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  1. I started watching the show on a regular basis in January 2008. It was a very interesting show because it covered politics & had very good guests who were able to state their opinion without being interrupted by the hosts. The show did cover entertainment & sports. Willie provided "News you can't use" which was funny. The show covered up & coming companies , parenting, education issues etc. The show allowed guests from across the political spectrum to discuss issues. The show had a regular group of business guests to discuss the economy. I like Ratner , but he isn't on very often & he should have been more honest about his support for Michael Bloomberg since he managed his finances. The move to the Jupiter bunker has affected the flow of the show. I hate the Brady Bunch boxes. I am baffled by Mika's loss of her ability to read a TelePrompter. Isn't that a basic requirement to be a newsreader ? This didn't happen before 2020, so I wonder if there is a problem with having 2 Teleprompter's in the home studio? I do admit to being surprised by Morning Joe's ratings dominance over the past year. Mika & Joe should sign a new contract while ratings are still high .
  2. Joe is becoming a caricature of a cable news host. He is behaving like Chris Matthews & Keith Olbermann.
  3. Joe made fun of Cheetos eating Democrats that don't want Senator Mancin & Kristin Sinema to work with Republicans.
  4. Kasie was sad that Portman is leaving the Senate. Joe said the Senate filibuster is not in the Constitution. If it is abolished , then either party can pass legislation. Joe complained about Democrats passing 20 week abortions. Joe supports keeping the filibuster. Joe started using his Keith Olbermann accent to make fun of people complaining about Biden.
  5. Joe wants Senator Portman to stay in the Senate. Joe said there are 10 moderate centrists in the Senate. Willie likes Senator Portman. He is not a Trumpist even though he voted with Trump.
  6. Joe started shouting at various state Republican parties for criticizing the GOP members that voted to impeach Trump. Joe said don't mess with the Cheneys. Joe said Osama Bin Laden screwed with the Cheneys and lost. Mika squealed at the mention of Liz Cheney . She may be a guest on KYV. Joe got confused as to who Kevin McCarthy is. They are taking away the votes of black Americans.
  7. Brian is worried that not all conspiracy theorists live in basements & wear tin foil hats. there are Qanon Yoga & wine drinking mom groups. I would like to join a Morning Joe wine drinking group. Joe said he went to Southern Baptists church 3 times a week. They prevent people from believing conspiracy theories. Joe said that part time Evangelicals are more susceptible to believing that Oprah & Tom Hanks are cannibals.
  8. Joe said that Evangelicals are prone to believing conspiracy theorists. Brian Klass said it is difficult to deprogram conspiracy theorists. Joe said he campaigned in middle class neighborhoods. Joe said some people were sending crazy emails during his campaign. This was before Facebook & Twitter.
  9. At 6 16 am, Mika struggled to read the Hawaii GOP tweet & the word "ridiculed. ". It's not "ri -di- culed ". Why did she emphasize the "d"? It's tough to take Mika & Joe seriously when Joe is coming up with personal insults & Mika struggles to read a TelePrompter. Why is Joe obsessed with making fun of politicians personal appearances after complaining about President Trump doing it to him & Mika ?
  10. Tuesday Recap. Mika is wearing her brown bathrobe. The Senate will be sworn in as jurors. Mika struggled to read the words" Senate Pro Temp." Joe was late to show up in his seat & got upset at Mika. Joe said Willie was helping kids at the orphanage & Joe was running a marathon in the Dakotas. Joe started talking about Tom Brady. Mika was frustrated & peered into the camera. Mika threatened to start cleaning her desk. Joe wasn't sure that Brady was the best Quarterback until his son Joey told him. Joey predicted that Tampa Bay would win the Super Bowl. Joe should have invited little Joey on the show to talk sports with his dad. Joe is surprised that Senator Tom Leahy would preside over the trial of President Trump. Willie said its odd to be both the Judge & juror on the trial. Leahy voted to Convict Trump last year. Justice Roberts didn't want to do it because Trump is not in office. Willie said it will give Republicans ammunition that it is a partisan trial. Katty looked great in her navy blue sweater & fancy earrings. They showed a clip of Trump speaking at a rally & people started shouting storm the Capitol. Joe compared it to a Monty Python film. Joe started mocking Senator Josh Hawley as a cry baby. Joe said Hawley is almost as dumb as Ron Johnson. Joe called Hawley a whiner. Joe started yelling about wanting to sue Twitter & Facebook. Joe called Hawley a seditionist & held him responsible for killing cops. Joe said his teachers are ashamed of him. Joe said Hawley killed cops. Joe said Hawley had the bone structure of a bird & has bird hands. Joe said Hawley is ruining the reputation of Stanford & Yale.
  11. The reality is that Mika would not be anchoring a show on any cable news network if she wasn't married to Joe. At best, she would be a local news co anchor.
  12. Mika & Joe were able to negotiate a contract with the network that was able to maximize their after tax income as a couple. I think they earn $ 14 million together. IIRC, Mika's original salary was $150K per year & Joe was making $1 million per year when the show started . Mika was not given a clothing allowance as part of her original contract. She complained about having to pay for childcare for her 2 children & clothes. Mika wanted to dress up for the guests & Joe. Joe was supportive of Mika wearing sleeveless dresses with limited cloth to cover her knees. She asked for a raise after the show was renewed & failed. Joe gave her part of his bonus & earned her loyalty . Dr Z approved of Joe giving her money. This detail was mentioned in Mika's second book. Joe's wife & Mika's husband were not consulted on this unusual arrangement between Mika & Joe.
  13. I think she feels more confident when Joe & Willie aren't around. She was very happy at not having to discuss sports during the first segment. Kasie could also be helping her out on how to read a TelePrompter from a home based studio.
  14. Kasie ! said there is a split in the GOP. Some want Trump to be convicted. Other Republicans are worried about Trump being a martyr. Kasie is worried about Trump gaining access to nuclear weapons. He could use them on his opponents.
  15. Mika said that Larry King inspired her to be in TV. Her dad was a guest on Larry King Live
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