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  1. I have no idea who Leah is....but I am talking about the flak she is getting on the show.
  2. Personally as a white person...I’m just not judging any person of color on how they react to racism. That’s all. Many people seem extra worried about Kathryn and I don’t get it. I get that racism in peoples faces is uncomfortable to watch being called out. Same as over in This is Us forums where many posters say...ugh I don’t want to have to watch this BLM stuff all the time can’t we just forget about it.
  3. I am sure any person of color feels it when they see someone else attacked in a racist manner. I am not going to deal with "whataboutism" - like what about her doing A, B, C and D. I am just saying many people are villanizing the only person of color on this show and it is very telling.
  4. They are on a TV show - I am sure producers are saying to them...talk about how you feel about what is going on here on camera. That is what we are paying you for. As in the same for every other character on the show that comes for people and argues. Is it because it is racism so that is more uncomfortable than being mad about Austin in a threesome? Everyone going after Ashley? Craig being made fun of relentlessly for not passing the bar? Also, why not bring it up on TV and use this as a way to educate people on racist behavior? Kathryn does not deserve to be spared any kind of flack coming at
  5. What does the "witches cauldron of racism" mean? I don't understand? Maybe because the initial racism was really hurtful to her and she needed time.
  6. People are over Randall being upset about having no support as a person of color raised in an all white family? It might feel uncomfortable, but that is because it should feel uncomfortable. There is no just getting over it. He was lucky for the great family he has, but no one can discount his feelings of how it was. I know it is a TV show but the writing for me was super on-point. I actually cried at the end when he said he was sad and Beth said...we have to press on. Because basically everything right now feels so unsettled, unsure, terrifying about the virus and the election. I found i
  7. Omg going through those pictures I’m saying “get away from each other!” to the bridesmaids! There was a wedding not far from me in Maine that only had 62 guests. After contact tracing it has been linked to 150 cases and 3 deaths. Crazy...I can’t imagine you wouldn’t feel major guilt that you didn’t just postpone your wedding. Maine has had very low cases and deaths so maybe they assumed it would be fine.
  8. I feel that we’ve really jumped the shark when we’re talking to dead grandmothers to make a decision on what dress to say yes to! What a boring episode. I feel like they are really scraping together a show at this point.
  9. I thought she looked so much better in the Kleinfelds dress - I was yelling at the TV noooo don't buy that terrible dress in Boston. I live in New England and have no idea who she is. But morning DJs are kind of a dying breed so not surprised.
  10. I could have sworn there was a Tweet from WWHL saying Malia and Bugsy were going to be on tonight and asked for questions for them to answer. The tweet is gone and different guests. I know from reading Andy’s books they often change guests last minute but kind of weird. Now I feel like I dreamed it?! Okay not crazy I just stumbled upon it again they are on next week...phew. People are harsh with the possible questions but I’m sure Andy won’t be to hard hitting.
  11. It’s almost uncomfortable watching Henry. Cringeworthy!! I hope he is just tired?!
  12. It’s really interesting that while they are filming they obviously think things are going in their favor...and then when it airs it doesn’t go their way at all! I heard on a podcast this weekend that Teddi’s shower is at Buca. Not sure if it’s in Dorit’s room or not!
  13. Ugh she was the worst - so annoying. And the bridal consultant with her over the top singing...that was a lot.
  14. Teddi pretty much ruined the show last year and now returns as one of the most useless HWs of all time. She needs to go.
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