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  1. Ghislaine Maxwell took the picture of Carole for the back of her book What Remains.
  2. I cringed when Michael described Juliana as a "resource" for his ex wife. If I was the ex wife I would have said something about how she won't be a resource or too involved with kids anyway since they live so close to New York where every major modeling agency is located so Juliana will be there most of the time right? Isn't that why Michael said he was bringing her over, to get her into the real modeling world, since she was rejected for work so he brought her over on K-1 I get the feeling that while grandma Diamond might have a liberal profession she gives off "conservative" vibes How can Tania think it's okay at all to leave Syngyn alone for a month!!!! First of all it's inconsiderate and rude, second he is so sweet and fine but out of sight out of mind. He'll be bored and lonely and prime for another woman setting her sights on him and she'll have a month to make it happen
  3. Yes but Korean is mostly phonetic so the symbols rarely change sounds. After a year she should be fairly fluent. Maybe not reading and writing but speaking and understanding My kid went to Japan as an exchange student and knew just a little Japanese and when she came home she was fluent. What helped her was total immersion. She did say that it's hard for awhile and then bam you're thinking in a foreign language (and dreaming too). Not learning the language of your new country is just lazy. Sorry if that offends but I have seen too many people who have been in the US longer than I've been alive who still don't know any English at all. And if my idiot mil can come to this country at 45 and learn English and go back to school to get a masters then anyone can.
  4. Perhaps. My bff is blonde with green eyes and men of color and Latinos have routinely fetishized her hair and eyes. And conversely some women have automatically hated her and used blonde as a pejorative. Yes it can be with used that way when said with disgust. She was even bullied out of a store by the women there who told her she didn't belong and needed to leave asap or else!
  5. My MiL did flower arranging for a couple like this. Turns out on the honeymoon he couldn't perform and then tried to blame her when it turned out he had diabetes and knew he was impotent to begin with
  6. I just discovered this show and am almost caught up on demand. It's pretty good so far.
  7. Sonja "Brown Ice" Morgan also washes her panties in the bidet and her sex toys in the dishwasher (with dishes, hey gotta save water)
  8. Akini, Fidel and Family Akini are awful and Benjamin needs to run as fast as he can. Benjamin might have been a bit of a dolt not bringing anything, he probably was jet lagged and so befuddled by having to jump through hoops to please her and the family but they were the rudest hosts I have ever seen on this show. And that includes all of the Families Chantel, immediate and extended. And fathers/brothers who are the gatekeepers of their sister's virtue vaginas are disgusting throwbacks who need to be brought into the 21st century. I understand a family looking out for a member but they want to make sure she goes to someone who will pay them (and a virgin will get them more money). I doubt they care as much about her feelings or well being as opposed to what they will get out of it. Ben might be a pasty, hairy and awkward but he seems sweet and he can definitely do better.
  9. So living in Utah has definitely influenced Deavan's choice to spell her daughter's name differently. It's a common Utah thing (and my boss sent me this video , he's not Mormon but is from Utah)
  10. These new infomercials where a RH is having a conversation about whatever are really annoying and should have a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen "paid endorsement"
  11. I loved Penelope's song at the end too. I also liked the unrequited love aspect of their relationship, it made it more real. The scene where they met and she stuck the cigarette in his mouth and boom! he was in love was incredible, so fast but told a story in two seconds. I loved the ending and the flashing back to him as Renoir. It's like we're all searching for that Renoir moment in our lives
  12. I have a feeling Shannon would be dead set against the Pill because of her homeopathic beliefs. Plus she strikes me as one of those who think that if birth control is available her kids will have sex and I don't think Shannon is cool with sex at all, she seems super uptight and I doubt she can ever just relax and enjoy anything
  13. African wedding? Does Angela not know that Africa is a continent with 54 countries. Different ethnicities within each country or region are going to have different traditions. But I guess it's all the same to her...
  14. USA is 8 times the size with their population around 55 million vs our 327 million. Those aren't good stats and I would not be relocating there for love or money
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