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  1. Joe mentioned that he shopped at Publix. They have an excellent assortment of cakes. It's my favorite grocery store when I visit Sarasota.
  2. Joe was tilting his head up & down when the Professor from Yale talked about Douglass's speech. Joe was very excited to mention that he had a pinned tweet about it. I bet Joe asked the professor to mention the speech before hand so Joe could look cool. I do appreciate the show having a discussion on Frederick Douglass. I wish they had more segments like that and avoid spending an hour talking about polls.
  3. David Blight , a professor from Yale defended keeping the statue of Lincoln (Freedmen's Memorial ) . It was paid for by freed slaves. Douglass gave a speech saying that Lincoln was the white man's President but he did help free the slaves & make America a better place. Joe bragged that he pinned a tweet featuring Douglass's speech. Joe said that his speeches in Congress were almost as memorable as Frederick Douglass's.
  4. Why did Joe skip the interviews with Senator Duckworth & Bob Jones of Alabama. Joe usually loves talking about Alabama which is one of many states that he has lived in.
  5. Mika struggled pronouncing his name. Mika had nothing to say about Carl Reiner other than his humor said a lot about us. Luckily Barnicle & Willie told some anecdotes about his career. I think Mika is still upset at Rob Reiner for calling them out during the 2016 campaign for supporting President Trump. https://www.salon.com/2016/05/05/rob_reiner_voices_the_frustration_of_millions_calls_out_media_coverage_of_donald_trump_on_morning_joe/
  6. Joe said no one will hire Kayleigh McKennay after Trump loses the election. Joe made fun of everyone who still works for Trump.
  7. Kasie said that everyone in America is miserable. Mika & Joe had to admit that not all Republicans refuse to wear a mask. Joe is mad at Trump for not supporting the renaming Ft Bragg. Joe said he was an incompetent general during the civil war. I wonder if Mika & Joe will do a special documentary on Civil War generals ?
  8. Joe & Donny Deutsh have been trashing Facebook since the company went public. Joe said that Zuckerberg was too young & immature to run a public company. Joe said the stock would flop. He couldn't have been more wrong. Mika was unhappy that her Facebook Live shows with her chickens weren't better promoted on the platform. Robert Costa is one of my favorite guests. I am happy that he still appears on the show.
  9. Could a new SC Justice be nominated so close to a general election. ? Didn't Senator Mitch McConnell stop a nomination in 2016 ?
  10. I wonder if the primary guest has to pay an extra fee if he invites people over from the club for meals ?
  11. Sandy should leave Kiko alone! He is one of the friendliest chefs in Below Deck history.
  12. I love Eddie Glaude's library. Eddie & Joe discussed living in Mississippi. Joe said that it was a dramatic change to change the flag. Eddie said the current flag has only existed since 1894. It was an homage to the Confederacy & was part of the Jim Crow Laws. Eddie said the college sports teams won't hold national tournaments events in that state with the current flag. Joe said he grew up with the flag. He attended integrated schools in 1969. Joe said he grew up with the Confederate flag in the 1980's & didn't think much about it. Joe was a fan of Old Miss & Old Rebel. Joe admitted that he didn't realize that the flag could upset black residents of Mississippi. Eddie said he is happy that there will be a new flag. Joe said that the Civil War wasn't solely fought over slavery according to some of the historians in the Ken Burns Documentary. Meacham said people should support liberty over captivity. Meacham made fun of the Dukes of Hazzard tv show. Mika was excited to promote Eddie's new book on James Baldwin. Joe got a free copy of Eddie's new book.
  13. I was shocked by the clip that they showed of the seniors protesting for/against Trump in golf carts in the Villages , Florida. It's so bizarre. I wonder if Mika & Joe have a golf cart in the retirement community that they live in. Does Mika drive around in a golf cart promoting her KYV books ?
  14. Joe & Rev Al Sharpton's newfound friendship is interesting. He is on the show almost every day. Joe's resolution in Congress was a very detailed list of Sharpton's comments about Jews. Joe has never publicly apologized to Rev Al for introducing his resolution to Congress. IIRC, Rev Al Sharpton was able to get a show on MSNBC soon after supporting publicly supporting NBC's merger with Comcast. https://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/28/business/media/for-al-sharpton-questions-on-ties-to-comcast.html I do think Joe respects Rev Al's influence at the network & he was helpful in bailing out Mika & Joe when they made racially insensitive remarks over the riots in Baltimore & Ferguson, Missouri.
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