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  1. I think that 68 (not even counting what airs on other networks such as UP and ION) is a lot to handle for most people -- especially since, at the end of the day, while there are some differences between some Lifetime movies and Hallmark movies, many of them are very similar in many ways. Some Lifetime movies could easily be mistaken for Hallmark movies, and vice versa. Not all of them, but some. Those similarities make it more difficult for casual viewers to figure out which movie aired on which network if they can't quite recall where they saw something and where they need to go to see it again. Netflix is kind of tricky to figure out. They do things a bit differently with their scheduling. For example, if Hallmark films a Christmas movie this year -- anytime from January into mid-November -- it will premiere this year. They usually do not shoot their Christmas movies the year before they air (although Christmas Camp, which was a movie they acquired, just premiered last week even though it was actually filmed one full year ago). So you know that anything Christmasy they shoot this year will air this year, as long as it is a made-for-Hallmark movie. Same thing with Lifetime -- if Lifetime films Christmas movies this year, they will air them this coming holiday season. Netflix, on the other hand, seems to bank a few movies here and there. They shoot things way in advance and they don't premiere all of them in the same year they're filmed. They actually have many more Christmas movies lined up than those 3 referenced in the article -- including one filmed in 2018, in Africa, starring Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe -- but they will probably bank some of them and air them next year. It's hard to know exactly how many they will premiere this holiday season and how many they will hold onto until 2020. But they've got a bunch of them in various stages of production. In fact, before Hallmark's productions and Lifetime's productions really picked up steam this year, I was already seeing early signs of Netflix Christmas movies going into production. Netflix was making progress on their Christmas movie shoots early on in 2019, but, again, we might not see most of those until next year or some other year.
  2. Remember the year -- maybe just 3 years ago or so -- when Lifetime premiered only ONE new Christmas movie (I think it was called Heaven Sent or something like that)?? Those days are gone. So not only did Lifetime recently announce that they would be starting their Christmas programming in October, now they have revealed how many new movies we can expect from them. I guess this is a great alternative for people who can't stand Hallmark Christmas movies but love Lifetime Christmas movies. Only 2 of the 28 are named here, but lots of others have been filmed or will be filmed soon. https://ew.com/tv/2019/07/15/lifetime-28-christmas-movies-melissa-joan-hart-tia-mowry-hardrict/
  3. Well, it is July, so there's no better time to show Christmas in July movies, I guess! lol This year the movies on the Hallmark Channel began on Friday, 7/12. The ones on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel are wrapping up early tomorrow morning, after starting in late June. Hallmark has been doing Christmas in July marathons for years, but the schedules have changed in different ways in the time that has passed. Each channel used to run its movies concurrently over a 10-day period, but then they began a staggered schedule 2 or 3 years ago, and they eventually extended the event on each channel to be a bit longer than it used to be. So now, between Gold Crown Christmas on HMM and Christmas Keepsake on HC, they span the whole month of July because of the way they are staggered -- 2 weeks on one channel, and 2 weeks on the other channel. Each channel has a different line-up of movies. They also have 90 Christmas movies available on the Hallmark Movies Now streaming service this month as well.
  4. For me, just thinking about the time that has passed since January 2018 up until now, the 3 that jumped to mind right away were Pearl in Paradise, Love on the Slopes and One Winter Proposal. I absolutely love, love, love Pearl in Paradise. But, when I think more about it, I remember a lot of others just from the last year or two that I liked a lot, so I could be listing off titles for a while. I have watched Very, Very Valentine a few times. I have watched Love, Of Course more than once. I have watched Royal Matchmaker multiple times. I have watched True Love Blooms and Bottled with Love more than once. Flip That Romance is good. I liked All of My Heart: the Wedding and A Summer to Remember quite a bit. I mean... that's all just from the 2018-2019. I am not even getting into anything pre-2018 because I could be here, rattling off titles, for days! lol
  5. Well, I'm not hate-watching. I am a fan, and I guess I just don't care that much if one movie is not as great as that one or the other one or the one from 10 years ago. I just move on to the next one. If sitting through one of the weaker Hallmark movies is the worst of my problems, then I'd say I'm very, very lucky. I wasn't interested in the movies that Hallmark used to put out under the Hall of Fame banner years ago (the ones that people love and talk about often). I am barely even interested in the newer Hall of Fame movies now, although the Hall of Fame Christmas movies are closer to the vibe and formula that I like. If I want more substance and depth and less predictability, or something that is less formulaic, I'll watch other channels or theatrical releases. The movies generally bring me joy when I watch them, and that's all that matters to me, I don't care about them being formulaic. Some of the formulaic movies that other people love are not movies that I love and vice versa, so a lot of it is very subjective anyway. And, as I have said, if I don't feel like watching something for whatever reason, I just don't watch it.
  6. (Edited to add: I didn't realize that this comment would end up on a new page, but I am kind of following up on what LuvMyShows was asking us all near the end of the previous page, as far as what we like about Hallmark.) ***** I know exactly what I am getting when I watch Hallmark movies (romances, Christmas movies or mysteries). I know what to expect. I appreciate the formula and predictability. I don't need anything deep and meditative from my Hallmark movies. I don't need incisive studies into the human condition in my Hallmark movies. I don't need a lot of "reality" in these movies either. I suspend disbelief and just enjoy them for what they are. I like rom coms. I like seeing people faux-fall in love. I like seeing people celebrate the holiday season with snowball fights, gingerbread-making, snowman-building, tree decorating and caroling in charming towns. What I am tuning in to see is exactly what I am getting. The movies are harmless, cheerful, lighthearted fun. I watch many things across multiple channels, so I don't only watch Hallmark and I enjoy a variety of content. If I am not in the mood to watch rom coms or romantic dramas, I just check out for a bit, watch something else and then start watching again at some later date. If I don't feel like watching a mystery, I don't watch it. If I am not in a Christmas movie state of mind, I don't watch. But, in general, I am a fan of the overall Hallmark or Hallmark-esque content and the kind of escape it provides, I suppose. Now, are some movies within the genre better than others? Of course. But that applies to any genre on TV, as well as to any theatrical releases as well (not all epic disaster movies are on the same level, for example). At the end of the day, who really cares if this baking competition movie is better than that baking competition movie? It's a nice treat if one of the movies happens to be really good, but if it's not that great or if it's just so-so, then I move on to the next one. I have found that I end up liking some movies more if I give them another chance anyway, so what doesn't impress me now might be something I love in 2 years!
  7. Yep. She was pregnant during the filming of this one, as well as during the filming of her Winterfest movie, Winter Love Story. And we have another round of "spot the baby belly" coming up with Italia Ricci in Rome in Love. In a couple of clips and pictures I've seen, the belly was not obvious, In others I've seen, it looked as though the belly was definitely being hidden by loose clothing.
  8. TVFan17

    Lifetime Original Movies

    Help me understand, because this might be too good to be true, and I don't know if I missed something being said about it in this thread.... There's another sequel to Stalked by My Doctor premiering on July 13th -- AND it's called Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare. That, in and of itself, is brilliant. However.... when I look at the cast, I see that Emilie Ullerup is playing "...Shelli, who suffers from nocturnal sexsomnia." "Shelli" is a nickname for "Michelle. "Michelle" is the name of Emilie Ullerup's character in Sleepwalking in Suburbia -- another crazy, bizarre Lifetime gem from 2 years ago, in which she randomly starts sleepwalking and cheating on her husband. Are these wacky Lifetime people trying to tell me that they have done a movie mashup with the lead character from Stalked by My Doctor AND the lead character from Sleepwalking in Suburbia? You mean they exist in the same twisted universe, or is her name just a coincidence? That is almost too much goodness to handle, if that is what's happening!!! https://www.mylifetime.com/movies/stalked-by-my-doctor-a-sleepwalkers-nightmare
  9. I thought that Love Unleashed (a.k.a. Puppy Party Romance) was inoffensive. It had a few cute moments here and there. The puppies were obviously adorable. I didn't find it to be terrible, BUT I can't see myself actively trying to watch it again. It was just kind of.... there. It's probably not one that I will try to re-watch, unless it's unintentional and is a convenient option at the moment. There just wasn't anything that really made it stand out. I didn't necessarily think that the chemistry was completely lacking between Christopher Russell and Jen Lilley -- I thought that his chemistry with Jessica Lowndes in Merry Matrimony a few years ago was much worse -- but it also wasn't fantastic. Again, it was just kind of there. The conflict was minimal. There was never much doubt that the two leads were interested in each other, or that his daughter wanted them together, or that the puppies would have a place to romp, play and be happy. One thing I did giggle about is that Christopher seems very tall, and Jen seems very short. She was even shorter because she wasn't wearing heels. They make an odd couple, height-wise. But I am surprised that Christopher has been largely missing from Hallmark movies for a while -- especially in lead roles -- so I wonder if he will start appearing more often now.
  10. TVFan17

    Lifetime Original Movies

    I just happened to turn to Anniversary Nightmare when it aired tonight. Since it had just started, I decided to stick with it to the end. I hadn't read your full comment yet -- I had only gotten as far as seeing that you had watched it -- so I didn't know how the story played out. The movie was just kind of dull, wasn't it? I don't know how to explain it, but some Lifetime movies I can forgive for being goofy and dumb if they are at least fun and entertaining (such as Killer Under the Bed), or even particularly sinister or suspenseful, along the way. But there are others that are goofy and dumb and I can't forgive them. Anniversary Nightmare just really seemed to be pointless, and not very suspenseful. I've seen other movies -- even other Lifetime movies -- with very similar plots that were done much better. I thought that the plot of this movie was going to turn out one way, which it didn't. But I started to guess what the "twist" (in the last few minutes) was going to be right before they got to that specific scene, and I still thought it was silly. I just didn't care. I appreciate a good attempt at a twist, but this didn't even seem like a good attempt. It was kind of lazy.
  11. The apparent current plan is for September to be Mystery 101 month. Hallmark actually only advertised one new Mystery 101 movie airing in September, but Jill Wagner said in an interview that she thinks their plan is to air the next two new movies back-to-back. October is Crossword Mysteries month -- there are 3 new movies airing then. Of course, as we all know, Hallmark changes their plans a lot. Projects get announced and then disappear, or get yanked from the schedule at the last minute. Sometimes they get moved from one month to another. So who knows? I never fully trust Hallmark's schedules to stay as announced or planned. IF they only air one Mystery 101 movie in September, then they have another Chronicle Mystery movie and another Darrow & Darrow movie (already filmed), which could probably be piled into September too. Even if Gourmet Detective: Roux the Day were able to go into production really soon, I'm not sure it would make it into this year's line-up. It could not air any later than September if it were to premiere in 2019 at all (since October is for the Crossword movies). And in order to get on the air in September, it would have to film and be wrapped up in August. Right now, it's only in development and not scheduled to film. So that's why I think we might not see GD #5 until 2020. There is another TCA media event coming up for Hallmark at the end of July, and I am thinking we will get the official announcement about Roux the Day (or whatever it ends up being called) at that event, in one of the many press releases to come out that night. Then Dylan Neal can stop dropping vague hints and just talk freely about it! lol
  12. Coincidentally, I was just coming here to mention Dylan!! lol The new Gourmet Detective was on my radar about one week ago. I debated on whether or not to mention it here in the thread because sometimes Hallmark projects are stuck in development for a long time, and I wasn't sure if it was worth mentioning it yet if it might not end up airing for another 2 years. I found the info quite by accident. I was checking IMDB for something else entirely, and I saw something (without a thumbnail) that said "Gourmet Detective: Roux the Day." I knew that was not a title of any of the previous 4 Gourmet Detective movies, so I asked a couple of other people if they knew of this new title and they didn't. (I wondered if it was something that had been announced that I somehow missed.) According to IMDB at the time I found Roux the Day, it was in "script" status as of April 2019, so I knew it was a recent thing -- and my first thought was that it was probably decided on when Hallmark realized they were losing Garage Sale. But Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has their August, September and October schedules in place now, so it's possible that the new GD movie might not appear until 2020. If they can get it filmed soon, they might be able to sneak it into September somewhere, but I am thinking that 2020 is maybe more likely. Anyway, I saw Dylan making a couple of different cryptic, vague comments about the possibility of more GD coming up, and when I saw his most recent comment I thought, "Well, since he keeps dropping these hints, I might as well mention what I found!"
  13. Oh I had no idea that the photo could not be viewed without an Instagram account, as I can view it when I am not logged into IG. Thank you for telling me! Let me re-add that direct link to Laura's post and see if this works. Can you see her message? --
  14. In the Key of Love has been moved to the Hallmark Movies Now streaming service without ever premiering on the network. First, it was scheduled to be part of June Weddings. Then it was moved to a Monday, July 1st premiere slot. Now it is headed for streaming. Leading lady Laura Osnes posted about this schedule change today -- https://www.instagram.com/p/BzRTkYlgmbg/
  15. Lifetime is coming at you in October, with Christmas 24/7. Huh?? They are going hard after Hallmark, I guess -- http://itsawonderfulmovie.blogspot.com/2019/06/lifetime-announces-christmas-tv-movies-coming-2019.html