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  1. Not to cast aspersions, but Michael's race should have nothing to do with this. Why should someone mind the lead character being black? That isn't a part of the conversation. (I should hope. ) I've seen a lot of accusations that Michael is a Mary Sue character. And I guess I can see that. As far as I can tell, if the character is a professionally competent female, she is considered a Mary Sue. I'd like to gently push back on that. Why is it acceptable for a man, the captain, to run around with all the ideas, but unacceptable for a woman? We all have bosses, it doesn't mean they are the smartest or most capable people in the room. Michael is far from being perfect. The first season was riddled with her mistakes, both personal and professional. But she is competent and unapologetic about it. I love that. Discovery is changing the focus a bit. Away from the well-used brilliant captain figures it out. Just like DS9 changed the focus a bit away from starships. I liked the episode. It had some bad spots that I didn't like, but overall it was good. I agree that the Vulcan family drama is already a little dull. Some families just aren't close. It sucks, but none of them seemed to care about that until this episode.
  2. Teresa really should have made a run for it. Or picked up something heavy and tried to kill the old man. Ford is evil as shit. Just next level evil. I get that he's a god at this theme park...but having that woman beaten to death by her robot lover is just terrible. And why did he pick on her? Charlotte is obviously the bigger problem. What is going to stop Charlotte from going forward with her plans? Maybe this just means Charlotte will decide to poison his afternoon tea. Also, has Ford failed to notice that he is old as hell? This house of cards is going to fall down and quickly. He's got the vigor and evil plans of a much younger man. How much longer does he intend to live? While I love Maeve, I'm starting to side-eye her story. Threatening to kill Sylvester unless he helped her escape was a step too far. At the end of the day, they still have more power than her. If his life is on the line, what is to stop him from saying "screw this job, that robot is dangerous!" I know the writers just want to get to Maeve leading a robot rebellion by the end of the season, but this is clumsy. It makes no sense. They could kill her and lobotomize her before she could do a damn thing. They could make her so dumb she wouldn't begin to know how to plot escapes. Instead, they look scared and impressed by her threats. Charlotte is the worst! I don't care how much sexual freedom is floating around in this future, you don't call a meeting and then answer the door naked. She did everything but twirl her mustache in that scene. How is Ford going to explain why the fired Bernard is still hanging around the office? So now we know that the room "Bernard" speaks to Delores in, is most likely the murder room we saw at the end of this episode. Who thinks the host incubating is going to be a replacement Elsie? Bernard and Elsie were in it together, which means that Ford knew what Elsie was up to. Why did Ford have to make Bernard sad? He could have made him an asexual workaholic. He could have made Bernard a happily married man who occasionally has lovely phone conferences with his wife. Why make him the bereaved father of a dead child? Are we to assume that the pictures Bernard had are just some random black child Ford took photos of. That's disturbing. In sum, Ford is a total asshole. I don't care about William and Delores. I'm really trying. But they are so dull. And who keeps curling Delores's hair? William blathering on about how "real" this experience was irked me. He knows he is talking to a robot. He knows he is at a theme park. Calm down, sir. Stop acting crazy. Why does everyone want to find deeper meaning in this weird ass park? Who goes to Disneyworld to figure out what the Small World ride "really means?" I mean, technically, Delores is at work! You don't see people deciding that their time spent with "Cinderella" is the realest thing to ever happen to them. Maybe Delos's game is to introduce LSD to the guests and see the effects in stressful or sexy situations.
  3. These people are human dumpster fires. Travis gets to live even though he took murderous revenge, but the med student has to die for attempting the same? What bs! Alicia didn't even seem to like Travis that much. I agree that the presentation of Chris's death was odd. It felt like an afterthought. I just don"t care about these characters. Except for Strand. Who this family will eventually kill.
  4. That's what I thought, too. It was just an oxygen line, right? He wasn't hooked up to a machine that was breathing for him. The oxygen line just helps by delivering more oxygen to your lungs. Without it - you breathe regular air. This scene made me laugh when I was supposed to be taken aback by this cold-blooded murder. All I could think was, "that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!" All he had to do was breathe like he normally does. He wasn't on a breathing tube. He wasn't reliant on that for the only oxygen he could get. He should have been looking at her like, "what are you doing? Nurse! Nurse!" I was put off by creepy son who kidnapped a damn cat to torture it. Yuck. We didn't need that. Are we to suspect that the kid was the serial killer? I hated the peppy, youngest daughter. She seemed like she was going to stamp her feet and say "gee whiz, guys! We've got to do the right thing!" How did someone like her end up in this family? Where has Garrett been? And why was he forced to shave with a sharp knife? This seems supremely unnecessary on his part. Even if he wanted to get away from his family, that didn't mean he had to fall in with Alaskan bush people. (I'm talking about that weird family that has a show on the Discovery channel.
  5. Why did Daniel set that fire? Why would he? He endangered the life of the daughter he is so obsessed with. And then he just stood there. Like a crazy asshole who doesn't know that fire is hot. I find it ironic that Nick doesn't fear the walking dead. I wonder what his plan is. He is going to just walk among the zombies forever? Is he going to stay in the burned out husk of the mansion with angry employees who that hate him? Madison's murder of Celia doesn't seem to have affected her at all. Or it has upset her terribly. I can't tell. It's clear that it was all for naught. I really wanted them to just hit Nick upside the head and force him into the truck.
  6. These Daniel scenes are from a different show that doesn't involve zombies. And is still kind of dull. Celia is the fucking worst, but hat was a bitch move of Madison. How many people is she going to have to massacre to "protect" Travis from all of his bad ideas?
  7. Wow, Chris is far more incisive than we have given him credit for.
  8. This Chris story just doesn't feel earned. Three weeks or so ago he was recording his "deep thoughts" and now he is taking 6 year old children hostage? BS! Can Nick really not see how he is acting nuts. They've only been there for one day! How are three of them officially crazy already?
  9. I feel like I say this every week, but once again: this fucking show! Why couldn't we keep Luis? Why? And why was Daniel such a dick? He didn't need to throw away that coin right in front of the dying man. What a disgusting waste of Dougray Scott. Did he not know that the people dying around him were going to turn at the church? All he had to do was get back in his truck. Just get in the truck! How is that hard? Are we to understand that deep into the ZA he decided to hang out with people who had been poisoned and were all quickly dying? This show is so dumb. Why are we doing the barn story again? I can just see the writers sitting around trying to figure out what to do this season. They figured the Lizzie story and the barn story worked so....why not join them? Strange choice. I'm bored by the Chris story. He has gone all in with the crazy in the most annoying way. What was with Nick having first season flashbacks? Seemed a bit unnecessary. It's too early for them to be burnt out on the ZA. Earn it. I like Nick's styling earlier in the season 1. The slicked back mess is not his best look. So Daniel killed a kid in his past life as a state sponsored murderer? Bad Daniel! That church scene went on forever. I felt like I'd actually gone to mass by the end of it.
  10. I know that Callie has made some big mistakes, but Arizona didn't exactly cover herself in glory. The whole situation gives me a Treaty of Versailles kind of feeling and that didn't work out so well for anyone. This custody storyline has been absurd and mishandled from the beginning. Arizona needs to go a lot easier on Callie, because the situation could easily change in the near future. It's all about the best interests of the child. Callie could absolutely get back some measure of custody in the near future. She could get full physical custody. It's best not to have rage blackouts and publicly humiliate the other parent. While I get it, because Callie essentially slapped AZ in the face, I just think acting like the Romans at Carthage is never a good idea in custody matters. I didn't see AZ finally telling Callie about herself, I saw someone kicking a woman while she was down. Callie didn't even have the heart to defend herself. They clearly need to be one of those ex-couples that only communicate through emails. I can't believe that all this drama came from Penny. She reminds me of Anne from Arrested Development. Just so incredibly bland that you could forget she was there right after she left the room. I just do not care about Meredith and the hate sex she is having with Martin Henderson. Not into that at all. I knew Fez was going to die. Classic Greys. What is Jo's game? She seemed so dedicated to Alex. She must have some ten year plan for when she feels ready to get married and have a family. Or she was never interested in those things at all, in which case she should have told Alex a lot earlier.
  11. Agreed! I just read the Hollywood Reporter article about this and my heart sunk. I'm just not going to pay for this. I'm sick of being nickle and dimed, especially by the likes of CBS. It's not worth it to me to pay $5.99 per month for one show! Good luck with that, CBS you greedy jerks! When this experiment fails, the execs will probably blame Star Trek and claim that there isn't enough interest.
  12. Chris is a whiny liability. He seems totally incapable of staying on task. Madison is an idiot. What part of zombie apocalypse has her confused? Why is she trying to preserve the childhood of people in their late teens in the midst of the the ZA? She is just being so unreasonable. The plan with Jesse the Zombie was pretty good. I loved Salazar just telling everyone to cool it while he thought things through. This man has to stay safe or they will all die. I hope Travis tells Strand that his rampant douchebaggery immediately bit them all in their collective asses.
  13. Well, it didn't take Nick long to go full Mr. Kurtz. I thought there was a certain chemistry between Strand and Dougray Scott in that bar scene. I was like, did those two just fall in love? The answer turned out to be yes. Or no. Or kind of. I'm still not sure this hasn't all been a hustle for Strand to get his hands on Dougray's money. But Dougray seemed very sincere. I like Luis. I hope they don't set him adrift on a little boat. I do worry that he seems to be missing the key fact that the world has ended with a zombie apocalypse. His concern for the car he was going to be abandoning was a little sad. That's pre-ZA attitude, man. Although I did appreciate his insistence that Nick clean himself. We need him around if only to do that. Alicia is so dumb. So very dumb. She is the cossetted queen of foolish choices. Was Jack played by "She's No You" hit singer Jesse McCarthy? It kind of looked like him, but didn't. I realized I hadn't seen or even thought about Jesse McCarthy since 2005, so I might just be seeing things.
  14. I'm totally down for this season. Does this mean I'm a misery chick? Like any decent person, I hate Amanda. At the same time I have pity for her. Before Sidney started acting full-time emo, he was quite a catch. I'd be bummed out if I'd been so close to having him, yet so far away. And then the man she did marry turned out to be the worst. (Although, I seem to remember her having some kind of clue that he was an a-hole last season. ) Screw Geordie! He sucks way more than Sidney this season. I hate him for his hypocrisy. It's OK for his partner to break the law and plant evidence because he's a "copper"? He defends law and order but definitely thinks he and his fellow officers are above it. I can't respect that. I'm still not over the water boarding incident from a few episodes ago. That church fight should be listed under "when keeping it real goes wrong". Geordie tried to come to Sidney as a friend, but should have left when his presence was obviously not wanted. Bringing up the WWII mercy kill was a low blow. There might have been some truth in that, but the time and manner in which Geordie introduced it was clearly inappropriate. We don't mine our friends worst memories to win arguments! I don't know if Sidney attacked because it was true or because it reminded him too much of the list conversation poor Gary ever got to have. In this situation, Geordie kept it real, but Sidney kept it realer. I get why Leonard's friend didn't want to be just friends, but I disagree with his behavior. He doesn't seem to really appreciate Leonard's position and clear lack of experience in this situation. I don't like Margaret. I don't like that unfortunate wig they've plopped on that woman's head. I don't like that she sat on Sidney and tried to take her top off (though I understand) and then tried to hook up with his married friend. Girl, see about yourself! I don't miss Hildebrand. She was fine, but a bit boring. She was just a blonde Amanda*. I miss the jazz singer Sidney had guilty sex with. She was interesting. I know she'll never be back and that she was just a device to show down the Sidney/Hildebrand love fest. *Is this too harsh? It may be too harsh. I don't love her, but she's no Amanda.
  15. This fucking show. We can't have anything nice! I just can't with this show. I can't believe they let it play out like that. So we got a glimpse of a more interesting character, just to have her snatched away! Because people watch zombie shows for the hardcore family drama. We really want to get into the weeds of the difficult step-parent and kid relationship. And how ridiculous that Alicia and Nick wasted all that time by the lifeboat hugging and staring into each others eyes? He was covered in zombie blood and there was a horde about two seconds behind. I can't believe that no one yelled at them. That scene was brought to you by "Flowers in the Attic."
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