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  1. Woodhue was a favorite of mine. Loved sandalwood incense and musk.
  2. @leFay hi-glad to hear all is well. I thought maybe you won the lottery and bought that house besides the Douchess. Take care! Don’t forget to come back, when things settle down for you.
  3. Thanks! Asother’s, mentioned it was fun! Actually, it was hard narrowing down to one.
  4. Skunky had showed, on air a picture of the consultants new pickup truck, gave a shout out to the used (luxury) car lot, and wished consult a happy birthday (early-his bday is 2 months away). She also, showed the Instagram picture (with her and Marylynn) and said she disliked the picture. Yep, right...
  5. I need a drink with those 2 dogs, when i paid the vet bill. Oh! Well...he is a wonderful vet.
  6. Our 2 dog's (aka "The Turtles" because they take forever outside‑­­sniffing every inch of the yard) went yesterday to the vet for their yearly shots. Last night, they were In a world of hurt and trembled with every boom, that went off. Mr.billygoat got home several hours ago, back to being their normal selves (being busy and running through the house) following him everywhere. Thumper we are now getting, the rain (we need) from MN. Here is to everyone, to enjoying the rest of your day and evening!
  7. Watched ITK with David today, Stacy describes her food tasting bites, with real and relatable responses. Now, Sharon...that is a totally different story. I haven’t seen crushed velvet since the 70’s and that was on bedspreads with fringes.
  8. 24 hours of Rinna-wasn’t she just here 2 weeks ago? The TSV is a rerun and the material look’s thinner than Graver’s liquid knit.
  9. Just ventured over there...everyone is right, those lips look bad. One of her earring’s hashtag’s. #dingledangle
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