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  1. I am not looking forward to a second day of Julia.
  2. Didn't remember him from the concourse (although after the fact, I do remember reading about it), but knew him from his photo and the "long-time New York senator" clue.
  3. Wow, I must have been in a bad mood last night, because I really wasn't impressed with Buzzy at all. I didn't dislike him, as I did when he was a contestant, but I thought his diction seemed sloppy and that he was just going through the motions. Maybe a certain contestant's obnoxiousness set me off...I'll try to be more open tonight.
  4. I'll admit, I never would have gotten it solely from the photo, but knowing the category I figured that's who it had to be.
  5. Did we know that this last batch were only doing it for one week each, instead of two?
  6. I was certain of Buenos Aires, fairly sure on Bogota, and debated between Santiago and Caracas for #3. Lucky we didn't need three. I was fairly certain Brasilia was too small (although upon later review, it's larger than I thought it was). Lima never even crossed my mind.
  7. Actually, I don't think "eclipse" is valid, even without mentioning Apollo 8. When we have a lunar eclipse, the earth is between the sun and the moon, so that would make a solar eclipse there.
  8. I'll admit, my favorite part of yesterday's show was the story about having too many board games on the shelf and still Kickstartering more...I, umm, may relate to that a bit.
  9. If I were the clue writer, I probably would have steered it toward "the band known by this three-letter acronym" just to try to be clearer. As it was written, though, I think they certainly covered themselves well enough that a) it fit the category, b) "ELO" was the intended answer, and c) "Electric Light Orchestra" would not be accepted.
  10. Wow, I wouldn't have expected that. It's not listed in their online version. The 'alternate' answer (at least in my head) that surprised me was mauve, in the "au" category. They asked for a shade of purple that was derived from French, and I was never more confident than I was about "aubergine". (AHD online directs you to 'eggplant' when looking up aubergine, and it does list the color there, so I think I'd have been good.)
  11. Yeah, I was all proud of my Latin and was trying my hardest to figure out when Ewan McGregor starred in "The Horseshoe Collector" ... oops.
  12. Wow, I still really hate the tiebreaker. They were both excellent contestants, and I would have liked to have seen another game with them both. (The contestant in the middle was sharp, too--good game all around.) I was glad we finally had a day where none of the contestants did anything silly during their introductions. It seems like we've had a major uptick this week in goofy waves, little hand signals, and other crap that sets me rooting against someone from the get-go.
  13. Came here to post exactly this ^^^^. They wanted someone who worked with Lou Grant and Ted Baxter (the characters), not Ed Asner and Ted Knight (the actors).
  14. Oh, no, Ben! was on my Nerves! for the entire Episode!. He was just so very 'extra', as the kids say. I agree with the comments that Alex looked and sounded much better today--as was said, probably a new taping day after a bit of a rest or something. There have also been some solid contestants playing good games, which he always seems to enjoy. Wouldn't be surprised if he fed off that energy a bit.
  15. I've actually played a version of Ibble Dibble in French ("La vache qui tache") with some friends from Paris many, many years ago. I completely got sidetracked while watching this episode trying to remember those phrases.
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