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  1. If Mika & Joe were still on good terms with President Trump, they could host the show from Mar A Largo. It would also be nice if Mika & Joe could host the show from their porch with Bamba as a special guest. Bamba would be very direct with her critiques of Mika & Joe. It's too bad that Dr Z passed away a few year ago. He would be an interesting guest during these times.
  2. Joe seems to be clueless about the tourism industry in Florida. I doubt any Governor of Florida would have banned tourists & snowbirds from coming to Florida in January. There are many people that have winter homes in Florida. I doubt they could be banned from Florida. Didn't Mika & Joe travel to NYC & Washington in February & March ?
  3. Agreed. People that were adults in WW2 are mostly dead.
  4. The restaurants in Florida are closed for in house dining but are offering take out & delivery.
  5. Joe thinks that 100-250K people will die in the next 2 -3 weeks. Last week he projected 2 million deaths. Joe is reading the charts incorrectly. If you read the chart, the death rate may peak at 2K deaths per day in mid April & then begin to decline. Joe is wrong to say that everyone knew the crisis was coming. China wasn't releasing precise details on the virus in January.
  6. Bon Jovi was a guest on Morning Joe. He is working on a song to help deal with the Coronavirus. He played the guitar. I thought Joe was to help work on an album with him. Joe could probably get Bon Jovi a gig at Prohibition in NY when it re opens. Bon Jovi is helping out at a JBJ Soul Kitchen. It's a no price menu & pay what you want. He is very nice. Joe was giddy when Bob Jovi called Joe a fellow guitar player.
  7. Mika is the leader of KYV & this century's Susan B Anthony. Mika's KYV video seminars will be in the Smithsonian museum in the next few years. Her hair & make up crew should be exempt from any restrictions.
  8. Joe said that Trump should stop attacking the Governor of Michigan. She is very popular & will help convince residents to vote for Democrats in the fall. Joe blasted the Florida Governor De Santis for not closing the beaches sooner. Florida could be the next hot spot for the virus. Joe said that Florida is filled with seniors who could be at high risk of contracting the virus. Joe said he saw a few of his neighbors in the gated community where he lives playing shuffleboard & not social distancing. They should be at home reading Mika & Joe's books or listening to Joe's music on Spotify. Joe said that several people downloaded his music yesterday.
  9. Wouldn't broadcasters allowed to have hair/makeup assistants as an essential service ? Joe is one of the most powerful cable tv pundits in the country. His hair style & color has changed numerous times in the past few years. It is essential that his hair color & length be maintained on a regular basis. Mika's hair color is unique in cable news. Mika's "James Bond Villainais" hair style is an inspiration to women who KYV everywhere in North America & Europe.
  10. Joe & Willie were supportive of the My Pillow founder being allowed to speak yesterday at Trump's press conference because he was making 50,000 face masks for doctors. Mika rolled her eyes at Joe & Willie's remarks. Mika mocked the My Pillow guy in a tweet yesterday. Why didn't Mika defend her snarky tweet ? Joe admitted that he couldn't make masks or do anything to help patients with Covid 19.
  11. Joe wants the 330K people that want a Covid Test in Palm Beach county to get them. Joe always mentions Palm Beach being Trump's home county but he never admits that he also lives in Palm Beach county.
  12. Did Joe copy his latest talking point " Signal & Noise " from his arch enemy Nate Silver ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Signal_and_the_Noise Long time viewers of Morning Joe recall Joe's frequent attack on Nate Silver's statistical approach to analyzing election results vs Joe's anecdotal, " foreign leaders tell me... I saw Trump signs in rural Pennsylvania.. African American women lining up to vote in the rain" sophisticated approach to analyzing politics.
  13. I just started watching the show. I noticed the white stains on Joe's jacket. Did he spill baking powder on his jacket ?
  14. She was married to John King on CNN. They still appear on shows together & are very polite with each other. I suspect that Dana got frustrated with John King who spent too much time playing with the CNN magic wall on election nights. He spends hours on those screens talking to Wolf Blizer. Can you imagine Mika & Joe hosting a show together if they ever got divorced ?
  15. I think that Joe will get very angry at being featured in a pro Trump ad. He complimented Trump for doing what he had to do on the Coronavirus. Joe will not appreciate having his comments being used to support Trump.
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