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  1. stcroix

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Wow, this has quickly become the Lisa Rinna show. I have to hand it to her for getting her whole family on camera. And is there a topic or conversation she doesn't butt into and in her louder than loud voice bring the attention back to HER? Her mom Lois seems sweet-- but she's in her 90's. I couldn't help but picture her as a Lisa type 40 yrs ago and it ruined my enjoyment of her. And those two prune faced daughters.... get them off my screen. I've never stopped watching a Housewives show before- and I've watched them all from the beginning-but I WILL stop watching this one if Rinna is back on next season. She's been after LVP from the start and now that LVP is taking herself off the show (practically) Lisa Rinna is eagerly jumping in front of the camera. And dragging her whole mess of a family with her. As Lisa Rinna happily chortles,"I'll do ANYTHING to get attention!!" it appears she will, but I don't have to watch.
  2. stcroix

    S17.E13: Top 10 Reveal (2019.04.15)

    I was so thrilled Uche and Demetrius were saved! Normally they wouldn't appeal to me that much but with this season's generic group they entertain me. You never know what they both may do and so here's to the judges for saving them :) Other than that.... eh. The group left behind were forgettable. And I won't remember about 4 of the top 10 by this time next year. I'm sad that with all the talent out there it's turned out to be that kind of season. Someone upthread complained about Katie and her attention seeking ways. I'll admit she entertains me at times, but mostly it's too obviously a 'Look at me!! Look at me!!' ploy that's too long and irritating. My hubby thinks she's attractive-- errr... I mean hilarious, though, which makes me give him the side eye...
  3. stcroix

    S17.E12: Top 14

    I agree--- pffffft! LOL!! I thought the same thing! That leg kick.... sooo Sally O'Malley!
  4. stcroix

    S17.E12: Top 14

    I'm old enough to be his grandmother, too, probably! lol But he's my favorite for the same reason as you said-- he's a real entertainer. The rest of the group bored me to tears tonight. Eddie Island and Evelyn were way out of their leagues and should never have been picked to be on this show. The last guy singing Climb Every Mountain was soooo high school spring musical 1968. I love the guy but he's no American Idol. Lane was just an Elvis wanna be. The judges gave everyone a tongue bath, I guess trying to convince us they were star material and we should be blown away. We're not dumb, judges. I need Simon on the show to jerk the contestants all back to reality! ENTERTAIN US! Convince us that you can be AND ARE star material!
  5. stcroix

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    Pretend you're in the Caribbean and relax, mon! (plus it's free)
  6. stcroix

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    Dorinda should pay Bravo to let her keep a recording of the shrill witches cackling of Sonya and Ramona to use in next year's Halloween decorations. Scariest thing I've ever heard. Went right up my spine. Also I'm tired of listening to Sonya announce to everyone who'll listen how many dates Ramona has gone on/ has lined up for the night, etc, like it's some amazing sexual feat all the while Ramona coyly looks on with this little ''That's sexy me!" smile. We all know she's secretly paying Sonya per comment and thinking,'' See how desirable I am, Mario?! Look what you're missing!"
  7. stcroix

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    I thought the same thing. For her, life just isn't fun without the drinking and partying. I also wonder if she's on a medication to help with her addiction and if that could be messing with her mood, making her personality more flat and super cranky?
  8. stcroix

    S17.08 : Top 20 Solos (2019.04.01)

    Awww Mamadrama!!! I am SO SORRY I made that mean comment! I threw that 'witty' paragraph out there fully knowing how catty it sounded :( My husband thinks she's beautiful and said he never noticed her mouth. She's his favorite--so you sing, girl!! P. S.-I was 5'9"by 9th grade and looked like a bean pole--you wouldn't believe how many kids would come up to me and loudly announce'' WOW …. you're TALL!" and not in a complimentary way. Boys seemed to take it personally. I hate a keyboard bully and am sorry I was one on here!
  9. stcroix

    S17.08 : Top 20 Solos (2019.04.01)

    The thing about Laci that I have a hard time with is her mouth. I noticed they are now filming her with the mic covering it more and she smiles less … 'hugely'. I feel so mean for even saying this but I can't get past it! Superficial-- table for two!
  10. stcroix

    S17.08 : Top 20 Solos (2019.04.01)

    Just listening to Alejandro reminded me of Sade. I used to like to put her music on to chill to. My husband thinks Lane has the contest sewn up but he bores me--I feel like someone's groomed him to win if that makes sense. I can't feel his true self or what he'd really like to sing-- it's like he's a parody of an entertainer. I fully expect him to end with ''Thank you, thank you very much" and a little Elvis sneer-smile. My husband can't stand Uche and I find him so entertaining! It's like when he comes out of the shoot you don't know what you're going to get but it's going to keep your attention. The boy with the tattoos is the same way-- loved his creepy operatic beginning to his song and am blown away by that voice.
  11. Jeremiah's parents and siblings were there for him last week. Being a pastor doesn't pay much and they may be saving to be able to see him in Hollywood. The cynic in me thinks he's playing up the 'not accepting me' storyline so he has a storyline! They obviously haven't turned him out of the church they go to if they've given him a job there. Janitor isn't much but there are only a handful of paying jobs at a church unless it's some megachurch or something. He bothers me and not in a gay bashing way.
  12. stcroix

    S17.05: Auditions (5)

    No one on here commenting yet? I barely made it through the 2 hrs- thank goodness for DVR and fast forwarding. Was there any singer who didn't have some kind of weepy storyline? Was that a requirement for this year? (sarcasm) I just want to hear them SING. And I was waiting to be blown away when the Kenny Rogers discovery opened her mouth-- what was I missing? Oh well, we got through all the auditions (with storylines anyway) and now on to Hollywood! I can't quit this show.
  13. Yeah, what's up with this episode being 'The Barbara Show'? Her personality is blah, her sense of style is blah, and her house is blah. I know she's supposed to be super rich and maybe Andy thinks she knows bigger fish who he can lure to the show... I can't figure it out! But I've seen enough. So far this season sounds like a bunch of 12 yr olds. (wails) My favorite franchise.....! :(
  14. I LOVE Kyle, but I see her behind the whole doggate LVP pileup. Did you see how pink Teddy was with anger? Who got her all riled up enough to feel like she had to call LVP out? Teddy, who was LVP's friend? Kyle sits there quietly watching as Rinna picks up the ball with her ranting and urging others to let LVP have it. I remember back when Kyle first became friends with Taylor (I think season 2?) and seemed to enjoy rubbing that friendship in Lisa's face with her ''Jelly?'' comments. Before that she seemed to love hanging around Lisa and for seasons tried to get back in as her best friend. Lisa has never seemed to be able to forgive Kyle. There's something going on there and has been from the beginning.
  15. stcroix

    S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Poor Rhylee never got the memo that having sex doesn't equal love. I don't even really think she's after love, I think she's after attention. Look how she boils when a guy pays attention to any other girl. She probably is the hot ticket up in Alaska on her fishing boat. All teeth and nasal-talk flirting. I'm sure she thought she'd be the hot girl this season. I love the fact that she seems to be not liked in polls. She has no morals at all, just a skank-- and if she keeps this up in real life she'll be an old skank soon. Sorry to be rude but I always end up cringing during her parts of the show! Agree with everyone regarding Josiah-- love him! And Adrian-- ick!