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  1. Lately I haven't been watching the Hallmark Channel too much during the week or even outside of the premieres on Saturday nights, so I haven't been noticing more repeats of specific movies than usual. But I know that there were a bunch of movies that moved from the channel to the Hallmark Movies Now streaming app in January, and I assume they've stayed there. That probably left a bit of a hole in the rotation on the main Hallmark Channel. This past Saturday's "Love in Store" was the last new, made-for-Hallmark, original, never-before-seen movie until March 28th!! So there is over one month passing until the next actual new Hallmark Channel movie. Quite a drastic change from last year's schedule. ***************************** The upcoming schedule is: 1. Sat. February 29th -- "Bad Date Chronicles" (w/ Merritt Patterson & Justin Kelly) -- This PixL movie was filmed in 2016, and it premiered on PixL in 2017. 2. Sat., March 21st -- "Adventures in Love & Babysitting" aka "Bound & Babysitting" (w/ Travis Van Winkle, Tammin Sursok, Tiffany Hines & Stephen "tWitch" Boss) -- This PixL movie was filmed in 2014, and it premiered on PixL in 2015. 3. Sat., March 21st -- "2020 Spring Fever Preview Special" (hosted by Bethany Joy Lenz & Michael Rady) 4. Sat., March 28th -- "Just My Type" (w/ Bethany Joy Lenz & Brett Dalton) 5. Sat. April 4th -- "You're Bacon Me Crazy" (w/ Natalie Hall & Michael Rady) 6. Sat., April 11th -- "Fashionably Yours" (w/ Kat Graham, Kendrick Sampson & Sheryl Lee Ralph) 7. Sat., April 18th -- "Nature of Love" aka "Glamping in Love" aka "Love and Glamping" (w/ Emilie Ullerup & Christopher Russell) ***************************** After that... no clue. Spring Fever was cut from 6 movies in 2019, to 4 movies in 2020. For the last 2 years there has been a Hall of Fame movie around the end of April. So far I don't see anything that looks like an obvious Hall of Fame movie going into production, and if there were going to be one airing in late April, it probably would have already begun filming because the Hall of Fame shoots tend to take longer to complete. Maybe they will save it for May. Also -- although Hallmark has not officially made the announcements themselves, both "When Hope Calls" and "Chesapeake Shores" have been reported to have been renewed for a 2nd and 5th season, respectively. Hallmark has not yet announced how many Christmas movies they plan to premiere this year, but the only official one that has been filmed so far is "Christmas in Vienna" (w/ Brennan Elliott & Sarah Drew). Another one -- "A Timeless Christmas" -- is supposed to film in the near future, and it is based on a Hallmark Publishing novel. I posted the mystery line-up updates over in the Hallmark Mysteries thread.
  2. An update on new mysteries, and the order in which they are premiering (supposedly)... 1. Sat., March 21st -- "2020 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Preview Special" (w/ Danica McKellar & Victor Webster) -- This appears to be airing on both the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel, though that could change. 2. Sun., March 29th -- "Mystery 101: An Education in Murder" (w/ a very pregnant Jill Wagner & Kristoffer Polaha). 3. Sun., April 5th -- "Ruby Herring Mysteries: Prediction Murder" (w/ Taylor Cole, Stephen Huszar & John Wesley Shipp). 4. "MatchMaker Mysteries 2: The Poison Pen" (w/ Danica McKellar, Victor Webster & Bruce Boxleitner) doesn't have a specific date yet, but Danica said it should be in April. 5. "Picture Perfect Mysteries: Exit Stage Death" (w/ Alexa and Carlos PenaVega) is supposed to air in May -- no specific date has been given. So those 4 movies listed above should air in the spring (somewhere between late March and late May), even if the dates get changed and shuffled around a bit. **************************************** Coming up later in 2020: "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Heist and Seek" (w/ Candace Cameron Bure & Niall Matter) has already been filmed, but I'm not sure if it is supposed to air in August, with 2 or 3 other Aurora movies, or if Hallmark Movies & Mysteries might air it to fill one of the holes in the schedule earlier in the year and then pile 3 additional Aurora movies into August. I'm not sure how they are going to do that, but Candace said that she is supposed to be filming 7 movies for Hallmark this year (I'm guessing one of them will be a Christmas movie), so I would have to assume that at least 4 of them will be Aurora Teagarden installments. Perhaps she will film some extra Aurora movies that will premiere in 2021. "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Reunited and It Feels So Deadly" is filming in March. "Crossword Mysteries" -- Brennan Elliott said that there are supposed to be 3 movies filmed in the summer (probably with a plan to air them in October or so), but given how often plans change at Hallmark, I wouldn't be shocked if he and Lacey Chabert only end up filming one or two of the movies in the summer. Whatever the case, I think we will see at least one more Crossword Mystery this year, if not 2 or 3 more. **************************************** Status Unknown: I have no clue what happened to "The Destination Mysteries," which was supposed to film in January, but it seems like it must have been delayed (projects being delayed is not uncommon). And a delay in production could possibly mean a change in location from Malta to something entirely different. Holly Robinson Peete announced last July that she would be doing another "Morning Show Mysteries" movie, and she has confirmed since then that there is still a movie in the works. I have no clue why it hasn't been filmed yet, but it seems like it will probably be a standalone movie and not grouped into a "Morning Show Mystery Month" again. Also in question is the next "Hailey Dean Mysteries" movie (w/ Kellie Martin). One of the actors and one of the producers said (last year) that there would be more Hailey Dean -- at least one movie, if not a few. Nothing has been filmed yet, and if they were going to do another "Hailey Dean Mystery Month" in May or June, they would have already started filming something. So this, too, could end up being a standalone installment IF it comes back at all. "The Chronicle Mysteries" -- Alison Sweeney indicated that this could be an ongoing movie series with many installments, but no new Chronicle Mysteries have been filmed. "Martha's Vineyard Mysteries" -- It was just announced that "Chesapeake Shores" will be returning for a 5th season, so, if it starts filming soon, Jesse Metcalfe will probably be wrapped up with that for anywhere from 2 - 4 months. Originally, there were supposed to be 3 Martha's Vineyard movies to start out with, but #3 has not been filmed yet. No word on the fate of "Gourmet Detective" and whether or not there will be a 6th movie, other than Dylan Neal saying he is interested in doing more movies in the series. **************************************** Hallmark has definitely gotten off to a slow start with the production of mysteries this year, BUT they have also slowed way down on the production of their non-mystery movies and Christmas movies too. No matter what the theme or genre, they have cut back on productions of all kinds of movies this year -- so far. Where there is a huge gap in the mystery schedule in March, there is also a huge gap in the schedule on the main Hallmark Channel too. They have cut back across the board. They've only filmed one Christmas movie so far. No one knows why the number of movies of all kinds has been cut back. We can only speculate that it has something to do with not getting the ratings they wanted (for anything) in 2019, or maybe something to do with Bill Abbott stepping down and the internal office chaos that might have ensued. Maybe a bit of both reasons, or maybe neither. But Hallmark might have already had a plan in mind to cut back, even before the end of last year. The sudden removal of the some of the planned premieres on the Hallmark Channel in 2019 makes me think they had already decided to cut back on productions this year and save some of the movies they filmed in 2019 for 2020 premieres. I am kind of leaning towards that belief now -- I suspect that Hallmark already knew last year that they'd be cutting back a bit in 2020. But we just didn't know there would be a cutback in programming until 2020.
  3. I don't care about the drugs or drug trade, per se. All of these people on the show (Gus, Hector, Mike, Mando, the Cousins, Tuco, Lalo, Krazy-8, etc.) could have probably been involved in some other high-stakes illegal operations that were not drug-specific, and I would have found them just as interesting as long as they were the same characters acting in the same way. In other words, it's not the drugs that are keeping me interested. It's the sense of danger, tension and menace when some of these people are onscreen that I prefer. I like the suspense, and not knowing who is going to get injured, or who is going to try to screw each other over, etc. I find Nacho compelling because you can tell he'd rather just get out of the business completely and do something else, but he is essentially stuck and can't get out. I definitely would not have started watching Better Call Saul if I hadn't loved Breaking Bad (and I loved the characters on BB, including Gus!). And if this entire series had just been Jimmy/Saul wisecracking and fast-talking his way through retirement communities and courtrooms, or constantly arguing with Chuck or pulling silly scams on idiots like Ken, I would have zoned out long ago. For me, the increased attention on Gus, all the Salamancas, Nacho and the various people who enter their orbit is a nice contrast to Jimmy's sometimes over-the-top, zany personality and hijinks. I'm actually more interested in what happens to Gene than I was interested in Jimmy in his early pre-Saul days, but he needs to be Saul for a while and live that life (which involves criminals dealing drugs) in order to become Gene. Over in the Mandalorian section of this forum, I was saying that there is no right or wrong reason to watch The Mandalorian, because I think some viewers watch for different reasons. If anyone watching The Mandalorian for a specific reason doesn't see enough of what they are watching the show for, they are disappointed, while another group might be happy because they are seeing a lot of what they want to see. I kind of feel that the Better Call Saul audience is the same -- some watch mostly for Jimmy/Saul/Gene and his relationship with Kim, while others love the Easter eggs and callbacks to Breaking Bad, and still others watch because they like the darker, more sinister stories involving the Salamancas, Nacho and Gus. Perhaps some are watching for Mike. Just like with The Mandalorian, there is no right or wrong reason to watch Better Call Saul, but there will be times when we are all less enthused about whatever is happening because it's not what we're interested in seeing.
  4. Gus is such an intriguing character. He's played so effectively by Giancarlo, of course, but he is just written in a very interesting way. He's not over the top, obnoxious and loud, like Tuco. He's not completely silent, like the Cousins usually are. He's not crass or off-color in his way of speaking, like Todd's uncle Jack and his crew were. He is not annoying like Lalo is. Gus is a fascinating villain. Sometimes Gus almost has me fooled for a minute. I almost forget how ruthless, unfeeling and violent he can be, because he usually conducts himself in a calm, composed, civil way -- even when forcefully making his point -- and doesn't do anything too extreme until he is pushed to the limit because of shenanigans (such as in the "Box Cutter" episode of BB). He was downright friendly to Gale on BB! I always have to remind myself that Gus will kill or order the killing of anyone or anything, at any time, if he feels it is justified. He will kill kids if he has to. He will kill wives and parents. He will kill his own employees. I have no idea why it never occurred to me that he would threaten Nacho's dad. Gus seems to scoff at mostly everything the Salamancas do -- he even called the Cousins "animals" when I think Mike told him that they drew a scythe on the ground in front of Walt's house in Breaking Bad -- so I guess I just assumed he would handle things in a different way and not use that "threaten the father" tactic right now, since Hector has already done it. All this time I was thinking that if Nacho ends up getting killed, it would probably be at the hands of a Salamanca. It still could be a Salamanca. But it's also possible that Gus could be responsible for his death too (IF he dies). I think that right now, it will be a miracle and a shock if Nacho actually survives this series.
  5. I liked the images of the garden gnome on the cement near the beginning of the episode, and the ice cream cone on the cement at the end of the episode. I almost forgot that Howard was even on the show. Isn't it interesting how, when this series began, it seemed like Howard was going to be a fully-fleshed out, major character, and now his role is almost bordering on insignificant? I really didn't have a problem with this episode or the previous one. I enjoyed both of them. As long as they don't linger too long in courthouses and courtrooms, I'm mostly fine with it. I prefer to see Jimmy/Saul and Kim interacting away from those locations, so it was fun to see them exploring the house for sale. I also get a kick out of seeing the other Breaking Bad characters on this show, knowing that we are rapidly closing the gap between Better Call Saul and BB, and approaching the start of the BB timeline (confirmed by Bob Odenkirk & Giancarlo Esposito). We know that some of these characters who have appeared on BCS will be in totally different locations and situations when Season 1 of BB kicks in (Krazy-8, Tuco, etc.), and then other characters will be in much different situations in later seasons of BB (Hector, Victor, Tyrus, Lydia, Gale, Don Eladio, Juan Bolsa, the Cousins/Brothers, etc.). Two pivotal BB/BCS characters we did not see in Season 1 of BB are Mike and Gus. We did not meet them until Season 2 of BB. So who knows what Mike and Gus were up to during that whole first BB season? I kind of wonder if Season 6 of BCS will fast-forward to that specific time frame, so we can see what Mike and Gus were doing as we were focused on Walt and Jesse partnering up. Anyway, I think that Better Call Saul is absolutely masterful at creating suspense and mystery around so many characters whose fates we already know from BB. We know what the Mike-Gus working relationship is going to be, and yet, every time they are onscreen together and there is tension, I am still wondering if they are going to try to kill each other. We know where Saul will be on Breaking Bad, but I still always think that he is going to end up getting himself killed on Better Call Saul, when he is dealing with shady people. And we don't know what will ultimately happen to him as Gene, so there is a great mystery there as well. Plus, on top of creating suspense about what will happen to the characters whose BB outcomes we already know, they add in totally new characters such as Kim, Nacho and Lalo -- none of whom we ever actually saw in Breaking Bad, and we only heard Nacho and Lalo mentioned fleetingly -- so it is a nail-biter trying to imagine what will happen with all 3 of them before the time BCS bids farewell in Season 6. Even just seeing that Gus and Victor had their eyes on Nacho's dad was surprising to me, because I always assumed it would only be the Salamancas who threatened his dad and not Gus! I don't know why I thought that, but I am hoping that Nacho is able to get his dad out of there before a Salamanca OR Gus tries to kill him when they want to punish Nacho for something. We're a long way from the kinder, simpler days of Squat Cobbler!!
  6. Once again, there are no major, solid spoilers -- meaning things that we wouldn't have already guessed or known about anyway -- coming out about The Mandalorian, Season 2 at this point. I've posted the info about the rumored directors (including Robert Rodriguez and James Mangold) and the rumored casting of Sasha Banks over in the Media thread. But, once again, Giancarlo Esposito drops just enough little hints and clues to kind of make some of this vaguely spoiler-ish, because we didn't really know when or if it would happen for sure. Giancarlo appeared on a panel at last week's Fan Expo Vancouver 2020, and he was asked a lot of questions about The Mandalorian, as well as Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Once Upon a Time, Spike Lee, etc. He even remembered playing Big Bird's camp counselor on Sesame Street! Here is a video from Angelika Diana's YouTube Channel -- He talks about The Mandalorian (and interacting with the Baby Yoda puppets) on and off throughout the whole video. He talks about touching the Baby's ears. He talks about how it's impossible to not react to the puppet that is the most animated (there are stand-in puppets too). You can't resist. Essentially -- although we knew that Moff Gideon would go after Mando and the Child in Season 2, or that perhaps Mando would have to come in direct contact with Gideon again if Gideon gets hold of Greef and Cara -- we didn't know for sure that Gideon would get close enough to Baby Yoda to have scenes with him. It sounds like Gideon and Baby are going to share some screen time -- I don't know if it's just one scene or multiple scenes, and Giancarlo does not indicate what the circumstances will be. But if Gideon and Baby are in the same scene, it can't be for good reasons. Giancarlo says that there is some epic light saber action in Season 2, and he's already broken 3 sabers. Giancarlo does indicate that villains have a chance to be redeemed. There is room to grow. There's room for the dark to come to the light. Bespin Bulletin also posted an excerpt of some of what Giancarlo was saying on this panel, but it's not the full transcript --
  7. Yes. And Gus said he would be dealt with. I guess I'm just surprised that -- if he went to Mexico and wasn't killed yet -- he stayed away, when I would assume he would get some sort of word of Walter White's interactions with family and various people he knew. I would just expect him to come back and snoop around for more info on Walter/Heisenberg -- that is, IF he is still alive for a while in the BB timeline. But Gus may have intercepted any plans Lalo had, and we just didn't know it was happening because Lalo was not really on the BB radar.
  8. I tend to agree with the line of thinking that the cab driver will come back to try to blackmail Gene/Saul, just to make a buck. If that happens, things will probably not go well for the driver (not necessarily because Saul/Gene personally inflicts harm on him, but maybe because he has someone else do something). OR it will turn out that the driver blabs about seeing Saul to the wrong people, which sets off a chain of events, causing Gene/Saul to escape Cinnabon and go on the run without Ed's help (possibly reuniting with Kim somewhere). Every time Lalo is onscreen I think he is going to do something terrible. We've seen some of what he does, but I don't think we've seen the worst of it. Even though he has already committed murder since he's been on the show, I think that, if he is anything like the other Salamancas, we have not seen the worst of him yet. But I still have to wonder where Lalo is in Breaking Bad, even if his ties to Gus are severed by then. We assume that he is alive because Saul assumes that Lalo sent Walt and Jesse to kidnap him. But Lalo is way too nosy and on top of what's going on to not have been aware of Walter White and Walt & Jesse's connection to Tuco, to Krazy-8, to the Cousins, to Mike, to Hector, etc. Even just knowing that Walt & Jesse were working for Gus would have been enough to keep Lalo buzzing around, prying into everyone's business. So where is Lalo during the Breaking Bad timeline if he is not dead right away? Or was he really dead and they were misleading us to think he was alive in the earlier part of BB? I usually get bored when there are too many courtroom/courthouse scenes, so I'm happy to see anything that takes place elsewhere. Saul's colorful clothing was on full display, and that's always fun. Any scene featuring Gus is compelling -- especially when we see him clashing with Mike -- but I, too, was surprised that the lab guys were all let go. It wouldn't be a great idea to kill all of them in one swoop, or in the same time frame, but I do wonder if any of them might mysteriously vanish in the future. I'm looking forward to tonight's episode!
  9. You read my mind! When I posted here about Robert Rodriguez and James Mangold yesterday -- https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/97090-the-nevarro-news-the-mandalorian-in-the-media/?do=findComment&comment=5958161 -- I was silently wondering about Danny Trejo and whether he might be one of the guest stars that was hinted at. He very well could be. If they continue to throw in some random standalone episodes here and there -- much like #5 & #6 of Season 1 were mostly disconnected from everything else in the season -- Danny could end up being the focus of one of them, fur sure. Something else occurred to me. I wish I could recall which specific YouTube channel/show I saw this tidbit of info on, but at this point I have watched way too many videos with Mandalorian discussion to remember which person said anything non-specific on which show. If I remembered it, I would name or link it here. Anyway, I recall that a co-host/panelist on a channel said that someone he knows -- who worked on the production of Season 2 of The Mandalorian -- told him (off the record, and off-air) about some of the people who are going to appear in Season 2. The host guy (who was given the info) was really surprised when he heard about who would be appearing. At the time, I assumed he was talking about various characters from the Star Wars universe appearing, so I kind of disregarded it (because I am probably the only one who wants this show to stick to the characters we've met, and to new characters exclusive to this show, instead of bringing in all kinds of characters from other Star Wars projects). But then, at some point later, I wondered if the YouTube panelist guy was referring more to the specific guest stars coming up and not necessarily characters from other Star Wars movies or series. I'm still not sure. Maybe both. Either way, he seemed quite pleased with the names.
  10. I wonder about Lalo's fate by that point. I know that Saul thinks that Lalo sent Walt and Jesse, but... Maybe he died during the BB years and Saul didn't even know it yet, for some reason.
  11. I got so caught up in posting about Sasha Banks, the Mando character meet & greet and all the Baby Yoda merchandise in this thread that I let an important *rumor* slip past me. Apparently, one big rumor is that Robert Rodriguez and James Mangold might be directing episodes in Season 2 of The Mandalorian. (You can bet that whatever episode Rodriguez is responsible for will be action-packed and probably as violent as Disney will allow him to get on the show.) Bryce Dallas Howard is also rumored to be coming back to direct, along with Rick Famuyiwa. And both Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are said to be directing too. There will also be "a few exciting guest stars," according to this IB Times article - "'The Mandalorian' Season 2: New Directors And Merchandise Details Surface" Also, there is a Disney+ presentation in Europe on March 5th, and I have seen a couple of different sources speculate that there could be some Mandalorian-related news at that presentation (although I still think we will get most Mandalorian news in the summer, but... we'll see). StarWarsNews.net posted about the March 5th event -- "Disney to Reveal Exclusive Content at Disney Plus Launch Event on March 5 With Special Guests"
  12. From the Star Wars Explained YouTube channel... This is a short video -- just a little over 7 minutes long -- but it's worth it, as it shows the variety of Baby Yoda merchandise at the Disney+ Showcase (part of the New York Toy Fair). I even love the tiny LEGO Baby. And it shows the cooing, giggling Baby in his pod. You will also see a finished Build-A-Bear Baby Yoda.
  13. At long last, the new season is finally here. Not only have I forgotten some of what happened in the previous season because so much time has passed, but I had to remind myself of when the show is even airing tonight. Everything on AMC is so Walking Dead-focused that I couldn't recall if BCS was airing before or after TWD. I guess BCS will likely get a ratings boost from TWD airing right before it tonight, but I also know that a lot of TWD fans get annoyed when there is another show airing in between TWD and Talking Dead.
  14. I fully expected a Mando character meet & greet/photo op in Disney parks at some point this year. I'm not sure about at Disney World, but I assumed the meet & greet would debut at Disneyland during the after-dark "Star Wars Nite" event that coincides with the big Star Wars Celebration convention in August. What's interesting is that WDW News Today (who have been wrong before) reported that there is a Mando meet & greet in the works for Disney's parks, and they even named the source who originally broke that news. However, their source (a publication called "In The Know) has since removed their own Mando meet & greet article, while WDW News Today has kept their article up on their site. “The Mandalorian” Character Meet and Greet Coming Soon to Disney Parks" I'm sure there is a Mando meet & greet coming to the parks this year, sooner or later, but I wonder if the In The Know people got in trouble for posting the info before Disney had announced it. It could be something Disney is carefully working on, particularly where it comes to how to integrate Baby Yoda into a meet & greet. He's so tiny -- I'm not sure if they'd bother trying to have someone much taller dress up as the Baby to pose for photos with Mando and the guests. But they also can't just hand the guy in the Mando suit a stuffed Baby Yoda to pose with and call it a day.🤣 And if they have Mando posing without the Baby, I think a lot of guests would be disappointed.
  15. And just in time for the next wave of Mandalorian mania to have swept the nation, as Season 2 should have just ended at that point. Baby Yoda will be fresh on everyone's minds and will have captured even more hearts, I'm sure. Actually, that price is not too bad compared to what I expected. Plus... he has the little Mythosaur pendant that Daddy Mando let him keep. I love him!
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