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  1. I added a comment to your recap. I didn't want you to feel lonely over there. I do read it. I didn't realize having people commenting would be meaningful. Threads isn't exciting, but sometimes excitement is not what I'm looking for. I thought this was the best episode with Michael, Christopher and Christian, though last week had a better cast and the fashion students did a nice job. I think this show could be salvaged if they got rid of all the judges and mentors except Christian, tossed out the unconventional materials challenges, and maybe had the winners of each week actually meet
  2. On to the third disk which has my favorite episode: "Race to the Finish" which has the most Swatch at Mood (including Tim Gunn chasing Swatch, and Swatch speaks) but also the elimination "There's a Pattern Here" is the episode where Mondo makes his big announcement on the runway. The accusations that Michael Costello couldn't sew are disproved though they linger as an idea for no good reason other than meanness. Coincidentally Michael Costello appeared on Project Runway: Threads 11/20/14 as one of the Project Runway alumni who act as sewing assistants to the young designers, and he is
  3. Kimanni was something else...she loved rather too much having workers (I did notice the wrapping around her hand once they got in the workroom but I had the feeling she always has the entitled princess vibe going on with or without an injured hand). I thought Bella and her grandmother were very cute together. Too bad she didn't stick with her original design; she might have won...the bubble skirt was just too short. Tieler's mother was a bit much but obviously cares about him, and I liked his prom look the best. I thought the Project Runway alumni were very nice to their young bosses. Ove
  4. The three contestants create prom dresses with the help of Project Runway alumni Michael Costello, Dom Streater, and Christopher Palu. My bad...I accidentally tagged the thread with the "no spoilers" thread. I hope one of the regular monitors can correct that. I meant no harm.
  5. Not too crazy about this character, or maybe its the actor I'm having trouble with. They are a little challenged with this one because Harvey Dent is supposed to be more or less on the side of good but then is pushed over to the side of evil; but this guy isn't pushed but is rushing forward. (My understanding is that he eventually he picks which direction he goes in by a flip of a coin, but if the coin he uses is two-headed, what's the point of that? Probably a different coin, eh?) I tend to like the way they introduced Robert Taylor as the Penguin because the audience has a chance to see
  6. This will probably doom her but I also can see La Tasha winning this...she is the only one who has shown some consistent leadership skills and really tries to keep her team mates on track, and she seems to be able to cook. I was very confused by Bryant's outburst...he was channeling some alternative version of himself and it wasn't pretty. He didn't own up to his mistakes and started babbling in a way that made me wonder if the stress wasn't getting to him. Aaron probably did what made most sense for him. I don't know how much anyone really learns from Hell's Kitchen (I suppose you get wel
  7. Now that it has been revealed that the challenge given to the designers may not have the same criteria the judges are using (see Project Runway All Stars thread on "Something Wicked This Way Comes" or the interview with Chris March (http://bloggingprojectrunway.blogspot.com/ ), a big improvement would be to have the judges show their criteria for judging the fashions both with the designers and the audience. Right now it seems altogether arbitrary. Certainly rules should not be made at the beginning of a challenge that are then changed when the judging is made. That's just ridiculous (and Ch
  8. dialyn

    Fix The Show

    I tend to agree with that. It is one thing for the unlamented Josh to talk his client out of a difficult tattoo, and quite another for Julia to be unprofessional in her interaction with her client. She really earned that giant tattoo that she put on herself instead of working with her client (and I noticed her attitude changed the next episode -- the one she was eliminated on, ironically -- so maybe she did learn something from the experience). I do think there should be a difference made between a client who walks out because he or she has a change of mind (that would be the appropriate
  9. I absolutely appreciated you pointing it out. I don't know how it happened but it is strangely hard to correct. Many thanks!
  10. Sorry...I guess it won't let me link directly. You can get to the interview from here (if this one works): http://bloggingprojectrunway.blogspot.com/ Fingers crossed.
  11. That seems like a significant piece of information to edit out but, now that I read that, it does make some of the results make more sense (such as the branches on Helen's design). Thank you for sharing that interview...anyone who is interested in Chris's side of things will find it illuminating: http://bloggingprojectrunway.blogspot.com/ Edited to correct link.
  12. I'm probably a little dense, but I don't see how Tim Gunn's misread of the judges' preferences (and, really, who could predict the judges from week to week) and giving advice on that misreading does anything but hurt the designers, not the judges. We really don't know what Tim Gunn had in mind for "Under the Gunn" but he put his name on it and part of the problem of the show was related to his behavior during it....no, I'm not giving him a free pass on that. As for what Nick has done that was worthwhile, I think that depends on your viewpoint. I imagine one reason he was included is that th
  13. I don't know how much influence Tim Gunn has on the actual judging. On "Under the Gunn," he made well known his preference for certain contenders, but Heidi and Neil Patrick Harris came in at the end, overrode him, and created a different ending from the one he wanted. According to Heidi, the reason why Gretchen won over Mondo is that guest judge Jessica Simpson changed her vote to join Nina Garcia and Michael Kors for a Gretchen win. The point is that it probably means the least that Tim Gunn has a preference and more weight to the judges and whoever is the swing vote in case of a tie. So
  14. In Masterchef Junior, they have an eight and nine year olds going against 12 year olds, which seems an equally challenging gap. Or it would if the eight year old wasn't an amazing cook (so far, but she may trip up at some point) and actually so are the nine year olds. In Threads, the 16 year old might seem too old but the girls didn't seem particularly intimidated by him. At first I wondered about having relatives as assistants (especially those who seem a little less than helpful) but I can see where having them around would be reassuring. I was dubious because every time my mother tried
  15. I guess I never saw him taste it in order to say that. My bad. Thank you for the clarification.
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