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  1. It's different because men are twice as strong as women. And that's the average man. A man can (and have) kill a woman with one punch, a woman not so likely. Huge difference between the strength of the sexes. Like a kitten clawing at a lion.
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned but the age of consent in Jamaica is 16. (It's 11 in Nigeria!) So, while Jay was very young, it was perfectly legal. Jay was also more than willing unlike real victims of sexual tourism and human trafficking. No sympathy for him at all.
  3. Ki-in

    Russ and Paola: You're the Only Juan for Me

    From the previews it shows Russ saying his mother wants to visit and Pow doesn't even want his mother to hold the baby?! Like WTF. I completely understand the roller coaster of emotions and protectiveness etc around a new baby but her even acting like she'd deny a grandmother the opportunity to hold the grandchild it just too much. "I carried the baby for nine months" Get over yourself Pow
  4. This episode had me all wound up I couldn't get to sleep. I've been a Lu fan for awhile but I just can't with her right now. I'm sad there are only two more episodes. Can't wait for the reunion. Does anyone know how many reunion episodes we're getting?
  5. Must have been a slow news day to print this 😄 https://pagesix.com/2019/06/12/former-rhony-stars-jill-zarin-carole-radziwill-ignore-each-other-at-party/ But Carole's outfit is...
  6. At the height of Liz Smith‘s column, it was syndicated in more than 75 newspapers worldwide, including the New York Post, which lured her away from arch-rival Daily News for more than $1 million a year. The Post let her go in ’09, but she’s still turning out her column from the same Murray Hill building she’s lived in since ’79. My old pal (and former editor of Radar) Maer Roshan interviewed the legendary gossip columnist and asked her about many things, including her aversion to Jackie O.’s sister, Princess Lee Radziwill: “… she did something terrible. She was always a close friend of Truman Capote’s. But then Capote got embroiled in that ridiculous libel suit with Gore Vidal over his claim that Vidal had been drunkenly kicked out of the White House. Lee is the one who told Capote the story, but when it ended up in court, she threw him to the wolves. All she had to do was tell the truth. But she refused, and Truman lost the lawsuit, which devastated him. During the trial, as a last-ditch effort, he asked me to call her and beg her to testify. And you know, Truman had done everything for her. He even tried to help her start an acting career. But when I called her and said, ‘Lee, you really must testify for Truman.’ She said, ‘Oh, Liz, what do we care – they’re just a couple of fags! They’re disgusting.’ I was so stunned, I just hung up. I’ve never spoken to her since.” https://worldofwonder.net/quoteunquote-gossip-columnist-liz-smith-on-why-she-hates-lee-radziwill/ In his autobiography, Keith Richards did not think much of "Princess" Lee". He said they called her Princess Radish behind her back.
  7. The fact that she brings boyfriends around Brynn is very disturbing, how many have there been now? I know mothers have the right to date but unless it is getting serious and marriage is being discussed this is something that should be done very, very carefully. I don't blame Jason for not liking this. I mean she was thrusting Dennis into a parental role with school runs and play dates, not good. And the fact that it turns out this guy was a drug addict is even more disturbing (not to mention the rapist bf) Poor Brynn, two shitty parents who hate each other more than they care about her.
  8. This season looks amazing, RHONY is hands down better than all the other franchises combined. Sonja looks amazing! She had brown ice, has no curtains but always manages to scrape together money for a weekly facial.
  9. Yes, that was on Barbara but the second time it happened Carole called her, they spoke for half an hour and then they hung up, Carole immediately called her back to tell her that Carole had recorded the entire phone conversation. I mean who does that? That is some creepy shit right there. Then in late January the two talked again over the phone for a half hour, according to court papers. As soon as Kavovit hung up, Radziwill called her back and told her that both conversations had been recorded, the suit says. https://pagesix.com/2017/05/17/carole-radziwill-accused-of-recording-private-conversation/
  10. She says he's pursuing her. We never saw any of that on screen and no evidence as to who sent the tulips. Just like when they were "practically living together" (season 7), or when they were "nesting" (season 8) and when they were actually "shacking up" (season 9). Only Carole's word for it with nothing to back it up.
  11. Those oldies are nothing compared to other songs that go unmentioned. If we're talking about "bad and offensive songs" there are few worse than Gotcha by Joe Tex THe girl is literally running away from him!!!! I Gotcha Joe Tex I gotcha, uh huh, huh You thought I didn't see ya now, didn't ya, uh huh, huh You tried to sneak by me now, didn't ya, uh huh, huh Now gimme what you promised me, give it here Come on Hey Good God Hey Hey You promised me the day that you quit your boyfriend I'd be the next one to ease on in You promised me it would be just us two, yeah I'd be the only man kissin' on you, yeah Now, kiss me Hold it a long time, hold it Don't turn it a-loose, now hold it A little bit longer, now hold it Come on Hold it Hold it Hold it Hold it Now ease up on me now, good god Hey Good God Hey The girl's alright, y'all Ha ha Good God You made me a promise and you're gonna stick to it You shouldn't have promised if you weren't gonna do it You saw me and ran in another direction I'll teach… And how about Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones? She has to dress and act the way he wants....Jump Around by House of Pain "If your girl acts up I'm slapping the ho" and one last one Push by Matchbox 20 I wanna push you around Well I will, well I will I wanna push you down Well I will, well I will I wanna take you for granted I wanna take you for granted Yeah, well I will
  12. Yes, the millionaire "princess" who deigned to go to an Occupy Wall Street protest (but cameras were rolling and she needed to look like a SJW to keep with her fake hipster image) and then giggle at lunch asking if she was part of the 1%
  13. We need more details...spill all the tea!
  14. https://pagesix.com/2017/05/17/carole-radziwill-accused-of-recording-private-conversation/ The FIRST convo was at the filmed Bravo event where Barbara was running her mouth about Tom and Luann. Carole was wearing a mic and Barbara should have known better but didn't... Kavovit knew ”RHONY” was filming an episode at the party, but she thought she would have some privacy when she stepped aside to talk to Radziwill, the suit claims. BUT....later in January (after the wedding) Carole called Barbara on the phone, had a half hour conversation with her, when they hung up Carole immediately called her back to let her know that she (Carole ) had just recorded the entire conversation. Then in late January the two talked again over the phone for a half hour, according to court papers. As soon as Kavovit hung up, Radziwill called her back and told her that both conversations had been recorded, the suit says.
  15. Lizzie Grubman is a horrible person who deliberately ran her car into a crowd of people because she was having a temper tantrum. 2001 incident with an SUV[edit] On July 7, 2001, after being asked by security guards to remove her Mercedes from a fire lane, Grubman intentionally drove her father´s Mercedes Benz SUV[12] into a crowd of people outside of the Conscience Point Inn at 1976 North Sea Road in the Hamptons, injuring 16 people. Grubman was later charged in a 26-count indictment with felony crimes including second-degree assault, driving while intoxicated, and reckless endangerment.[13] The subsequent trial garnered widespread media coverage,[13][14][15] not only because of the particular circumstances of the crash, but because of what Richard Johnson, editor of the New York Post's Page Six, referred to as "the overreaching drama of class warfare."[16] Grubman was alleged to have made an inflammatory statement before striking her victims with her vehicle: "F*** you, white trash."[17] Later, allegations arose that she received "special treatment"[18] at the hands of police, who did not perform a Breathalyzer test[18] despite allegations, and later, criminal charges, that she was intoxicated at the time of the incident.[13][19] Grubman has said that the SUV incident was an accident.[20] In the criminal trial, Grubman faced up to eight years in prison, but served only thirty-eight days in jail and received five years' probation after reaching a plea bargain for leaving the scene of a car accident.[21]