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Two new WLs last night? They were new to me.

The first had no Wayne (!) but Brad AND Jeff! That was fun. I love both of those guys. (I love Wayne too, but it's nice to get some variety.) The first game, Questions, was ok but too short. Plus, I prefer it without the hats. Aisha neglected to buzz Brad (I think it was) when he didn't speak in a question.

Duet was ok. Again, I prefer to guest or volunteer to just sit there and be sung to.

I was happy to see Moving People again, one of my favorite games. It makes me laugh hard. But before that, the proposal was a nice surprise. Really sweet and well done. I love that Aisha cried. Makes me like her more.

I was worried about Colin when Jeff made him fall off the stool. I thought he hit his head on the step, but hopefully not. I was reminded of when Chip jumped on Ryan's back way back when.

The second ep was had Wayne and Brad. They actually got 6 games in. In Film Dub Ryan did a get job syncing his voice to the film when he said, "Are you going to a fondue party?"

Dubbing was pretty good.

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1 hour ago, peeayebee said:

But before that, the proposal was a nice surprise. Really sweet and well done.

Must disagree.  A complete waste of time.  Why would I possibly care about two random people getting married?

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2 new eps last night, and 1 new one tonight.  Synposes below.


August 2, 2016:
S12:E11 - Brad Sherwood, Jeff Davis, Colin Mochrie Ryan Stiles, Misty May-Treanor1
Games Performed: Questions with Hats, Duet, Moving People (with audience members), Scenes from a Hat, Greatest Hits
S12:E12 - Wayne Brady, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan StilesL, yndie Greenwood
Games Performed: Hollywood Director, Duet, Film Dub, Dubbing, Living Scenery, Scenes from a Hat

August 3, 2016:
S12:E13 - Wayne Brady, Gary Anthony Williams, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Chris Jericho
Games Performed: Weird Newscasters, World's Worst, Duet, Scenes from a Hat, Living Scenery, Doo-Wop

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2 hours ago, Scott said:

Must disagree.  

Must you? ;)

Y'know, at first I was annoyed about the two people doing the proposal in such a public way, but I guess I liked it ok because of Aisha's reaction.

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Counting last week's, that was 4 nice episodes in a row. Still got a little Living Scenery and Helping Hands, but not 4 of each! Much as I like Wayne it was also nice to get Brad and Jeff at the same time. Variety is good in an Improv show. Who knew?

As for the proposal, I can see it being irrelevant. But I also liked how the cast was able to use it and speculating about the behind-the-scenes that led to Aisha involving them. And considering that "more audience involvement" is something we want, I think personal details is a fair cost to pay.

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I am getting pretty tired of the same games over and over again. Helping hands, duet, and the one where Wayne and the celeb stand in as props really need to get benched for a while. It's the same damn game every time. 


I'm also not a fan of Aisha stepping into SFAH when she wants to, for the main reason being that she is not funny.


But I'm still happy to have whose line on my television and chuckle at least a few times an episode.

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On 8/4/2016 at 11:20 AM, Loandbehold said:

Those of us in NYC didn't get the shows on Tuesday night, due to the Mets-Yankees game. Maybe they're available on demand.

Well, what do you know, the episodes are On Demand in NYC. I really enjoyed the Cabaret song done w/ Lyndie Greenwood. Then again, I'm a huge Fosse fan, so just seeing that as the style made me happy.

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So I just watched the newest one, with Chris Jericho. I thought he looked familiar, so I looked him up. He was on Hollywood Game Night. I don't remember much from his appearance there. Here he didn't impress me.

There wasn't all that much that I really enjoyed. I liked when after Ryan said all he remembers from 70's is Linda Ronstadt on roller skates, Colin said, "Wow! Listen to all the googling!" I also liked Colin's nursery rhyme pickup line, "Hey, diddle diddle?"

I'm going to keep on watching, but I probably won't come here to comment too much, unless there's something spectacular that happens.

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Even though Living Scenery popped up a few times, at least there was no Helping Hands, which I find worse. And I did think there was a little more variety with the games this week, which is good. Although in the last one my DVR said Wil Wheaton was supposed to be the guest instead of Chris Jericho.

Honestly the scheduling has had me wondering at the future of this show. Often times when one is burning off episodes, it's because they're getting rid of the show.

On 8/3/2016 at 5:47 PM, Scott said:

Must disagree.  A complete waste of time.  Why would I possibly care about two random people getting married?

Agreed, I think public proposals are tacky. They give me second hand embarrassment.

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I'd never heard of Rachel Bloom before, and I'm fairly certain I've never seen her in anything, but she was annoying. The third biggest problem I have with guest stars is when they try too hard to make the bits about them. She did everything she could to steal the show. Plus, the routines are more fun when it's with an audience member, because they aren't as comfortable on stage. Their awkwardness often makes for the best scenes.

It felt to me like the cast members are getting tired of the same 5-6 games. When Aisha would announce the next game they were like, "oh, big surprise!" They really need some new bits, or to bring back some variety from the older bits.

Scenes from a hat was great, and we didn't even have a 'things you would say about X but not your significant other."

I think every episode since the restart has a baby being born gag somewhere. This episode it was with Props. The baby being conceived was funny, especially, "what a horrible way to teach children!"

I'm still laughing and groaning about the black hole and the milky way.

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Rachel Bloom had a little more control of the song than she probably should have, but I'll take that over someone who just completely drops the ball. Since they're gonna keep having guests I can't blame the guests for wanting to do a little improv.

In fact, during Helping Hands she had some nice setups like "This is why I had that affair - oops!" which Ryan just missed/ignored, because he's accepted that it's just a stupid gag about getting food shoved in his mouth. This is the problem with that game - when they get someone who actually can contribute, it's even more obvious how much that repetition wastes everyone's time.

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You know, I didn't mind Rachel Bloom taking control of the song, just because she (as opposed to a lot of the other guests) actually has a background in improv - she's a UCB graduate - and comedic songs were always part of her bits.  So unlike a lot of the guests, she was actually helpful in setting up bits and keeping things going swimmingly.  

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I'd like to suggest a new game, or possibly a whole spin-off show: Ryan acting out movies he's never seen.

By the way, Lea Thompson looks great and I loved her enthusiasm for getting into the games.

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FINALLY an episode with no Helping Hands. Even Living Scenery wasn't terrible, there wasn't nearly the usual innuendo and Wayne and Brett did pretty well as the props. It was nice to see Party Quirks and Hoedown again. Wayne did a good job with his quirk but I can understand that being a really hard one to guess.

I'll confess I'm not the biggest fan of Duet because it seems unnecessary to have the celebrity guest/audience member be there, which is why I've appreciated the guests who at least try to sing along instead of swaying awkwardly. But this one worked, Brett didn't sing and risk dominating the song but still contributed by break dancing (though Jonathan looked close to hurting himself).

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Hubby & I didn't know there was a new incarnation!

We enjoy Aisha, love Gary, surprised at much we like Jonathan, glad to see Laura, really dislike the guest stars.

As far as the games - yes, there's more repetitiveness.  'Helping Hands' needs to go away forever.  'Moving People', too.  We miss the 'Irish Drinking Song', and 'Hoedown'.  There are too many songs.  Used to only be one an episode,  I think. 

I could watch 'SFAH' and 'Props' forever.  

But nothing will ever match Jeff Davis' 'Dust Storm', co-starring Chip.

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