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  1. I wondered about this as well. I can't remember if Brienne told Lady SH about her quest to find her daughter( s ) in the books or not, but I guess Arya being alive is some new info she could share. Unless of course she only gets to say "a word"
  2. Loved pretty much everything in this episode. My favorite parts were Pod, Brienne & Hot Pie, Oberyn & Tyrion and Arya & the Hound. Hot Pie was so darn adorable between "never give up on the gravy!" And the dire wolf for Arya. The "that's where the heart is" scene was perfect. Also loved the Hound sharing his story. I'm really gonna miss that pairing. Since both Biter & Rorge appear to be dead, I wonder if they are skipping that bit or if someone else will end up attacking Brienne. Oberyn telling Tyrion about their first meeting was also perfect. And yes, I definitely ge
  3. I like the way you think.For me, that finale was the cherry on top of this turd sundae of a season. Not only did Dave & Conner win, but we got to hear about the Brenchel Baby, Dave's Achilles, and listen to the country singers whine about minor slights....tho the Taxi stealing attempt was definitely dirty pool. But worst of all, not a single task was interesting or remotely challenging. Almost entirely boiled down to taxi luck, except for the Brenchels who screwed themselves running around the hotel.....but if they hadn't been pure idiots, it should have been all taxi luck. The only th
  4. Artem & Pasha are my favorite SYTYCD ballroom guys. Meryl + Artem would have been sweet. Ballas has actually mostly not annoyed me this year, which is shocking. I wonder if he's not over trying because he assumed he wouldn't win this year.
  5. I mostly want them to be entertaining, but not torpedo their civilian's chances by doing their schtick instead of giving clues or whatever they are supposed to be doing. It drives me nuts when they let the clock run while they are busy making jokes or whatever. Being halfway decent at the games is a plus too.
  6. I definitely got the impression that the judges were less than impressed with the guy that lost, but I think what did him in was talking about how life wasn't worth living if you couldn't drink, after two contestants shared their stories about overcoming addiction. Of course it's all edited, so I could be entirely wrong. I did enjoy the guy who forgot his egg's, "good news is, you don't have to eat any more 100 year old eggs!" Comment. I wish they'd just put in a second ice cream machine.
  7. This show has given me a greater appreciation for Meryl as an athlete and an Ice Dancer. I never disliked Meryl, but the pair was all about Charlie and his flowing golden curls for me until DWTS. Her quality of movement and musicality have really impressed me.
  8. I like Arrested Development, but I agree about the "if you don't think it's funny, it's because you're too stupid to get it" attitude of some fans. I've seen the same thing from hardcore Community fans and it just makes me dislike the show even more than the Ep I tried to watch. As for The Office & Modern Family, which have been mentioned several times....they're very hit and miss for me. I've never watched either regularly, but have seen both in syndication. There are some eps I think are really funny and others where there's no laughs to be had. Both were better their first couple
  9. I love Sci Fi and I'm not opposed to teenagery elements. I watched every Harry Potter and I still watch Degrassi lol, but the way CW approaches it just doesn't appeal to me. I think it's not so much the love triangles, but rather that they aren't interesting love triangles and I agree it would be nice if they were more the B plot. I have a bad feeling that rather than explore the culture and history of the grounders or the challenges of surviving the show will mostly be about romance plots and fighting the grounders. Kind of like how Revolution devolved into Miles/Rachel/ Monroe & Brat
  10. Team Tiffany ftw! Fortunately we aged out of the great boy band debate before they got popular.
  11. My sister & I are about 1.5 years apart in age and about the only thing musical more contentious between us than the merits of NKOTB was Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson.
  12. The CWness of the show is definitely detracting from my enjoyment of it, but it is a show on the CW..... I guess they are aiming to please their current fan base, rather than drawing in a new one or maybe they hope they can do both by keeping the teenagery love triangles and adding in the soap operay ark stuff and mashing it all into a sci fi theme. I suspect I'll end up giving up on it like I did with the tomorrow people, but it has a bit more of a cheese factor that keeps it more interesting. Fart clouds and psychedelic beans will only hold me so long. I need radioactive unicorns, part
  13. Haha sadly no. I didn't even like boy bands when I was of an appropriate age.
  14. No celebrities have tried to buy my vote :(. I'm easily bought guys, so WTH? Try harder! My favorite color is black. Hat size 7 1/4. I like stickers.
  15. Probably clever editing, but if they have a set number of seasons in mind, as opposed to keep churning til they pull the plug, it might make sense to have a season that explores Philizabeth trying to break free of their spy life before wrapping up their story.
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