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  1. If Erika is charged with a criminal offense or has her assets seized by the bankruptcy trustees, would she still be on the show next season ?
  2. Erika's story is good for ratings even though it is horrible for victims. . It's much more entertaining than previous seasons of pantygate, dog dumping gate, & Denise & Brandi Glanville.
  3. It would be interesting if PK confronted Erika about her attitude towards the lawsuits. He has experience dealing with bankruptcies.
  4. Wednesday recap. I was happy that the show started with clips of the late Canadian comedian, Norm Macdonald. Joe said he was a very funny comedian. Willie liked Norm's slow burn jokes. Joe loved his impersonations of Burt Reynolds on SNL. Mika's battle with the TelePrompter began at 6 03 am when she forgot the word "show" when describing Larry Elder. She said Conservative talk host rather than talk show host. Mika was happy that Gov. Newsom defeated the recal effort. Newsom will keep Covid restrictions. Kornacki ! said that the recall votes was very simi
  5. I haven't watched the show yet. Joe has been critical of Facebook since the company went public on the stock market in 2012 at $28. It is now trading at $373. Joe & Donny Deutsch said the company made a huge mistake by letting Mark Zuckerberg run the company he founded . Joe said Mark was too young to run a publicly traded company. Joe used to make fun of Zuckerberg wearing a hoodie at public meetings yet he started wearing fleece tops on Morning Joe in 2012 when he separated from his second wife. Mika & Joe used to promote their events on Facebook Live before they moved to Florid
  6. Joe was happy with Ed Luce's article. Biden cannot be written off yet. Joe said he wanted to keep troops in Afghanistan but understand why mot people wanted the troop to leave. Joe mocked Republicans that think that they can get control of the House after the next election.
  7. Mika aid Biden is right to accept criticism for the vaccine policy. Mika said he is acting like a good dad. Mika will attend the Williams homecoming reception. Mika interviewed Daniil Medvedev ! She asked him if he bought a gift for his wife. Joe told Danill that he showed grace when winning against Joko.
  8. The show started with a 10 minute discussion about the US Open. Mika was happy that there were 2 female teenagers competing in the final. They will be eligible to be interviewed for Mika`s 50 over 50 group in 31 years. Mika supports mandating vaccines at workplaces. Companies want cover from the federal government to issue mandates for their staff.
  9. Didn't Altman represent a property that was owned by Mark Wahlberg from Entourage ? It was a property that was used as the inspiration for the show.
  10. Mika's performance on the show has deteriorated over the past few years. I have been recapping the show for over 10 years, & I have noted that her trouble reading the TelePrompter has accelerated since they moved the show to Florida.
  11. Joe finally admitted that the 13 soldiers that died are heroes. Joe said they knew that they could die. Joe is mad at people that posted about the chaos on twitter . Joe said the USA only rescued 7,000 from Saigon, so 120,000 Afghansistan was a success.
  12. Joe used his cellphone to read a tweet from an American soldier that supported Biden's successful withdrawal from Afghanistan. Willie reminded Joe that 13 soldiers died at the airport. Joe said he was critical of withdrawing from the country but the evacuation was a success for people that didn't die. It's clear that Joe didn't watch the news while he was away.
  13. Kasie Hunt getting ready for her first appearance on CNN New Day. Kasie did not Mika for convincing her to KYV. Kasie going blonder ? https://twitter.com/kasie/status/1435930506756034560/photo/1 Thursday mini recap. Mika & Joe agreed to be filmed together again with Willie & Eddie Glaude. Mika decided to find a new way to pronounce ICU. It's ICUUUUs, with a deep voice. Mika is wearing a black dress. Joe is wearing hi new dark blue suit. Joe is outraged that Joe Rogan took Ivermectin. Willie is happy that the West Virginia Governor support
  14. Yes! I ate conch every day when I visited the Bahamas.
  15. I doubt Erika's lawyers are happy with her performance on the show.
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