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  1. Joe said black women in battleground states saved Madisonian democracy. Rev Al said they waited in line to vote for Biden.
  2. Donny Deutsch wants the footage from the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel released. He is worried that people are forgetting how the war started. Joe is worried that young people only know about Bibi being PM. He doesn't support a 2-state solution.
  3. Joe is mad at Trump for calling the Governor of California Newscum. Joe said it was a juvenile insult. Joe blamed Trump for the rise in border crossings. They were at a 50 year low under President Obama.
  4. Mika & Joe were outraged at Trump's speech at the border.
  5. Joe said he is speaking to diplomats and leaders in the Middle East. They want to be allied with Israel but are reluctant to do it while the war in Gaza continues. Arab nations are willing to rebuild Gaza. Joe will be in Abu Dhabi next week for Mika's summit, so there is hope that Joe can broker a ceasefire between Israel & Gaza. Mika said their arrival in the UAE will be covered live on Al Jazeera. They will be escorted by a police motorcade from the airport to their hotel.
  6. Senator Manchin used to invite Mika & Joe for dinner on his yacht. He let Mika & Joe reenact Dicaprio's famous scene with Kate Winslet.
  7. Willie was a guest on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Joe receives complimentary subscriptions to the NY Times & WSJ Journal. He frequently shows viewers a highlighted copy of each paper to viewers to show that he is doing an in-depth analysis of the topics. Joe used to read the Washington Post, but he cancelled his subscription when they dropped his opinion column.
  8. Joe is yelling about Netanyahu allowing Qatar to fund Hamas. Joe said that Bibi is undermining the Palestinian Authority & supports Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Eugene called Trump a con man. His dad's real estate company was charged with not renting apartments to black people in 1973. Eugene said black people won't buy his sneakers.
  9. Mika said that some Democrats will vote uncommitted in the Michigan primary today to protest the war in Gaza, Adrienne Ellrod said protests aren't new. Joe is in the Florida bunker today. Joe said it was ok to protest against Netenyahu. Joe said Obama was protested by Hispanics because Obama deported illegal immigrants. Lemire is worried about Muslim voters in Michigan voting 3rd party in November.
  10. The show began with a clip of President Biden being interviewed by Seth Myers. He wouldn't comment on a potential endorsement by Taylor Swift for this year's election. Mika was puzzled by Biden answering questions on Israel while licking ice cream. Mika said it was as awkward as when she and Joe dressed up in Christmas Pajamas. Joe was reluctant to discuss that episode. Joe said Republicans have only won the popular vote once since 1992.
  11. I think Maria is the most demanding of all of the remaining contestants.
  12. Today is the first day of Kasie's new early morning show which competes with Morning Joe. Mika & Joe upped their game by dressing professionally today. Joe brought a highlighter & read from parts of the WSJ editorial criticizing Trump. Joe said that he was furious when someone ran against him and got 20% of the vote. Joe said Trump is doomed because 40% of the voters still backed Nikki Haley. Rev Al Sharpton can't belive that African Americans will vote for Trump.
  13. Anand Giridharadas was also a guest. He wrote an article criticizing Trump for calling himself the Victim King. Trump identifies with Putin & Navalny.
  14. Joe was excited that Shania Twain would be a guest at the summit. Suze Orman inspired Mika to improve her knowledge of personal finance. The ex-wife of Canada's PM , Sophie Gregoire will also attend.
  15. Yulia will probably be invited to Mika's summit. Mika announced that Huma Abedin will be the vice chair of the KYV summit. Mika interviewed the EVP of Cisco. Francine Katsoudas. She supports Mika's summit. Mika said she had her picture taken with Hillary Clinton, Billie Jean King & the First lady of Ukraine. She called it an iconic photo.
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