just arrived from Korea where he grew up, what did I miss there?
  11. Yes, totally. Once you've watched this (and the other 911) for a while you can kind of see those "gotcha" moments coming a mile away.
  12. Spot on! I recorded this thinking we were going to see some amazing groundbreaking products then I was like wtf? More vionic sneakers? A boring makeup palette? Blonde guy with a microphone like he's at a red carpet event?
  13. Did anyone else cringe at how close the flame was to Holly when Bar took her to the hibachi restaurant? I'm sure the diners are seated at a safe distance but still...almost as bad as when he took her to watch daddy get face tattoos. I feel like Brianna was pressured to date this season just to lift her out of her boring story line. And she's paying for the house her family lives in (or she said so a few episodes ago) so it's in her best interest to do anything to stay on the show.
  14. Okay the suggestion that the eggs were too hot is a good explanation. All I was thinking was can a baby choke on scrambled eggs? It seemed unlikely.
  15. Yep, all I could think was has she ever walked through the handbag section of, say, Nordstrom or TJ Maxx? There was nothing exciting or original even in the new stuff at the end of the show.
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