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  1. AnnieBeez

    S04.E13: Christmas

    So nobody else thought Johnny was a jerk? He wakes up on Christmas Eve and decides that everyone needs to drop everything and have a party. Especially since they haven’t been celebrating for several years. Fuck the old people waiting. Fuck the cookie party. I found it more aggravating than heartwarming, but maybe I am a grinch.
  2. AnnieBeez

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Tomaters is a frute, tho.
  3. Child Protective Services can take steps between doing nothing and pulling kids from homes. Those kids do look malnourished, at the least.
  4. I thought so they wouldn’t have to disconnect. He wanted her to leave the “right” way. Did she say how long it took her to get out again once she went back? If so, I missed it.
  5. AnnieBeez

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    She’s the same governor we Oregonians have had for a few years. Yes, she’s a dem. I fell in love with her when I saw her in flats at an official appearance. https://www.oregon.gov/gov/pages/meet-the-governor.aspx
  6. AnnieBeez

    Zach and Tori

    How about asking for transcripts?
  7. AnnieBeez

    Special: Emotional Aftermath

    I don’t feel like Leah really answered the producer’s question, or at least not fully. It felt to me like she was still dancing around it.
  8. AnnieBeez

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I guess I am just old. It looks like her slip is showing. Buy a longer dress, Jessa. Or better yet, let your damn knees show.
  9. AnnieBeez

    Show Recommendations Topic: Ask or Give

    The Community character I didn’t like is Winger. I could never wholeheartedly recommend the show because of his stupid ass commentary at the end. I thought Chang was funny the first season. A little went a long way, though.
  10. AnnieBeez


    Max Verstappen was robbed! But this is some NBA-level pushing here: https://mobile.twitter.com/tomektr/status/1061692445413568512?s=21
  11. AnnieBeez

    Mac & Cheez on the TeeVeez: Comfort Television

    Definitely. And so true to its time. I remember my teenage brother wearing them. [I’m an old.]
  12. AnnieBeez


    Maybe. I miss Joe and the relationship he had with Vera.
  13. AnnieBeez

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Seriously?! I’m as “breast is best” as the next person, but is she saying parents who bottle feed don’t cuddle their babies? What a bitch.
  14. AnnieBeez

    The NBA

    Magog, I think we have a different definition of classy. Draymond “Natural Shooting Motion” Green is classy? He’s a brat I don’t think Swaggy P is classy, but he did make me laugh. And I’m surprised he’s not been picked up this season. I like Boogie and hope he plays well enough to get paid and a new team next season. I HATE the Lakers. Their fans are even more obnoxious than Warriors fans. Ugh, and now with LeWhine on the team? Yuck. Go Blazers!