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  1. I've been thinking the same thing for a few drunken episodes now. I think of the Sonja who was introduced on the show during the Scary Island season and how classy she was, how she didn't want to gang up on anyone but was just calmly waiting for her pedicure. Then suddenly she gets blotto a few times and comes on to LuAnn and Bethany and it's like it's her 'personality' on the show. It gets her attention to be the one everyone's taking care of, stuffing back into her bikini (or Bethany's) or upset about because she fell on a glass table. Not saying she's not a drunk at times, but I think she really ramps it up for the show. I honestly thought it was all real until one episode where she was slurring, doing her drunk thing, and as everyone moved away and left her and Tinsley alone she changed into mean, nagging Sonja instantly and had to school Tins on how she should act. Then the minute she's around the others she smoothly morphed back into slurring good time Sonja! I've been giving her the side eye now for a couple of seasons. She has no storyline except the drunk one. And I think Leah watched the show and decided SHE was going to be the outta control falling down drunk one now. So not interesting to me at all. I do think Dorinda is a mean drunk who hates her life and takes it out on people like a true bully. So obvious that she viciously attacked Tinsley for several episodes, Tinsley leaves, and suddenly she's after Ramona in the same loud foghorn voiced way. NO interest in her anymore either and I loved her in the beginning. That was a gross Halloween party and not in the expected gross way. The food was awful, disgusting! I think Luann didn't protect Ramona from Dorinda because she was miffed that Ramona brought Missy to the party when Ramona knows Lu doesn't want to be around her. It was a tacky thing to do and planned in my opinion. (probably by production)
  2. I just watched Season 1 of The Politician on Netflix and I'd swear Jessica Lange was totally doing her version of an older Tammy Sue in her character!! That was hysterical🤣 The hair, the accent, the over theatrical makeup and clothes! Perfect.
  3. Dale kissing up to Sonja seemed to me to be a backstab at Tinsley. With no Tinsley on the show there will be no Dale on the show, either. Those tears were probably for her own reality show career. I'll miss Tinsley but I sure won't miss her monster, I mean mother. I hope Scott can keep her away and unable to pull Tinsley's chain anymore. Yuck!
  4. I think Aaron was a little high and felt he needed to tell the ladies how they should be acting when they got into an argument. Kyle and a couple of the others were 'following the script' and in my opinion were looking at him like,'' Dummy, would you shut up and let us get on with the show?" He's too dumb to realize it really IS just a show. They couldn't care less about each other in real life, probably. But there has to be a show so they can make money. And just sitting there calmly chatting for 40 minutes in a backyard would be dull for viewers. Denise should have left him home with the other kids while she went to work. I NEED my reality tv shows! If this is signaling an end to them I'll be crushed. 😞
  5. I agree about Aaron-- watching him reminded me of a time my 20 yr old daughter and I were happily griping away about one of our outrageous relatives in the privacy of my living room when my 18 yr old son walks in from the hall to man-splain how we should be behaving and just wouldn't let it GO. He knew the relative and her catty ways and why we were upset but he didn't get that we were just venting together about how crazy she drives us. His face looked just as goofy as Aarons' while trying to school us on how to act. After we turned on him and he turned tail and ran I know he wished he'd left us to our gossiping! I wonder if Mauricio wasn't at the 'bbq' because production knew he'd try to politely handle Aaron and shut him down? Nothing to film then. Denise and Aaron looked like they'd been out pulling weeds. I like Denise and her laid back ways but this is Beverly Hills--I expect a lot of glam from them! (I think Kyle and her silk pj's missed the mark, though) Love her house and loved the fancy food! This is what I tune in for. This and trips 🙂
  6. I also feel Madison still needs to mature some, but from what I watched this season, Jenna loaded her down with job after job while she flirted with Adam in the kitchen. When Madison complained she was dismissed by Jenna (who was egged on by Adam) and that would be infuriating. Also confusing when Jenna punishes her for complaining by letting Georgia go swimming which would also add fire to the flames of resentment. Then there's Georgia sometimes taking her side and yet at the reunion seeming to take Jennas... What a situation to be in on national tv! I'd be rolling my eyes a few times,too. Especially when my captain rolls over for the bad guys. It's like he's in on the pile on. I won't miss anyone of this show-- not a one of them. And I have no respect for Glen. He's a very poor captain, it's like he's secretly terrified of them all. If any of them are back on next year I'll skip it and I've watched all the Housewives and Below Deck shows from the beginning. Something about this group was disgusting.
  7. I believe the sole reason she's on this show is to promote Coming To America 2. I dont remember a former new houseguest missing so many of the ladies activities before. So far I find her boring. I was hoping she'd come on the show and stir some things up but so far she's been as Kyle would say a ,"Yawwwnnn..." Just my opinion.
  8. I paused my DVR because I wanted to snoop and see what rich people keep in their nightstand drawers😅. I also noticed those divorce papers and instantly got a picture in my mind of Ramona guzzling a glass of wine while clutching those papers to her breast and crying night after night.... 😞 Dorinda must have 'watched' this season while loudly and drunkenly blabbing and explaining the whole hour away to whoever is with her (or to the walls). Because if she'd really watched herself this season she'd be crouching in the back of her closet in shock and texting ''I'm sorry!" "I'm sorry!" to the world. She must stay drunk or semi drunk to live with herself these days.
  9. I just watched this one and was laughing to myself about his comments,too! Well, maybe he's a good chiropractor, though :) What a beautiful place to live. One season of Below Deck Med is filmed off the coast of Split,if I'm not mistaken. Looks like a great vacation place!
  10. Last comment I make about Dorinda tonight-- dang she riled me up this week even worse than last week--- is I despise how after she digs her claws into someone shouting over them and giving her opinion we see her being all nice to someone like she did to Ramona and telling Ramona, "I'm not a bad person, I'd never want anyone to think ill of me, I'm a NICE person, you know me Ramona", etc. Bleeach! She is a bad person and has probably treated people this same way throughout the years before and after Richard. That's all.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. It's like they're afraid to offend her. Maybe they remember the show a few seasons back where she told one of the girls she had a private report done on someone by a guy in the government ("no he's not FBI, giggle, no he's not CIA, giggle..."Just say MAFIA, Dorinda.) If they make her mad maybe they're afraid she'll call up darling Richard's connection to get information 'this high' on them! I remember while watching her smile and evil serious eyes as she said all this-- and I thought I sure would NEVER want to get on her bad side! Now she's like a loose cannon. And this is probably me just being mean... but I've wondered a few times how much she would have mourned the loss of a middle income Richard? One who couldn't buy her Blue Stone manors or rub elbows with people like the Clintons? Does she miss the man Richard or the life he gave her? She sure does a lot of associating the two in her 'losing Richard' stories. (of which I'm sick of hearing about,too!)
  12. Well the show I watched Dorinda wasn't 'playing' a bully-- she WAS a bully. A horrible bully not letting anyone but herself get a word in edgewise with her loud foghorn voice. So infuriating. And since when is being the victim of someone's vicious bullying 'playing the sweet and innocent victim'? Tinsley IS the victim-- we saw it on screen. I am starting to hate this show... my very favorite of them all. 😞
  13. I can't get over how these people working on the boat aren't trying their best to make this trip the most unbelievable and fun adventure for this poor dying woman!! I really can't. It's like Jenna and Adam have sucked the feelings out of them all and they're focused on how miserable THEY are instead of trying to make the guest happy. They should be coming up with special treats and excursions. Wow, a blow up banana toy-- that's a memorable life event. Jenna should be ashamed of herself-- she should have taken the lead here and really made the tables pretty and done her best. Adam should have made over the top cakes and there should have been beautiful flower arrangements-- anything to celebrate life. This was pathetic and the guests were all SO nice! This captain is so weak and afraid to get on to anyone-- he said he saw what was going on in that tiny kitchen and hated to say anything. I know a few episodes back he confessed the main reason he likes being on a boat out at sea is he likes the life of solitude so maybe he's not the 'captain' type. He's probably a really nice guy in real life, but on this show you need someone who is a leader. They can still be nice. Shame on this whole cast! I hope the lady with cancer is doing okay still-- what a wonderful attitude she has!
  14. Well I guessed (to myself) who the girlfriend was going to be when she walked in at the end of the episode. This season doesn't have that many real surprises. Everything veeeerrry convenient. And they made Judy's new friend too aware of her quirky personality too soon I think. Somehow she knew Judy would be into astrology signs and crystals and even had a moonstone tucked handily in her purse to give her. She comes on too strong. Maybe it's just because I dont care for the actor. I remember her in Grace and Frankie in an episode where she plays a cop with short semi bleached hair who tries to help Frankie who appears to be having a stroke. She seems uncomfortable acting to me-- like she's just too aware of the camera. Love the guy who's playing the twin brothers, though 🙂
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