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  1. Joe was opposed to any MSNBC shows that he considered to be too supportive of President Obama' policies. He believed that MSNBC was making a mistake by having too many shows that appealed to progressive audiences. Mika & Joe took credit on numerous occasions for getting rid of any shows that they didn't like. The only survivor from Joe's purge are Rachel Maddow & Rev Al Sharpton. Sharpton's show was removed from the daily schedule & put on the weekend.
  2. My DVR did not record the show today, so I have no idea what happened.
  3. I would rather buy Fredrik's unit. I love the outdoor terrace.
  4. I think Joe is worried that under a Medicare for All program, Doctors would have to spend time treating poor people that currently don't have access to medical care. Doctors would not be able to spend extra time treating VIP's & opinion leaders like Mika & himself.
  5. I prefer the unit that Fredrik was selling. It had a beautiful terrace & a parking spot. It's shocking that the price came down from $8.5M with the parking spot to $6.6M
  6. I think Mika did fly somewhere earlier this summer to meet Joe Biden. Mika & Joe should go to the Washington or NY studio to do more interviews.
  7. I find it strange that Morning Joe can't get the top 3 candidates on their show. Don't they realize that Joe is a policy expert on healthcare ? Senator Cory Booker isn't sure that Biden has the stamina to complete the campaign.
  8. Joe made fun of Bernie Sanders shouting. They kept showing clips of Larry David. Mika said that Joe was tough on Senator Claire. Claire wants people to keep private insurance. She is demanding that Elizabeth Warren tell the truth that MFA will cost money. Joe called MFA a Monstrosity. Joe said that hospitals will be filled with poor sick people
  9. Joe's new word of the day is technocrat. Joe wants Democrats to focus on attacking Trump.
  10. Joe is opposed to gun confiscation. Democrats will lose. Joe liked it when Elizabeth Warren was quiet. She lets other people fight.
  11. Joe mocked Democrats for wanting Medicare for All. Joe said that Biden wanted families to play the record player at night. Mika mocked Trump for not recognizing that Barron was his son. Joe told Mika to stop interrupting him.
  12. Ratner wanted the debate moderators to ask Warren & Sanders what they disagree on. Joe is mad at Democrats for fighting over healthcare. Democrats wants Universal Healthcare. Trump want to destroy healthcare. Joe is shouting at the camera. Mika's head is bobbing up & down.
  13. Friday Recap. Mika & Joe are in the breakfast nook. Willie said vinyl is back!. Mika & Joe each get their own cameras. ! Joe's power at MSNBC continues to grow. Biden wants to build on the ACA not have a medicare for all. Mika said Castro took a low blow for basically calling Biden senile. Joe said that Castro should have resigned if he was so upset at Obamacare. Joe said that Castro got it wrong.
  14. She is one of the most hyper guests on the show in a while. She is from Montreal & graduated from McGill University. Same as me. 🙂 Joe mentioned several times about the similarities he had with Bill Maher . Joe bragged about being a guest 20 times on his show Politically Incorrect.
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