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  1. I agree-- she considered herself to be the star, she's not capable of being a co-star. When Bethenny suddenly became the breakout very successful star it drove her nuts. I believe what Bethenny said about Jill asking,''Why not me?!" and "Why can't I host Good Morning America?!" (or whatever morning show Beth was asked to sit in on one morning as guest host). If I'm remembering right, she thought it was going to be her who was also starring on Bethenny Gets Married and probably thought she'd be the housewife featured on Skating With the Stars. I can hear her seriously asking,'' Why not MEEe
  2. Ya Ha BeeBee! (groan) Luann thought she was the sh#t in this season! I realized what the Countess and Kelly have in common as I watched them both talking-- they overtalk whoever they're talking to. It would be MADDENING to have a conversation with either one of them- especially if they didn't agree with you. And watching Alex try to explain anything to them was extremely frustrating-- they just won't let her get a full sentence out. Don't get me wrong-- Alex drove me crazy with her 'missions to defend' whoever she was defending in her own mind. I mean, when the ladies were getting their
  3. I'm on to Season 4 now where Cindy the hair removal queen has been added and Luann has kicked up her 'Countessness' into HIGH gear on their trip to Morocco! That was hard to watch with her sachaying around going," Daaaahling we don't do that!" and "Daaaahling we don't do this!" at everything imaginable. Especially when we've seen how low she falls in later seasons. I rewound and watched that camel trying to buck her off over and over! I'm almost wondering if the producers picked the youngest barely broken in camel for her-- to take her down a peg. 🤣
  4. I guess the guests they have lined up to be on the trips have been pretty boring when filming, so we get penalized with all this 16 yr old sex activity.... YAWN! I watch this on Amazon Prime so I can fast forward through almost all of the Gary and his girls scenes. The few I saw it looked like he was chasing Sydney around the boat and positioning himself and Allie right in her face to smooch and coo at each other. He keeps glancing at Sydney to get her reaction. Gary is just so thrilled he actually has two women fighting over him. I'm sure this would never happen in real life since there
  5. This show just recycles things that have already happened on other housewives shows. NY did the Murder Mystery and NJ did the trip to Oklahoma. Of course the New Jersey women thought Oklahoma was a foreign place (and that the folks would be stunned into stupidity by their NJ sophistication🤣 ) but I was disappointed to see the Dallas girls act like they were in the wilderness when they went there. Comeon girls--- it's just over the border from where you live!
  6. What has this show become-- the boyfriend/girlfriend show?! I feel like I'm watching a show made to attract 9th graders! I don't care one bit about who Gary (ugh) flirts with or which girl is prettier or that JL and what's her name 'do it' all giggly in one of the guest cabins. I want vacation porn! I want food that looks like what you'd get on an expensive chartered yacht! I want fancy clothed guests and also how about interesting guests! I want them to go somewhere safe on land so I can see the beauty that is Croatia! I'll tell you, this is the very first time in all of my watching e
  7. I've never understood why people think Even is so hot. I guess there's not much to pick from among the husbands on all the HW shows! Evan has a weird shaped head and one if not both of the boys seemed to have inherited it. And Jackie is very, very generic looking so, to me, that is one generic family. I totally agree with your comment about Bill, though. The first season I couldn't figure him out-- was he handsome, was he skeevy, was he feeling above being on the show.... The second season when he got drunk and had to be carried to bed, he showed a different side and I felt we were s
  8. Table for one I realize, but I've really enjoyed these shows where they were on the Jersey 'shore'(?). I love the scenery having never been there, and all the sun, boats, clothes and jewelry. It felt like one of the trips the housewives take on the different francises when they are able to travel. I put up with the nonsense of the housewives and husbands-- totally saw through Melissa and Joe's acting 🙄-- but I enjoyed the show this week. My father in law was Sicilian and a little bit gruff. I found out it was because he was actually shy and learned how to act around him. Nono has been a
  9. When I saw this was coming back on May fourth I got all giddy, then watching the trailer and seeing what looks like a repeat of last season the giddy turned to disappointment... Leah gets drunk, Leah calls the OG's 'old', Leah makes crass remarks, etc. I know I said I wouldn't watch this season if Leah is in the cast but desperation drives me back to this once again. (I don't know for how long) There's something about Leah I just don't like. She seems like a spoiled 16 yr old who is always acting out to get attention. (is acting out the right term? That doesn't sound right for some reaso
  10. Not if you thought I was disrespecting a military man! 😉 My dad and cousins were military and I have upmost respect.
  11. You are absolutely right and I apologize for giving the impression if that's the way my comment came across. I think it's just his personality that seems slimy to me. Can't explain it other than he gives off a creepy factor TO ME, probably not to most others here.
  12. Well if they bring Kathy and Caroline back, I'm out again. I left when they came in for real for a couple of seasons, then starting watching again after Kathy and Caroline were kicked out. (my half Sicilian husband's family is soooo far from anything like these people on N.Jersey that it's not even funny. These people remind me of the movie Goodfellas)
  13. Oh I see! It looks very nice. I apparently live in the wrong area of America. Wish my husbands 'job' and my little clothing store earned enough for all the luxuries these two have. 🙄
  14. They all went to someone's house out there but it sure didn't look like that. Now that I'm thinking about it, didn't a lot of them have their beach homes damaged from Hurricane Sandy or some other storm? It seems like I remember them talking about it. Insurance $$ and now this upgrade makes it much nicer.
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