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I just read that the winning designer and winning mentor did NOT each win a Lexus, as was advertised.  What they "won" was a 1-year lease of a Lexus.  Both Oscar and Nick turned it down, fearing that they might have to pay through the nose at the end of the year for each and every little ding in the car.

So this show was not only bad, it was cheap!   The only good thing is that the right person won.  Three cheers for Oscar, Nick, Heidi, and NPH!

The way the Lexus guy talked when he was in the workroom made me suspect it wasn't an outright win. He said something to the effect the winning designer would have a Lexus 'for your use'. Glad to have my suspicions confirmed.

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Who believes Tim when said the assignments of helpers was the luck of the draw? Anyone? Beuhler? Me either.

If he thinks Asha could have won, he needs a new set of glasses.

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Tim is either delusional or full of it. Some of Sam's stuff was ok, but half of it I wouldn't be too terribly shocked to find in the juniors section at Kohls......which is fine in terms of job prospects, but not the sort of thing that should win a runway show, even on this crap fest.

Asha's collection was hideous and was only not also falling apart because of Michelle.

It was also refreshing that when Oscar got Natalia as his helper, he didn't whine about being stuck with a helper that wasn't good at construction. He was nice to her and found things she could do. We saw more actual mentoring from Oscar than any of the supposed mentors on the show. That alone was enough to make me happy for an Oscar win.

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Apololgies if this is a repeat but micat over on Television without Pity provides a link to a website called trashtalktv which has a review of the season and includes a quote from Sam (talk about damning with faint praise):

I think the only thing I have to say is that I feel like a winner,
and I don’t know that $100k and a car could have added much to that. I
made my family so happy, and so proud, and Tim Gunn said on his post
show disclosure that he thinks I (or Asha) should have won.

Do I think my collection was better than Oscar’s? Yes, and there are a
bunch of reasons I could use to argue that either Asha or my collection
should have come out on top over his. BUT: while I think Asha and I
probably DESERVED to win over him, on a design/creative level, there is
really no arguing that he EARNED his win over the rest of the three of
us in the judges eyes, no matter the ultimate success of his finale
collection, or his creative abilities. Man is a couturier, and that’s
hard to argue with.

Still, it’s hard to see any of his clothes on anyone but a Real Housewife of InsertCityHere.

He didn't mention Shan at all so I'm guessing Team Mondo stands solidly together. He is not complimenting Oscar when he writes "man is a courturier..."; he did not make points with Heidi with his views on that subject.

I really appreciate micat posting this. The review is fun to read.

I posted here because I didn't think the Lifetime site had approved it (now it has shown up).  Now it is tripled posted, sigh, but micat was still my original source for the lead.

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While everyone seems to be whining about Oscar's win (and by everyone I mean Mondo, Anya, Tim, Sam and Asha), I think they are so focused on their viewpoint and entitlement that they are missing the bigger picture....Project Runway is Heidi's baby.  When the complainers are complaining they are essentially complaining about Heidi's (and NPH) taste and sophisication.  It seemed that the only reason Oscar won was due to Heidi's insistence and comments (combined with NPH).  While it might feel good to complain to the world, it may be super short sighted as Heidi may not be quick to want any of these people (with the exception of Tim due to contracts and public relations) to be too closely associated with the franchise anymore.

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Re Sam's quote above from MICAT - what is the difference between deserving the win and earning the win?  Did Sam and Asha get more gold stars on the class attendance list?  Did they clean the blackboard more than Oscar? Were they better at standing in line on the way to the drinking fountain and restroom?  Oscar deserved and earned his win!

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Well, I hated that fabric that Sam was so in love with, loathed it actually.  It was so drab!  Who wants all their clothes to look like gray HBO static?  I wouldn't have given him the win even if I had liked the clothes he made with that fabric. 

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Sadly, Sam drank too much of the Kool-Aid on set.  The mob mentality of the contestants and mentors (other than Oscar and Nick) was just too pervasive for Sam to be able to withstand. People older and more experienced than him get sucked into that black hole of negativity and self-entitlement when they just can't get out of the environment.

It's the design version of the Stockholm Syndrome.  If you don't acquiesce to the demands of your captors, you'll be punished.  And Sam was just too weak to resist.

If you go back to the earliest episodes, he wasn't as judgmental and snotty.  Asha was, so obviously she helped make the Kool-Aid.

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So very sad that this came under the Project Runway umbrella.  What a horrible show - would never watch a season 2 if they are dumb enough to do one. 

Anya - never a fan, couldn't understand the love from the judges on her season, but was willing to forgive and forget that sad chapter of PR before this mess. 

Mondo, I thought he was robbed on his season and then that he was "anointed" during his season of All Stars, which was a turn off and some of his inner bitchiness came out, but it wasn't until this show that his true self shone through- and it's not pretty, Mondo.

And Tim, Tim.... I don't even know what to say... I can only hope that you were  having a medical issue - maybe TIAs and it caused this alternate petty, bitchy Tim to come out. 

Never thought I would see Heidi come to the rescue, somehow I always pictured Tim in shining armor coming in the nick of time to save the day.  So very sad. 



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I'm so glad Oscar won. I was afraid when I heard the Asha love being handed down by the judges. For what?? I agree with whoever mentioned it above: Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 is NOT a compliment!! So glad NPH and Heidi have sense and voices and actually understand the judging criteria for a show like this.

My biggest problem with Sam's collection was that it was all done in that one fabric. It looked like the same outfit repeated 5 times except maybe with a stripe from an exploded highlighter pen here and there. I would have liked it better if he used it as an accent with other fabrics as a way to represent his growth...that he didn't need to cling to what he was at the beginning so much.

Shan...what happened?? Did seeing your cute kids turn some creativity switch off in your head? I was sorry he was last but it was disappointing.

Anyway I am glad this show is over and I plan to ignore the Season 2 thread because I only have 1 wish: NO SEASON 2!

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I'm one who won't be back for a second season if, heaven forbid, they're considering one. Junk show, terrible judges, behavior I don't want to reward with my eyeballs.

I follow Oscar and Nick on Instagram and must say that it's a pleasure watching them enjoy the experience. Two seemingly nice guys. So happy for them.

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