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  1. You dig a big hole in the ground and go from there :)
  2. I am really impressed by how much Kylie Sonique Love has grown ! I LOVE that bitch <3 <3 <3 Ginger and her were really amazing
  3. But... She was VERY accurate here ! (watch a little bit, you will see by yourself)
  4. FYI, there's a very cool subreddit for it, in case you're interested : https://www.reddit.com/r/DragRace_Espana/
  5. OMG ! Last ep was ICONIC ! It's probably one of the best episode EVER, in all franchises !
  6. Late to the party, but... for my last birthday on June 10th, my husband has asked one famous painter artist -who is also one of our closest friends- to do a portrait of his favourite picture while I was modeling (~1986, lol !). I love it, tbh !
  7. I hope it's ok to post this link, but this guy reviews all the episodes with cultural references, time codes, etc., and it's amazing the amount of work he puts in it : FYI, the previous episodes are linked in his post too ! It's worth it.
  8. So, guys, let's agree to disagree, then ?
  9. ... As in : As long as if she doesn't share it, it's none of our business ? So, yes, she did answer !
  10. I have trouble to get everything too, because, imho, the translations/subtitles are bad. In French, it's quite unbearable, and not really better in English, so there's a LOT we're missing, imho. (French native speaker, who also speaks English and Italian fluently, and understand a little bit of Spanish. That helps a little, but we're missing a lot)
  11. That was RIGGA MORRIS !!! The only two good things I will keep from this EP : - Kita in the final four - Michelle telling Elektra : "I really hope Sia saw that and you can be in the next video" The end.
  12. Metal Donnas : because it sounds like "metadona" (methadone), heroin substitute ! Regarding platforms from Vulcano, it's a part of Canarian Drag ! They're more like "creatures", "giants", etc... Removing her shoes is quite like cutting her legs, to paraphrase here. I hope it helps :)
  13. Watch BDSY S2, if you like that kind of vibe ;)
  14. I'm SO happy this is back !
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