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  1. Ho, Sonja.... I had those ones in 2017, in silver.... US$13.99 ^_^ Yes, from AliExpress ^_^ EDIT : @PradaKitty 🙂
  2. ... But didn't she add something like "I feel violated" just after that ? And if it is how she felt, why wouldn't she said it ? Why is it not a "good idea" ? How did you come to this conclusion that it was a kind of encouragement ? I don't get it.
  3. Regarding the tip, it was a 48h charter only, not 72h ! And the primary is not friend with "oyster guy" anymore. He's a decent guy.
  4. Yes, thanks ! And, I'm maybe wrong for saying she told him straight away, but that's maybe because that "Master Malia" implied she did ? I don't have the ep anymore 😕
  5. It was on the 1st episode. ETA : I don't find it, but she addressed before Sandy did, 100% sure
  6. For the nth time, SHE DID ! The 1st time he called her sweetheart ! : "Don't call me sweetheart !" and he answered something like "Ok, Boss Malia" (sorry, that's not that, but I don't remember the term he used. But SHE DIT tell him as soon as he said it !)
  7. Bolding mine : Yes, we did ! 1st episode. And, after that, he called her "Master Malia" !
  8. And why not Brooke for Hannah and Bugs fo BD mother ship ?
  9. It's not to have a way to source the clothes for less, it's more to "glam-up" their image, I guess (Yes, I know 😄, but seen with through my professional background in MKTG & COMM here, in Europe, that makes sense, lol !)
  10. ... And don't forget Heeehaaaaaaaaaw Brittany ! Good riddance, you, fake bitch (because, yes, I really think she is. Fake and a bitch)
  11. That's "œufs au plat" : Is that "over easy" ? If yes, seems yummy !
  12. NEVER heard about this term, neither my hubby, who is a (French) Chef and a restaurant owner. It's called "oeufs au plat" in French.
  13. That was a disappointing season and a disappointing reunion. Sad.
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