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  1. Sigh. I miss the simple days before when at least basic modeling principles and quality photographs were a priority to someone. I suspect the credible photographers who offered that wouldn't be caught anywhere near this mess. I sat through a lot of Tyra's extra silliness to get to that small reward.
  2. Drew probably overdid, but this is a welcome departure from Tyra's pity cases. He's someone who actually hires models, has those connections, and - yes - can help do what he stated. That she refuses to get that major reality check must be frustrating. That's also where, like others, I do have a problem with overdoing the "boss/brand" nonsense this season.
  3. If memory isn't failing me, I believe there was an even weirder part of the story: she also "spoke" to Princess Diana. Lovely, affirming conversations. Di "approved."
  4. My life is complete: I finally saw B-L-A-N bride yesterday. The icing on the cake for me were the construction paper (i think - cheap, whatever they were) butterflies that had nothing to do with her stated theme. This from a woman who trashed the others for not going as far as they could to realize their respective visions.
  5. What more can they say about the few "moments" shown that hasn't been said or obvious to anyone watching or listening? And why, in heaven's name, would they need more than one "part" to rehash the old and borning? YOU ARE NOT INTERESTING PEOPLE.
  6. I came late to Juniors 1 (mother ship burnout). Were there so many gimmicky challenges?
  7. And we're supposed to use her as our healthy living role model.
  8. No clue re work done; but I follow her on Instagram, where the real Megan usually bears little resemblance to the character i remember - or the woman in the pic above.
  9. Didn't he leave his pregnant girlfriend for this skank? He's no prize.
  10. So that's tonight's show, not just a lame promo? Browns, you suck. TLC, you suck more.
  11. There's acknowledging the obvious, e.g., as a white, middle-class woman I can't completely grasp someone else's very different life experiences even as I want to and I try. Then there's willful ignorance. Good heavens. How can one go through life - interacting with people, observing, reading the freaking news (or anything else) - and find any of this shocking? Jill is despicable if she was represented accurately here and stupid if she's allowing herself to be portrayed that way for whatever spotlight she thinks she and her no-talent daughter are getting from participation in this mes
  12. Career journalist and 10-year blogger here. What the hell does that even mean?! The byline tells you WHO WROTE THE FREAKING WORDS.
  13. Agree on both counts. Too much time wasted saying nothing more informative than Kelly's go-to "bee-u-ti-ful" and equally lame phrases. Looking in particular at you, NeNe, and that "Star A, we need to talk" you had going on last night. And the mouth guard thing was wrong on so many counts.
  14. I got more "fashion" watching the snippets shown on E! News last night than I did watching "Fashion police." That is unacceptable.
  15. If Grey's, I think he means Bailey's husband, who was in an accident on the way to the hospital when she was in labor with Tuck. He had a different last name, so that didn't connect. Someone called his cell number and got another intern.
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