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  1. This season! Ugh. I actually watched this episode after declaring I'd lost interest and wasn't. With some zooming through Leah's parts it actually wasn't that bad. Not good, but not horrible. (except the Sonja poop talk) . To cleanse my palate I rewatched Season 5, episode 1-- the first year of Heather, Carol and Aviva. Along with regulars Sonja, Luanne and Ramona. After this years mess, what a GREAT episode that was! No one hyper but Ramona (and her crazy eyes were bad back then!), Sonja likeable but wacky and with that townhouse that someone like me would never see the inside of,
  2. This has been one of the -- if not the-- nicest groups of people in the house I've ever seen. And I've watched this show from season 1. Should I be embarrassed by that? I do have a life ;)
  3. I've thought about that! But after seeing some of these guests and how they act I can see them laughing at themselves and thinking they looked cute or cool. SMH
  4. I can't get over the fact that Katie has been a chief stew before and is still this terrified of giving orders that may make someone (who she'll never see again) mad at her! Unbelievable. I know Capt.Sandy has hobbled her with her own weird orders and suggestions but seriously i can't see Kate or even Hannah letting themselves being pushed around like Lexi and Fudd are pushing her. I'm guessing the cameras in her face recording everything she says is disconcerting to her and she's not her normal confident self. I'm hoping! Geez, it's making me nervous watching her wringing her hands and wi
  5. I watched the first season of Survivor again and wow was that great! Stripped down to the basics and the contestants talked a lot more letting us know what they were thinking. The camp was so primitive and everyone so ate up from bugs and sunburned. It felt so much more real than what we see now. I loved it! Still can't wait for the new season, though. That will never change-- I hope!
  6. Crystal was coming for Sutton back in the early episodes before the Tom/Erika story broke. Sutton apologized about crying and explained she was upset over leaving her home, etc and they seemed to make up and be having a good time together while up at the lake. Then suddenly an about face and Crystal is accusing Sutton of 'Violating' her. Crystal mentioned what happened to the other housewives in private and with each telling Sutton's throwaway comment of ''I don't know what's going on in here" became more like a Disney villians,'' Weeellll... I don't know what YOU'RE up to in here.... heehe
  7. This week was a down week for me so I rewatched this season of BH. I was ready to like Crystal this season but she has something against Sutton and has from the first. I dont know if production is putting a bug in her ear or what but after Sutton brought the coat to her room and awkwardly backed out the next morning Crystal was fine with Sutton. They all hung out together and nothing seemed to be wrong. Then suddenly Crystal had to stay in her room because she was tramatized after being 'violated' by Sutton. Sutton was blindsighted and especially when Crystal wouldn't really accept her ap
  8. Why would Rinna even need someone to loan her money to get her new product off the ground? Isn't she loaded from HSN and all her many ventures? Didn't HSN tell her to tell Harry he never needed to work again? Surely she could have gone to a bank to get whatever funds she needed to start it up? Or am I clueless on how the rich do things. She sure sucks up.. I mean sticks up to Erika on the show but look how fast she made sure she wasn't connected to her money wise in the publics eye! 🙄
  9. I hadn't thought of Mikey! I hope he gets a book out-- I might even buy it!🤣
  10. She sure does need a glam squad! They must be part of the 'friends' who deserted her. (Those talking heads where she's lined her mouth with brown and filled in her lips with pink!! To quote Marge from New Jersey housewives,'' You're lips look like a monkey's asshole!" I can't look away.👀
  11. Eboni's race has nothing to do with how I feel about her. She seems like she's always got her nose in the air, a know it all, and pretentious. I'm not comparing her to the other women. I simply don't like HER. Why bring race up when I never mentioned it at all? For all I care, they can do away with this entire cast and start again. The show has changed beyond repair-- and one of the reasons is Eboni. That's all.
  12. I can't stand this show now because of Eboni and Leah. Eboni seems like she's faking everything she's doing and putting up with the other women while feeling above them. I have tried my best to like her but I just dont find her a good fit. And Leah's just a mess. A total failure as a 'housewife'. I wont miss the reunion if they dont have one. And if either one of these women are on the show next season I sadly and honestly wont be watching it. My favorite housewives show! 😔
  13. I agree. I ffed through almost the whole show. This is not what I tune in to see on a friggin Housewives show! They need to ditch Eboni and Leah, and drop Sonja down to friend of status until she can straighten herself up. I think she's acting anyway. She can turn it on and off like Leah. I think most of Ramona's acting up is because she knows what this shows supposed to be about and this season it's all about Eboni teaching them (and us) about 'things'. She knows that's not an interesting HW show. I can understand her frustration of the 1 and 1/2 hour drive to get to Eboni's house
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