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  1. Mika was the inspiration for Mean Girls !
  2. It look likes Joe & Mika stayed in NY for a show Christmas Party. Joe bragged about the how's record ratings & trashed Trump for not being a real Billionaire. Mika said that Bloomberg was richer than Trump.
  3. On today's show they discussed the Marquette poll which showed Trump tied or slightly ahead in Wisconsin. A few days ago, Trump was losing Wisconsin by 13 points. Joe gets hyper today & warn Democrats not to nominate Warren or Sanders, yet 2 days ago every Democrat candidate was winning by a large margin. Joe should calm down. None of these polls are definitive at this date.
  4. Mika & Joe's motorcade to the airport frequently blocks traffic from Rockefeller Plaza to the airport. This is one reason why Joe stays in Florida. It reduces congestion in NYC & helps reduce carbon emissions. Joe has requested that a helipad be installed where the ice rink is at Rockfeller Plaza. Fans could watch the first couple of Cable News depart for Florida. It would be much more popular than the skating rink & Christmas Tree that is put in the Plaza.
  5. Joe is probably working with his band on an album for Valentine's Day. I think Andy & the MSNBC executives are afraid of Joe. Morning Joe is a profitable show for the network. Joe's opinions are widely respected around the world & retweeted by several hundred people per day.
  6. Joe also impersonated the BBC presenters for being boring & made fun of the names of the constituencies. Joe mocked Surrey on Tuffington. Mika & Joe agreed to stay in NY . Joe refused to wear a tie.
  7. Mika already told Joe that he did not like the Godfather movies. Joe said on the show that he showed her the movies & she predicted that there would be a lot of violence. Mika did not like those movies & Joe ended up sleeping in the guest bedroom where the Morning Joe production crew normally stays.
  8. Mika got upset when Willie & Joe called Die Hard a Christmas movie. Mika did not like the movie.
  9. Why is Mika not on the cover of Joe's new Christmas Album ? The woman on the cover looks a bit like Heidi Pryszbala.
  10. Mika started talking about getting fired from CBS for her KYV segment. She said she internalized the pain. Joe said he is very zen & calm when anything bad happens to him. J
  11. Yes, it was Del Percio not Fereccio. I agree with you about Eddie Glaude. He was bragging about not voting for Hillary in 2016 because he lived in Connecticut which is a reliably "Blue State" so it didn't make a difference.
  12. Joe said that 2020 will be the last competitive race between the GOP & the Democrats due to demographic changes.
  13. They showed clip on Jimmy Kimmel of Lindy Graham insulting Donald Trump during the campaign. Joe started laughing & Mika made a frowny face.
  14. Joe is now doing impersonations of Mayor Quimby on the Simpsons. I wonder what other TV personalities that Joe will impersonate today. MSNBC is becoming the place for impersonations!. Do other MSNBC anchors impersonate people on their shows ?
  15. Adrieene is surprised that Warren is in 4th place in NH. Mayor Pete is leading with 18% in NH. Joe is happy that Biden is in second place with 17%. Joe said he was right about Biden being popular. Adrienne said " You are so right Joe" for the 15th time in a row that she has been on the how. Mika wondered if Deval Patrick is still running for President. Susan Fereccio reminded viewers that NH is an open primary. Republicans can vote. They will support Biden or Mayor Pete. Eddie Glaude said that Sanders ha a good ground game in NH. Mika said that Politico is reporting that Biden would only serve for one term.
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