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Rewrite a movie/book using a RHOC

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4 minutes ago, Petunia13 said:

Dr Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and No Scratchy the Woody 

I literally was trying to come up with a Dr. Strangelove one. And I did come up with Naked Wasted Lunch before I saw yours - we are the same RHOC creative wavelength!

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23 hours ago, PhilMarlowe2 said:

License to Kill All Cancer.

First Wine by Wives Club.

Fantastic Mr. Fox 5

(I am way too into this...!)

Oh my god!  License to kill all cancer is the best thing I read all week!

The Devil Wears Bebe

Dawn of the Dumbasses

Jesus Juggs and Speed

Honey, I gave colonics to the kids

Valley of the Dolts

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Gone with the Santa Ana winds.

Brokeback Bitches.

Wizard of Lies.

Chariots on fire.


Field of Nighmares.


A Street Car Named Denial.

Faceoff (didn't need to re-name that one)

What's wrong with baby Jayne (RHWofBH).

Meghan P.I.

Don't get me started I can do a whole alphabet based on Sue Grafton.

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2 hours ago, Petunia13 said:

Saving Private Ryan... from Raging over a Couch 


(jumping on Petunia's great suggestion to offer:)

Raving Private Ryan  ;-D

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Raging Bull-Shit.

You've got hate mail.

When Hairy met Smelly.


Midnight in the garden of bad and evil.

Frozen (faces).

Shitty Shitty Bang Bang.

Waiting to Expel.

Almost Infamous.

10, 000 thing I hate about you.

How to lose a guy in 10 seasons.

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Horton hears a who? you! Who??, You!!, WHO???, YOU!!!

Planes, Trains and Family Vans..

The Hunger Games, The Shannon trials.

The Devil wears Skye.

Eddie and the Croutons.


Edited by mbaywife123
Thought of a few more.
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