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  1. The latest morning Joe ratings. It is ranked 94/150 in the key demographic 18-49. Total viewers is 1,273,000 which twice as high as CNN New Day. Morning Joe doesn't provide ratings for each hour as opposed to CNN & Fox News. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-thursday-cable-originals-network-finals-9-17-2020.html
  2. I can't wait to buy the book. Mika wrote the forward to the book. I wonder if Mika will accompany Joe on his book tour ? Joe used to attend Mika's book signings when she was married to Jim Hoffer & intervene in case any men got too close to her.
  3. The audio feed on Robert Costa was malfunctioning & Joe said he sounded like Barry Wright. Costa said that Trump could nominate Justice Barbara Lagoa from Florida. She is popular with the Cuban community.
  4. Joe started another rant at 7 20 am about Republicans appointing activist judges to overturn popular court rulings like Roe V Wade. Joe used to complain about Democrats appointing activist judges but now that's what Republicans do. Joe said he used to recommend judicial appointments to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush when he was in Congress. Jeb liked Joe's recommendations & spoke to Joe's nominees. Mika started muttering when Joe was speaking. I bet Joe made her listen to his scripted rant yesterday. No wonder Mika gets stressed out & eats brownies & sheet cake. I hope Bravo decides to start a Real Housewives of Palm Beach tv show when she retires from Morning Joe. She could recruit Dr. Dave Campbell 's wife & Melania Trump who might move to Mar A Largo after the election to be on the show.
  5. I remember when Mika was worried about her kids to use Facebook back in 2010. She thought they would post inappropriate comments on the platform . Her "Legs in the Air" photo was one of the low points in her career. I also recall when Morning Joe posted a photo of the table in a bar that Mika had broken because she had danced on the table after the American Soccer team scored a goal in the World Cup in 2010. Joe & Willie had invited Mika to the bar to teach her about Soccer. Mika had several glasses of Vodka & got up on the table & started dancing.
  6. Mika wasn't sure if she could say "Schitt's creek" on TV. Mika loves Succession. I doubt that she watches that show. Joe said that Mika fell asleep & started snoring listening to John Meecham's podcast last night.
  7. Reverend Al was allowed to speak at 6 36 am. It is very rude to have a show & let your guests sit in front of a computer for over half an hour until they re allowed to interact with the host. MSNBC should warn viewers that Joe's monologue & Mika's cry reading will take up the first half hour of every show. Morning Joe should be sponsored by a funeral home chain & Kleenex .
  8. Joe talked about his friendship with Lindsay Graham. Joe used to admire Lindsay. Joe mocked President Clinton for his testimony during his impeachment trial. Joe now said that Lindsay is lying. Joe bragged about how honest he was when he ran for Congress & that he was the first Republican elected to his district since Reconstruction. Joe said Americans don't want Roe V Wade overturned even if half the population is pro choice. Joe said the GOP is doomed if they try to replace Justice Ginsburg before the election. Joe talked about his grandma sayings about "a horse with a different color ". Joe allowed Claire to speak at 6 18 am. She said that Joe was exactly right & that Republican having a sinking feeling about replacing Justice Ginsburg.
  9. It's quite a contrast from Kasie's cheery introduction of stay tuned for Morning Joe to Mika's funeral director voice & Joe's complaint about Trump lying about the number of deaths from Coronavirus. I thought Mika was going to start crying at 6 02 am. Joe's is wearing the navy blue sweater again , but it looks like it was cleaned.
  10. I think Chris must be very upset with Monique spending that much money. He is a retired athlete.
  11. I think Joe is happy when Mika is away from the show. He could joke around with Willie about sports, tv shows etc without Mika complaining .
  12. Kasie was extra chipper today . It's a welcome contrast to Mika cry reading the news & Joe's fire & brimstone rants from the Jupiter Florida bunker. Willie used to have a segment on Morning Joe called "News you can't use" which were a few funny clips. I do remember Willie hosting Way to Early. Didn't Bergdoff also host that show ? What happened to him ?
  13. I recorded Kasie ! on the DVR. She appears to be broadcating from her home. Her guests were Senator Joe Mancin, Jeremy Peters & the lady from the Washington Post Almavayny ?. There were plenty of jokes about it being way too early to be on TV. Kasie was very gracious with her guests & thanked them numerous times for appearing on her show. Kasie ! wore a black top with a violet cardigan. Kasie told a few jokes & was very pleasant. I think she will be a successor to Mika, if Mika & Joe agree to leave the network . Having her on Morning Joe will build her profile.
  14. I wonder if Joe's kids have to listen to his sermons while they eat lunch ?
  15. Joe has the authority from the network to have other shows preempted. It's the crown jewel of MSNBC.
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