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  1. Came here to post exactly this ^^^^. They wanted someone who worked with Lou Grant and Ted Baxter (the characters), not Ed Asner and Ted Knight (the actors).
  2. Oh, no, Ben! was on my Nerves! for the entire Episode!. He was just so very 'extra', as the kids say. I agree with the comments that Alex looked and sounded much better today--as was said, probably a new taping day after a bit of a rest or something. There have also been some solid contestants playing good games, which he always seems to enjoy. Wouldn't be surprised if he fed off that energy a bit.
  3. I've actually played a version of Ibble Dibble in French ("La vache qui tache") with some friends from Paris many, many years ago. I completely got sidetracked while watching this episode trying to remember those phrases.
  4. I commented to myself on Thursday that he was trying too hard to be like James, but (as someone else answered most, if not all, of the $1000 clues he was picking) without James' chops to back it up. Perfectly happy that he's gone. Dunno if I'd have the guts to do it on the show, but watching at home I got full of myself and answered "Der Fliegende Hollander" for the Wagner clue Friday.
  5. Halfway through, and also not really impressed. They're focusing too much on a series of people who just really aren't interesting or telling compelling stories, and by doing so, they're glossing over so much of the actual history. I'll probably finish it (what else is there to do?), but it's definitely fallen to "watch in the background while goofing off online or something" status.
  6. I definitely counted out "phlogiston", was dismayed to find it was only ten letters, and then luckily did make the "fifth" - "quint" connection in time.
  7. I changed my recording parameters to make sure I caught these (I hadn't been recording the previous repeats), but I did notice that it listed last night's as Season 36, Episode two hundred and something, so I'm guessing that was their intent. Technically, I suppose it is a new show, since it had Alex's intro. A number of people mentioned that Alex didn't comment on the runaway--I seem to remember that was explicitly not done for quite a while, as if to not give any "help" on people's wagering. I could be completely wrong on that, of course. I also was listening to see if there were any responses that would be different today, and I didn't catch any. (Well, other than Alex's correction of "Who is Eve Arden?", of course.)
  8. The Connecticuts surprised me as well, but as I thought about it more, it's probably the least-wrong wrong answer: it does border three states, and they all have Ivies. Nothing else meets that. (Granted, there are many states that fulfill 2/3 of the criteria by bordering 3 states and not having an Ivy, but I think that's a lower bar.)
  9. Agreed 100%. I finally watched episode 1 last night, and am really not sure about the rest. Does he feature as prominently, or do other people take more screen time? If there's as much of him, I think I'm out.
  10. Same problem here. Just glad I caught it after only one week. The end of Soma vs. Subaru, with my new favorite line, "an amusement park of delicious meat glory".
  11. I didn’t realize Sister Wendy had died until today’s clue.
  12. Actually, Alex, “the Pigeon sisters” was enough, thankyouverymuch.
  13. I was wondering about the segregation in Vegas, after having it called out in this episode and not the Vegas ones, and if I'm reading things right it looks like, in this time frame, some hotel/casinos would make some exceptions if the performer was a big enough name. I loved that you could hear Camelot being rehearsed when they were waiting for the backer's run-through of Sophie's show to start. When they lost the theater, I assumed that was the show that would be taking it, and had quite the laugh when it turns Miss Julie stole Camelot's theater instead.
  14. I'm way behind on these, so this may have already been resolved, but...Bret Weston Wellis? Donna Sweet? Please tell me the other two in the group will have similarly pun-tastic names...
  15. One of the bumper photos (or maybe it was the one from when his name is announced, I can’t remember) did have him in the 5 Timer smoking jacket.
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