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S02.E07: Shiva - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

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1 minute ago, mightysparrow said:

Totally agree.  Where did this 'monster' Chris come from?  He was one of the nicest kids of the bunch.  Boring as shit, but much nicer than Nick or Alicia.  What the fuck happened?

It is either bad writing or bad food. We may find out it's the latter.

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1 minute ago, Sherry67 said:

What is with Nick constantly drenched in blood and guts?

This makes me giggle.  His goo is always so symmetrical. I'm sure they filmed all Nick's gore scenes at once.

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Just now, JackONeill said:

What is Wayward Pines?

It was a kind of surreal, weird, Twin Peaks-meets-Lost-esque story on Fox last year, starring Matt Dillon.  This year there is a new lead actor.

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Just now, Brooklynista said:

Im convinced the show runners know I'm organizing my sock drawer while this is on and they've added these damn subtitles to try and make me pay attention.

My socks need organizing.....

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10 minutes ago, MostlyContent said:

So now Travis is just going to desert everybody??  

This show is mind boggling. Why would Travis abandon everybody for his sick son? His son tried to kill him.

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These Daniel scenes are from a different show that doesn't involve zombies. And is still kind of dull. Celia is the fucking worst, but hat was a bitch move of Madison. How many people is she going to have to massacre to "protect" Travis from all of his bad ideas?

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