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  1. Actually, Alex, “the Pigeon sisters” was enough, thankyouverymuch.
  2. I was wondering about the segregation in Vegas, after having it called out in this episode and not the Vegas ones, and if I'm reading things right it looks like, in this time frame, some hotel/casinos would make some exceptions if the performer was a big enough name. I loved that you could hear Camelot being rehearsed when they were waiting for the backer's run-through of Sophie's show to start. When they lost the theater, I assumed that was the show that would be taking it, and had quite the laugh when it turns Miss Julie stole Camelot's theater instead.
  3. I'm way behind on these, so this may have already been resolved, but...Bret Weston Wellis? Donna Sweet? Please tell me the other two in the group will have similarly pun-tastic names...
  4. One of the bumper photos (or maybe it was the one from when his name is announced, I can’t remember) did have him in the 5 Timer smoking jacket.
  5. Frankly, toward the end, I was pulling for him not to, because he had just played so poorly that he really didn’t deserve it. At least he didn’t miss the ridiculously easy FJ.
  6. Which one wasn’t it in? I had been noticing it as well, even before reading the other posts that talked about it, and I was sure it had been in all of them this season.
  7. That may be the raunchiest thing I've ever heard Alex say...and I loved it.
  8. I instagot Streisand, and then spent the next 29.3 seconds thinking "Oooh, what about Cher?". Luckily I stuck to my guns with Barbra. After seeing the other names mentioned here, I did Google the list to see where Cher and the rest ranked. I would strongly advise everyone not to bother, a) because it's behind a paywall, and b) because I could see that the #2 was Taylor Swift, so the entire thing is clearly invalid anyway.
  9. I was pretty confident with East India Company right away, but only when I could picture the logo seen in the film was I comfortable that I didn't need a "British" or something else in front of it.
  10. Apologies for the sideways-ness of the photos. Was showing some friends from out of town around Olvera Street in LA over the weekend, and saw something that made me chuckle.
  11. I had forgotten about Kings—that was a great show. I knew it thanks to the musical King David. One of the songs is, quite straightforwardly, “Goliath of Gath”.
  12. I've had a bunch of these sitting on my DVR, and I finally got around to watching the Gronk/Edelman episode. It was entirely the train wreck I had hoped for and so much more...
  13. This is annoying: https://www.businessinsider.com/top-guns-maverick-appears-changed-to-please-chinas-communist-party-2019-7
  14. Scott

    Cats (2019)

    How did nobody, at no point during this entire process, not say "Hmm, y'know, maybe not."?
  15. They may find words that way, but they wouldn't find the inflections. Granted, for what they're doing, that may not matter, since if it is some sort of code phrase as they're assuming (I've only watched up to this episode so far), things like case/number/tense may not matter if they can get "close enough" to the intended phrase. I did laugh, though--I had that exact same edition of that dictionary, also bought in 1985! A bonus bit of nostalgia for me.
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