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  1. ~happy dance~ Yasss, the History major gets a math question right!!! 😃😃
  2. I've got "Smoke Bitten" by Patricia Briggs on hold at my library consortium. The wait time has dropped from 26 weeks to 20. Normally I'd just buy the Kindle/ebook, but it's currently priced at $13.99, and I refuse to pay that price for an ebook novel. But I've got plenty to read already, so I'm just bellyaching. I'm always picking up ebook deals, and I've got the Kindle Unlimited subscription from which I've gotten my money's worth. And that's not even counting all the unread paperbacks that I still have waiting patiently for me. -------- The SNY channel here is replaying the 19
  3. I found a good cozy mystery series with a heroine who IS NOT too stupid to live! That is normally my complaint about most cozies. It is the Miss Fortune mystery series by Jana DeLeon. The first book in the series is "Louisiana Longshot". Here is the blurb: I'm up to the 4th book and I'm still enjoying it. There are bits in the stories that had me laughing out loud. The romance is developing slowly and realistically. The secondary characters are great. The Kindle versions are less expensive than the paperback versions. I don't know if the series is available in public librar
  4. Clarissa and Euphronia for me, lol. ------ Today's Amazon Kindle Daily Deals are 12 Agatha Christie ebooks. ------- Went out to ShopRite the other day to pick up an online order (they bring the order out to the car). It was so weird seeing everyone wearing facemasks. It really brought home how all unnatural this current time is. And it was the first time that I've ever spent over $200 on groceries in my life! But I'm good now for food for the next few weeks. Of course, though, my entire entryway is blocked with plastic bags of food during their first stage of decontaminatio
  5. Bored guy in quarantine builds a restaurant for the squirrels in his yard
  6. Belated Easter and Passover greetings to everyone! Sorry I'm late with them. I guess it's because it hasn't seemed like a holiday week at all, because of my sleep cycle now being so weird.
  7. NJ Gov isn't fooling around. All state and county parks have now been ordered closed. My town also closed our parks. I know a lot of my neighbors were going over to walk in the nearby park. ------- I took a ride down the shore the other day to pick up some last stuff from the cottage (my sister sold it, the closing is in a few days). I was surprised at the number of cars on the Parkway (less than normal, but still). There were State Police all over the place, lying in wait for the speeders. Luckily for me, I was just toodling along at the speed limit just so I could enjoy seeing some
  8. I would have called the cops on them, no question at all. They were endangering everyone. I look at my staying inside as doing my part to try to keep everyone safe, including myself. It's not really fun, but I'm adaptable and the alternative is worse.
  9. Me too! I thought it was going to be on on Sunday. To paraphrase: So it wasn't written, so it wasn't done.😞😞
  10. I have about 90+ episodes of "How It's Made" on the DVR. I find that show very relaxing. Brings me right back to elementary school days when we would watch short films on things like manufacturing canned foods or building the interstate highway system. I have no idea why we watched them, but they were always interesting to me. ========= Waving "Hi!" at imisspuddy!
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