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  1. I could be totally wrong, but I thought he had an Oscar and at least one Grammy already. So he just needs to get involved in the world of musicals or stage productions so he can get that Tony!
  2. Creative Arts Emmy Number #7 (presented by Gina Carano)!!!!!
  3. Ludvig just won a Creative Arts Emmy, so that makes 6 for the Mando team -- and still counting! I am watching the ceremony on FXX. Ludvig was not available to give an acceptance speech, sadly.
  4. Season 1 was supposedly filmed (in L.A.) from approximately September 2018 and February 2019. During this time there would have also been an extensive break during the holidays. Pedro, who lives in L.A., was out of town quite a bit during production, as he had to film Wonder Woman 1984, and also go into extensive rehearsals for King Lear. He DID come to the Mando set at least a few times -- to observe and see what was happening, to try to collaborate with Brendan Wayne (who was one of the main guys in the Mando armor), to do electronic press kit interviews, to do his voice work, to shoot his one scene without a helmet, etc. Season 2 was supposed to have begun production in October 2019. But Jon Favreau later said they started filming right after Season 1 premiered in November 2019. They wrapped up in early March. This time around, Brendan missed a big chunk of the shoot because he had an extended stay in the hospital. BUT.... Pedro was in L.A. at some point every month throughout the production. He didn't have those other jobs to take him away this time. So I have to assume that Pedro DID spend more time on the set during Season 2 -- but in what capacity, who knows? He would have been in the armor more often He coule have had more scenes with his face on display. He could have just been observing. With Brendan out and Pedro in town and free of other jobs, it seems there would be more things for him to do. I don't know the specifics of when Season 3 is supposed to film -- there was a rumor was that they have to movie to a new location because they're being bumped out of their current one, and the relocation process is happening in stages. I saw Brendan make a comment to someone about not being called to return yet -- he doesn't know if or when he'll be asked back, but he hopes he will be. And Pedro's new movie with Nicolas Cage is supposed to start production next month. So if Mando S3 begins sometime during the time when Pedro is filming his other project, and IF Pedro is part of Season 3 at all, then I guess he'll just have to pop in and out to see what's happening when he has some down time.
  5. It felt quite strong to me, and lasted way too long. I think it all depends on where you are located in proximity to the epicenter, what kind of structure you're in, and how jumpy quakes make you in general. If someone is not bothered by quakes, then they probably wouldn't think much of this one. But if someone is very sensitive to quakes and hates them, the one tonight would have made them uneasy.
  6. Here is the thing about Pedro Pascal continuing to actively share posts about The Mandalorian on Twitter and Instagram -- while it would be lovely to think that he is sharing everything out of the goodness of his heart, it IS possible that some degree of promotion of the series is expected of the actors and written into their contracts. There are plenty of actors who have something about Media written into their contracts, and that can include TV interviews, print interviews, various things on social media, etc. So Pedro could just be doing what he is legally supposed to do -- but he could also be doing it because he is a good guy who wants to be supportive of the crew. Pedro knows about the rumors going around now -- I've seen people tag him in their comments and say things like "Please don't leave the show" or whatever. He has not said anything. IF it were totally untrue and made up, he could have tweeted a reply such as "Don't believe everything you read.'" He has not said a word about it -- neither to say that the rumors are wrong, NOR to say he'll be back for Season 3. And again.... that probably comes down to legalities and paperwork. Pedro likely signed an NDA, which would prevent him from talking about anything having to do with the show behind the scenes, or story lines, etc., until he was allowed. While on the subject of contracts, Pedro would have known what was in his contract for Season 2 IF he read it. That contract probably had the exact tasks he would be expected to perform in the series for Season 2 -- and if that included more helmet removal scenes than what we saw in Season 1, he should have known about it from the contract. If he was expected to wear the whole head-to-toe set of armor, he would have known about it prior to filming. It's not like he would have found out about what he had to do in the middle of filming Season 2. That's crazy. So that's where I think the rumor begins to fall apart. Something doesn't make sense about Pedro just all of a sudden getting upset in the middle of filming, about something he should have already known before filming began. Now this doesn't mean that there weren't problems on the set. There are creative differences on sets all the time, so maybe Pedro was unhappy with something and they didn't care. I said quite a while back that I had a feeling that there was some sort of division between the two main stunt doubles (Lateef and Brendan) and Pedro. I just sensed there might be some animosity there. Perhaps Pedro said or did something that made them feel like he was taking all the credit for Mando, and they might not have felt he was being a team player. Perhaps something was written into his contract and then it changed mid-production, so he questioned why he was not doing a particular thing. I would have expected Pedro to possibly be uncomfortable having to work with Rosario Dawson, as he is a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community, while Rosario and her family are being sued for allegedly attacking, abusing, etc., a transgender man who was a former friend and employee. Pedro might not have had any scenes with her where they had to be in the same room, but IF they did I don't think he would have been happy about it. Whatever the case, as unhappy as Pedro might have been, I can't picture his just walking out in the middle of Season 2's filming, or being asked to leave in the middle of it, unless he was just being totally unprofessional and inappropriate. That doesn't seem like him to just fly off the handle and cause so much of a stir on the set that he is asked to leave mid-filming. So again, back to what I said in a previous post, I can see how the rumor might have sprung from a kernel of truth -- but then got embellished and distorted along the way, as to the specifics, and Grace got the embellished version. We can only hope that Pedro was able to patch up the problems -- if there were any -- and sign a new contract. That sad, I can't say that I am 100% confident he'll be in Season 3 either. It seems very much like Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are hell bent on making things bigger and including other Star Wars characters. They might be writing less for Pedro to do.
  7. Okay, now the Lifetime Christmas movie marketing blitz is beginning in full force. Here is the complete list of 30 new movies and their expected air dates... All the details on Lifetime's 30 Christmas movies: See first-look photos And here is Lifetime's promo video...
  8. Woo hoo! The Mandalorian has already won multiple Emmy Awards (a bunch of the Creative Arts Emmys have been handed out this week, with the main Creative Arts ceremony taking place on Saturday, 9/19, on FXX. Then the main Emmy Awards will be shown on ABC on Sunday, 9/20). They lost some Emmys too, but they still won 5. You go, Mandalorian team! Disney Plus and ‘The Mandalorian’ Win First Emmys on Night Three of Creative Arts Ceremonies (Full Winners List) Excerpts:
  9. Lifetime has not put this info on their site yet (from what I can tell -- I could have missed it), but actor Nathan Witte posted a full schedule of all 30 new Lifetime movies on Instagram (which he has since removed, sadly). Not only were all 30 new movies listed, but it does, indeed, look as though they are starting on Friday, 10/23 instead of 10/25. There were definitely a few acquired movies on the list -- not Lifetime originals -- such as one that originally aired on Passionflix.
  10. I saw this article last week (which came out after a different Grace Randolph video), and considered posting it in the Media thread or in this one, but didn't because it was just speculation based on Grace's vague, non-specific comments -- https://cosmicbook.news/star-wars-powder-keg-pedro-pascal-mandalorian I don't put much stock in what Grace says -- she has a bad track record and a lot of people don't take her seriously -- but I have to question why she wouldn't come right out and name Pedro one week ago, and yet now it's okay to mention him? I feel like she wants attention -- she wants to get Pedro (or someone at Lucasfilm) to contact her directly to say "This is not true" or whatever. However, I tend to think that whenever a rumor emerges, there is some sort of kernel of truth buried in it. It might get blown way out of proportion or be completely exaggerated along the way, but it probably sprang from something that happened. Pedro himself indicated that he did more in Season 2, so it makes little sense that he would be shown less in Season 2 than in Season 1 unless a bunch of scenes were cut out. What we do know is that Jon Favreau has said that Season 2 is going to focus on some other characters and not just Mando in some episodes (which are already short to begin with) -- that implies that we will see less of Mando. They'll find a way to keep Baby Yoda in each episode, but sometimes Mando won't be there. And we know that Pedro is about to shoot a movie with Nicolas Cage -- they are in pre-production now, and then it starts filming next month. IF Mando Season 3 were to film at its usual time in the Fall, either Pedro won't be in it for the first few months, or he won't be in it at all. He won't be available to be on the set very often as he works on his movie, but he can still do voice work.
  11. I just did too! lol So funny. To me, this seems like a very short trailer (compared to a trailer for The Boys I was just watching the other day), so I assume we will see another one coming up before 10/30. But I'm glad this one came out now, because, quite frankly, some of the Star Wars fans out there are annoying as hell, and they were behaving as though their lives were going to be destroyed if they didn't get a trailer right now. Now they will probably complain because Ahsoka wasn't in the trailer, as they seem to think Ahsoka is the focus of the show now. New poster too --
  12. I checked Disney+ and I don't see any of these pictures anywhere in my account just yet, but someone tipped off Jason from Making Star Wars about some extra Season 2 photos that flew under the radar and popped up on Disney+. So if you still have your Disney+ account now, check and see if you can find them lurking somewhere. However, if you are not planning on getting Disney+ again until next month, thankfully someone took screen shots of the 6 or 7 new photos and they are included in this article -- "Disney+ has new images from Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s next season!" It looks like The Child has a new floating pram. Edited to add: I guess these pics showed up on the Xbox version of Disney+ (which explains why I can't see them). There are extra pictures in this article from Star Wars News Net too -- "New ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Images Appeared to User on His Disney Plus Xbox App"
  13. It looks as though there will once again be preview specials for the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel, and the ones airing on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. I wasn't sure if they would do the previews this year. 2020 Countdown to Christmas Preview Special (Hallmark Channel) - hosted by Candace Cameron Bure -- Saturday, October 17th (after the final Fall Harvest movie premieres) 2020 Miracles of Christmas Preview Special (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel) - host to be announced -- Sunday, October 18th (after the premiere of the latest Aurora Teagarden movie)
  14. Oh, and I almost forgot to post this -- ION put out its holiday release earlier than usual... ION Television is “Your Home for the Holidays” With Four All-New Movie Premieres
  15. Casting info for Lifetime Christmas movies -- Lifetime Reveals Casts for First LGBTQ, Asian-Centered Christmas Movies Excerpt: Excerpt:
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