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  2. Browncoat

    Small Talk: The Welcome Mat

    @Netfoot, I actually meant the Jethro Tull — even got to see them in concert (mumble mumble) years ago. It was a great show. I hope you wake up tons better and can go retrieve your little monster today!
  3. phlebas

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    My Big Brother Totoro
  4. Melina22

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    Very well put. They walk an impossible tightrope. For all my nitpicking (and don't get me started on the wigs!) I'm really enjoying this season in its own right. Next episode I'm going to work on turning off the tiny bad-surgery-and-wig critic in my brain and focus on how much fun this show is to watch. She could be the most messed up of all the women, despite her perfect exterior. It wouldn't be surprising if she traded one abusive personality (Perry) for another (Mary Louise). It probably feels right to her.
  5. PotterOtherP

    Hunter X Hunter

    These are the ones I would have chosen from: 16, Defeat and Disgrace - Gon steals Hisoka's badge 23, The Guard's Duty - Opening the Testing Gate and meeting Canary 35, The True Pass - Part 1 of Gon vs Hisoka in Heaven's Arena 47, Condition and Condition - Kurapika confronts Uvogin 63, A Hard Master - Biscuit starts training Gon and Killua by having them fight Binolt 82, Kite and Slots - Kite and the boys fight three Chimera Ants 111, Charge and Invade - Assault on the palace, Netero's backstory
  6. Danny Franks

    Your own personal favorite athlete(s)?

    As a kid, I really looked up to Linford Christie and Roger Black. As an adult, it's got to be Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis-Hill. Eric Cantona is probably the footballer I most admire, but his dark side made it hard to call him a personal favourite. He could be incredibly frustrating, for his fans.
  7. HunterHunted

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    That was actually Kate on the mothership. Kate always has a bit of a chat with the chef before the meals to go over menus, but she had to take an extra firm hand with Matt because Bruno, the most junior deckhand, ended up doing a lot of menu planning with/for Matt. Matt was almost completely lacking in imagination, but he could cook unlike Mila.
  8. Danny Franks

    The NBA

    The Warriors are a classy organisation, who do things the right way, but apparently will never be forgiven by many for having the temerity to 'git gud' and set an example that the rest of the NBA had to run ever faster to keep up with. And Kevin Durant will never be forgiven for deciding he wanted to win more than he wanted $120 million. Meanwhile, the Lakers add Anthony Davies to their ranks, and look set to sign a third superstar (possibly Leonard), but will be met with a media joyous that "the Lakers are ready to be great again." As for Kyrie and KD going to the Nets? Seems like an insanely risky move for a Nets team that is definitely on the rise, and has great chemistry. But this is how NBA GMs and coaches usually lose their jobs, so have at it.
  9. SourK

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    Ugh. The show's doubling down on everything I didn't like last season, and this episode is the perfect example of it. Deliberately slow and ponderous; long, long closeups of people's faces doing nothing; June's Christianity being a shorthand way of telling us she's a good person; everybody having a dramatic crying scene for Emmy reasons. The thing that annoyed me most was Lydia's outburst toward Janine. The better scene, IMO, was the one where Janine was hovering around her talking about how she prayed for Aunt Lydia to get well -- it's creepy and wrong in a subtler way, because we remember that the only reason Janine acts like this is because Aunt Lydia tortured her into being the perfect pupil. Having Aunt Lydia flip out for no reason is more dramatic, but it's overkill. The thing that used to be scary about this world was the insidious way it corrupted small interactions -- not random acts of violence. For the first thing, it's confusing, but in this case, I think, on paper, the characters were shocked by the breach in decorum (Aunt Lydia should have led Janine away and beat her somewhere else instead of interrupting the party), but the actors' faces showed a reaction more appropriate to being shocked by the fact that something violent had happened at all. For the second thing, I forget if June knows this, but Fred has met Luke before, so there would be no point in lying if Fred's standing right there. Same. This isn't just me being picky -- I honestly don't understand why June assumes that making Serena powerful again will do anything but restore Serena's power to hurt her. Everything we've seen from her so far has shown that she has no real problem with what's happening until it affects her. So, if June somehow convinces Fred to give Serena what she always wanted/expected and make her personally immune from subjugation, why wouldn't Serena just become even more effective in subjugating others? Maybe it goes back to what that other dude said last week -- that June wants to believe that everybody has some kind of humanizing narrative where they secretly want to do the right thing. June's religiosity is creeping me out, and here's why: the whole principle of Gilead is that Christianity is law, and by making June a super Christian hero, the show's kind of side-stepping the issue of whether it's okay to live in a theocracy at all and instead focusing on whether the people running Gilead are the "right" kind of Christians. I get it -- "real" Christians believe in love and wouldn't build a world full of punishment -- but also maybe it doesn't matter what kind of Christian you are when there are appropriate boundaries between laws and religion. To me, the freaky thing about Gilead isn't that the wrong kind of Christians took over -- it's that secular government was overthrown by a religious order of any sort. So it worries me that the show is so focused on what the right way of being religious is.
  10. Nowhere

    S15.E06: Week 5, Part 2

    It’s so annoyink.
  11. I've loved Anna Chlumsky on Veep, and the other roles she's had (playing proto-Amy in In The Loop, in particular). I think it's safe to say she's not going to get many leading woman roles, because of the way Hollywood works, but she should have a very solid career as a supporting player, at least. She's great with Armando Ianucci's dark, deadpan humour, but if she can do broader, less acerbic stuff, I could see her getting some headline roles in comedies. Also, I was just looking at his slate of upcoming movies, and does anyone in the world have better career prospects right now than Tom Holland? He's twenty three years old, is the headliner of a major franchise, has appeared in the even larger mother franchise of the MCU, and is signed on to play Nathan Drake in what is surely planned to be another franchise. In between, he's got a bunch of roles that vary from voice-work for animation to serious dramas (including one with Daisy Ridley, someone else who looks like she's headed for the stratosphere). He seems to have the world very much at his feet.
  12. suebee12

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Did anyone else notice that in the final elimination scene, that Tyler was bundled up in a fairly heavy jacket and the poor contestants were in shirt sleeves? I think they wanted us to think they were warm and enjoying the beachy scenes when in reality they were cold. I'm too lazy to check when this was filmed but I'm betting it was fairly cold...guess they had to advertise to get everyone to the beach to eat at the trucks. Brrrrrrrrr......
  13. How old is Gilli Jill? Hasn’t she been married before? She’s acting like a 20 year old. She’s gotta be in her mid 40’s.
  14. AwesomO4000

    S17.E14: Finale

    I thought the style was great. It was just the color I didn't care for so much, and it was also more a bias on my part than anything else. I look awful in orange - and yellow and lime green for that matter - so I tend to not like as much things in those colors. I look fine in rust, however, so similar color pallet maybe, but a color I prefer and don't look sallow in.
  15. I was thinking he same thing about why Shawn was making such a big deal about Mia. Who we never heard of until the night she left. Meaning I thought about the race card too. Then I thought nah, she’s not that devious. But you’re right. She is that devious. I think that’s why she thinks she so smart. Because she feels like she’s putting all of this over on us. And she has fans so they must believe her lunacy. If she knows about us she must just hate that we see through her. Why does that make me just a little happy?
  16. Sofa Sloth

    The McGees

    Did Dimitri actually use the word ‘expired’ when referring to his tragic co-stars passing. Seriously!? 😳 I know now is not the the time to snark, but damn man, get some tact and a clue already. That word is surely only suitable to use, when one talking about mouldy food.
  17. Anduin

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I still really like it.
  18. mertensia

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Nicole needs to go away already. And I find people who say that they're always cracking up over what they say never make me laugh. Also she's a Paul fan. Also? I've played all the Nancy Drew games, too. You don't see me bragging about that.
  19. Wallet joke: Woman A: Her boyfriend sure is short. Woman B: He's tall when he stands on his wallet.
  20. Armchair Critic

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    I am loving Renata, Laura Dern rules!
  21. peter41320

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    I read hua hua you long manga [all chapters] online - yomanga and This is my favourite.
  22. thuganomics85

    S03.E06: AKA Sorry Face

    Ah, the old "Catch the villain, but twist! We have to release him because we have no hard evidence!" bit. A tale as old as time! I'm sure Sallinger is going to take full advantage of this second chance. This really isn't going to end well for Malcolm, is it? Jeri has lost Rand Industries! To be fair, this was apparently a decision by the board since Danny is currently on a sabbatical a.k.a. globe-trodding with Ward and wrecking shit!
  23. AuntCarol


    Oh these look so comfortable!! 😩
  24. Today
  25. ElectricBoogaloo

    Pretty Little Liars

    Ashley Benson is in a relationship with Cara Delevingne
  26. The comment above strikes me as ageist. Most 78 year olds I have known are far from frail. My mom passed in her mid 70s and was anything but frail. My dad passed in his early 80s - two weeks after he power washed his girlfriend's home. I have quite a ways to go before reaching my 70s, but I hope no one assumes just because of my age that I need some kind assistance to manage my days. It's certainly more common for older folks to have serious medical events because bodies are not made to last forever, however it's unfair to think older folks need to be housed in nursing homes waiting for a medical event to occur. For my own peace of mind I'm going with Mary tripping, hitting her head, becoming unconscious and falling in the pool. Through not fault of her own or anyone else.
  27. dewelar

    Best Baker In America

    You mean like Jeremy didn't meet the first challenge -- the miniature desserts were supposed to be one inch around, and there's no way his fruit tart was less than three inches long -- and yet won the thing? As with all these shows, the actual rules here mean what they want them to mean, always.
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