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  1. SnarkKitty

    S02.E11: The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

    I keep seeing Dimitri only introduced Ashley for Vanessa's sake. During the show he says they met a couple of years ago for the first time (pre-Vanessa), they show a PHOTO of the families and even the little boy says "I met you already" to the grandmother. I agree the current reunion was show-motivated. ETA: I am HERE for Brandy letting Paige know what's up, 'cause Paige is a right bitch.
  2. SnarkKitty

    TMZ On TV

    Sadly - or ironically - her mother is actually a rocket scientist! Not a euphemism.
  3. SnarkKitty

    S38 Wendy Diaz

    I'm aware: I believe she did care about the chickens, but in any event my comment was based more on their personas, not gameplay.
  4. SnarkKitty

    S38 Wendy Diaz

    Damn, she nailed that. That's exactly who I thought of when she would do things. 'Course, she's not the Jedi Badass Queen Diaz-Twine is, but she's got the say whatever is on her mind and let the chips fall where they may part down. Who knew there could ever even BE a Tai/Sandra combo when they're such polar opposites?
  5. Smart. That has to be Bravo's play here.
  6. Episode 2 and I'm already Barbara'd out. If they were going to give her so much airtime, free promo and talking heads they should have given her an apple to go with it. I keep feeling like I'm watching NJ. And I don't watch NJ, ya feel me Andy?
  7. SnarkKitty

    Hair Goddess

    Just stumbled across this show today on TLC Go after watching everything on my DVR. Was prepared to hate her/it (was only interested in the business salon owner aspect) but I'll be damned if these Dollar General Kardashians didn't win me over! I didn't hate anyone. I think my heart grew 3 sizes by the end of the series. Granted, I wanted to drive a nail through my eardrums at first - and I'm from/live in New York City! - but after a while it was kind of soothing lol. I'm actually disappointed there won't be a second season but she seems to be doing well still with the salon. And she just had B/G twins.
  8. SnarkKitty

    S11.E10: The Final Flip

    I think it's all real. The good - and bad - thing about Jeff is, he can't NOT run his mouth. Even as it gets him into trouble, he can't. shut. up. because he must be heard. He's been talking about this for months to his own detriment. He's always going and talking too fast to be discrete. And even when he tries, he'll wait 3 beats and say "Okay, I'll tell you." LOL. I think Jeff does everything out of an extreme fear of losing control, especially of the "family" he built. He doesn't hire people for their true skills, but moreso how they fit into his life. I don't know if he truly operates his business from home (I do believe so) but if it's as it looks, there's too much shit and too much togetherness and BS to get anything done for real. I remember Vanina (she escaped! lol) occasionally looking like "I wish they'd all STFU and let me work, I can't even think." I haven't listened to any podcasts but I don't doubt he is charming and friendly there and in person. He targets those in his sight/life. Random people have nothing to fear. On the one hand you want to feel bad for people; on the other, Jenny has known who and what Jeff is for over a decade. At this point she's a volunteer, not a victim. Anyone who has joined him since the show started knew exactly who he was and signed up for it. It doesn't make him right, but it also doesn't make them his victims. If the show doesn't come back, I'll surely miss it my design and real estate porn. Oh, and it may not sound like it above, but I actually adore Jeff Lewis.
  9. SnarkKitty

    S07.E00: Meet the New Moms

    Talking head or head shot in the background, I knew she'd have her attention whore self up there. I started to avoid the whole show but instead Bristol is to Teen Mom OG as Kim Zolciak is/was to RHoAtlanta - a blur on the way to the next segment. If I time it right. All the teens who have actually been on Teen Mom and could really have used the break, and they "conveniently" had to go out of the loop for this reality show failure and her whole fucked up fame desperate badly-named family.
  10. Guilty! Feels better to know I'm not the only one. Quick, somebody get me back to Heather's kitchen. I feel faint.
  11. SnarkKitty

    S13.E11: 8 ½ Minutes Of Success

    That Steve really doesn't like Vicki much, huh? It's like everything about her annoys him. I mean, I GET IT, I have the same reaction. But I'm not pretending I give a damn about her like he is.
  12. SnarkKitty

    S13.E10: Italian Night Fight

    Much like the OC ladies, I almost fell off my chair when she said she didn't even believe in God. But not for the same reasons. WHAAAA??? Italian girl from LI? And throwing it out there like that? Talk about your plot twist! I for one loved it. #nonbeliever Welcome to the club, @Normades! I live "in Manhattan"- also an island. Gina lived "on Long Island." And one can live both "IN" and "ON" Rhode Island. Stop the madness! @UsernameFatigue for the win: (awesome name, btw) Yes, thanks. Sorry, side effect from all the time spent in the Reddit forums. :)
  13. SnarkKitty

    S13.E10: Italian Night Fight

    Ha!!! Unpopular opinion #1: I love Gina, I think she's a great addition. I love those NY women who twist up West Coasters (Heather, Gina). She's no shrinking violet with these "OG" women and I love it. I'm taking applications for the #TeamGina club! (I only made 10 copies, didn't think I'd need more lol) Unpopular opinion #2: I don't think Gina is saving face. I think she's completely clear on what she wants. When I listen to her, I hear the same thing in my voice when I tell people I'm good, we're good, we're just not going to be together anymore but we're still partners and best friends (we don't do the sex thing though, 'cause if I wanted that part, with him, then he wouldn't be my STBXH. But her situation is different.) Our separation is very amicable and we are lived together through it temporarily for RE reasons. And no matter who comes into my life, they'll need to understand my STBX husband is still my family and will ALWAYS be around. And anyone he's with will need to understand that as well, period. It might be weird to some, but oddly in my family the divorced party never actually seems to go away, lol. We still have ex-BIL, SILs, aunts and uncles at family trips, parties and barbeques. And we're all good with that. I think it's true as mentioned that if she was in LI she likely wouldn't get divorced, and that there's nothing ulterior about why they're doing it. That said, I don't think she's being unrealistic but she just hasn't hit the part where even if you know it's the right decision, you're gonna be sad and grieve the "what was/could have been" part. I think that's what the ladies are trying to say but fucking it up in their typical know-it-all fashions. With respect to the waiting part, yes it's true you could wait it out but then you have what my kids are having - big concerns that the marriage they saw as ideal for 36 years is breaking up, so why should they get married since even the ones you think will last, don't? They're both single and were only barely okay with marriage because of us, now they're both seriously rethinking. I tell them it was a very good marriage for at least 35 years, so if they're worried, they can be optimistic it will work out for at least that long. LOL.
  14. @AntAnn I love making my fridge look appetizing with the door shut; if I could see it without opening the door I'd keep it even nicer. Lucky you, I live for a good kitchen renovation. (And I too love Veuve! I wish I could spare the room for a full wall of "champs." But I do keep a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge at all times chilling. I'm about that "champs" on a budget life!)
  15. I know Heather is low key hated, but I LURVE her and her kitchen. I live for white marble and a cool white-dominated kitchen. I describe my own kitchen as whiter than the KKK. I really loved that fridge with everything decanted in etched glass *swoon*, my dream. I love a beautiful interior. It helps I don't have kids around to buy for anymore. My dream is a glass door fridge ala Yolanda *FOSTER*(whom I high key hate). I'm getting one, IDC. Lurved the glass-ed pantry, I try to decant as much as I can into glass jars too! And that dumbwaiter! Uh, SMARTwaiter! So is the trough in the island for ice and keeping necessary dishes cold. You better host, bish!! The only thing I disliked about the whole tour was her invoking the K-KLan and their stupid cookie jars. Where's my invite, Heather? Was mine the one that was lost?