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  1. So I just watched both seasons and since I can’t bear suspense, I wiki’d to find out the winners. Really from the first, I despised Chris and his punchable face, misplaced entitlement, and how he expressed at least 5 times in the episodes that he was going to win the whole shebang. Now granted, he knows a thing or two, but was so insufferably arrogant that I was relieved he didn’t get top 3. He also came across to me as feeling like this competition was beneath him. He was so ungrateful and dour it was no fun for me to watch or root for him in any other way than to wish for his s
  2. What made it even funnier to me was that it was in the background! Nobody even noticed him. Lol The chanting by the fire crew of “jump jump jump” portion of that storyline was hilarious.
  3. Poor Mare. I enjoyed Kate Winslet and Jean Smart a lot. So Lori does not get any jail time for obstruction or some other offense ? Are her husband and brother-in-law in jail? It’s frustrating to me that these issues weren’t answered. I hope the turtle is OK.
  4. In my opinion, this has to be one of the worst seasons of drag race ever. So damn disappointing.
  5. No kidding. My thumb is sore by constantly hitting the mute button. I can’t stand her even more than Silky and The Vixen combined.
  6. That’s funny because I did the same thing! I didn’t want to hear that Dollar Store drag marble-mouthed pig complaining about being eliminated. I didn’t find out until later that she was saved. So frustrating!
  7. This season. Ugh. Too much KM in this episode, as usual. I think the producers keep this garbage in to assure viewers stay pissed off and, hence, complain online to have the show mentioned. It’s probably her schtick and style, the whole urban queen thing, but I’d love to see Symone in something super polished and elegant, a la Jaida Essence Hall. I totally thought it was going to be a double shantay. They both killed it and I was really entertained.
  8. Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, but I’m still going to swear. I effin hate KM (she does not deserve to have her name spelled out) : ugly on the inside and out, indecipherable word garbage, muddy makeup, and lazy & sloppy looks. And I thought Silky was one of the worst... Loved Olivia’s disco outfit and attitude. I’m glad she won. Ronald McDonald can leave anytime. Gottmik should have been in the bottom. That was a ridiculous “outfit.“ Utica needs to practice her movements in front of a mirror because they are like a clumsy praying mantis on speed. I’d like to
  9. Love when the show has tons of looks in one episode. Some were very basic and boring though so that was a bummer. Kandy in Untucked exhausted me and I really thought she was going to stroke out. She cannot go away soon enough. Typical delusional narcissist. Anyone who says they’ve never sewn before should get immediately eliminated. There is a sewing challenge every season, FFS. Have they not been watching for the last decade plus? I was hoping this season would be less ridiculously melodramatic but I guess not. I am unhappy with Tina siding with the unpleasant Kandy. Snarky Tin
  10. Ru is really putting them through it this year but then I had a crazy thought: what if the Pork Chop group is actually not really? Maybe they’re actually Ru’s favored group and it’s just a mind F experiment? The shaaade ! I like this second group a bit better. Can’t stand Kandy Muse’s indecipherable expostulations. Kahmora better get a timer and a watch: that was really unprofessional making them wait. Also, she is a beauty and so are her costumes , but just a bit boring. Ru’s new nose makeup is silly and distracting, imo.
  11. Ah, thank you! I knew it was a faster version of the song I knew, but I couldn’t figure out what this was. So far I like the series. I am on episode three now but I’m going to do a rewatch and relish it. I love the gorgeous costumes, even the crazy costumes, most of the hair, the sets, and production design. I’m very happy and satisfied. I want to do the re-watch before going forward because I’m trying to get all the characters names and faces memorized. The only main actor I recognized was Polly Walker whom I love. I like seeing new faces, particularly the Duke of Hasting
  12. I agree with everything you said here, I just edited it down. And for Pete’s sake, I wish they would not do an ice cream challenge at all during the summer. It’s so stupid and everything is always melting and disappointing. Or give them two days. It’s so frustrating!
  13. When you go to watch the older seasons on Netflix USA, start with the one called Beginnings. That is their season three. And then go to Collections : the first one is their season four. Watch Masterclass with Mary and Paul AFTER watching this episode. And for Holidays, I would suggest waiting until you seen all the seasons except this latest one. They needed to give them more time for the lemon pud: it looked really unappetizing to me. Even the example needed to be decorated in an appealing someway.
  14. Why did they do a series montage in a penultimate episode? I was so confused about that. And was John even in it?
  15. I have noticed the same thing. I loved watching the Two Fat Ladies series and it cracked me up that Clarissa pronounced the “j” in jalapeño as hard, like jail, and disregarded the tilde, so it ended as “peeno.” Heh. I enjoyed this week though the technical was vomit-inducing for me. It didn’t look appealing and I hate white chocolate and also Matcha. It looked like something out of a 1950s bizarre party cookbook where they used wieners and Jell-O together .
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